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Second Generation:

Children of William Bryan and Mary Boone
Samuel Bryan (1756-1837) m. Mary Hunt (1752-?), d/o Col. Jonathan Hunt and Isabella (?)
Daniel Boone Bryan (1758-1845) m. Elizabeth Turner, d/o Roger T. Turner
William Bryan (killed by Indians in same attack that killed his father)
Phoebe Bryan (1763-1785)
Hannah Bryan (1765-?)
John Bryan (1768-1779)
Sarah Bryan (ca.1768-1829) m. James Grimes
Abner Bryan (1772-1780)
Elizabeth Bryan (1771-?)
Mary Bryan (1773-?) m. Joseph Ingels

Third Generation:

Children of Samuel Bryan and Mary Hunt
Ann Bryan (1776-?)
Phoebe Bryan (1778-1781)
William Bryan (1780-1830) m. Mary Boone
Abner Bryan (1783) died in infancy
Luke Bryan (1784-?) m. Mary Sanders (1810-?), d/o Capt John Sanders and Sarah (?)
Thomas Bryan (1787-?)
Sarah Bryan (1789-1790)
Mary Bryan (1789-1790)
Daniel Bryan (1791-1804)
Hampton Bryan (1795-1844) m. Margaret Gosney
Samuel Bryan (1797-1840)


Daniel Bryan appears to have been one of the progressive men of his day; he received only such education as the common schools afforded in the county at that time. He bought a farm which was located just beyond the line of Jessamine and Fayette Counties, on the Lexington and Nashville Turnpike, the present residence of Joseph H. Bryan, his grandson. He built a female seminary, where for many years the daughters of the first and early families of the neighboring counties were educated; he also built mills for the manufacutre of paper, also operated a grist-mill at the same place. The mills were located upon Jessamine Creek.

He also owned 2,000 acres located on what was then known as South Elkhorn and East Hickman. In 1812, he was engaged in the manufacture of guns and gunpowder for the United States government. -- Kentucky: A History of the State, by Battle, Perrin, & Kiffin, 5th ed., 1887, Jessamine County.

Third Generation:

Children of Daniel Boone Bryan and Elizabeth Turner
Louis Bryan m. Polly Cartmell
William T. Bryan m. Margaret Gist
Samuel Bryan m. Ella Higbee
Daniel Bryan (no children)
Joseph Bryan m. unknown
Thomas Bryan m. Mary Kay
Sallie Bryan m. William Barr
Elizabeth Bryan m. Jeremiah Vardeman
Mary Bryan m. Andrew Kay
Phoebe Bryan m. John Womack


Children of Hampton Bryan and Margaret Gosney
William Evermont Bryan (1821)
Nancy McMurtry Bryan (1823)
Benjamin C. Bryan (1823)
Daniel Boone Bryan (1827)
Granvill(e) Bryan (1828)
Napoleon Bryan (1829\30)
Mary M. Bryan (1832)
John s. Bryan (1835)
Milton S. Bryan (1837-1838)
Minerva R. Bryan (1839)
Joseph H. Bryan (1842)
Georg(e) P. Bryan (1844)

Fourth Generation

Children of Louis Bryan and Polly Cartmell
Eliza Bryan m. Isaac Barkley (KY)
Asa Bryan
Samuel Bryan
Mary Bryan m. Benjamin Curd (KY)
Sallie Bryan m. Edward Turner (KY)
Emily Bryan m. Unknown Johnson (MO)
Rebecca Bryan m. Edlder Weeks (MO)


Children of William T. Bryan and Margaret Gist
William Bryan
Sallie Bryan
George Bryan
John Bryan
Lewis Bryan
Lewis Bryan
Margaret Bryan
Daniel B. Bryan
James Bryan
Mary Bryan
Morton Bryan
Alexander Bryan
Andrew Bryan
Christopher C. Bryan
Massie Bryan


Children of Samuel Bryan and Ella Higbee
Albert Bryan
Hester Bryan m. John Hurst
Elizabeth Bryan m. Aaron Burns
Ellen Bryan m. Thomas Finley
Mary Bryan m. Reuben Brown
Charles Bryan
Edwin Bryan
Anna Bryan m. William Barr (MO)
Sallie Bryan
Samuel Bryan
John Bryan
Alice Bryan


Children of Joseph Bryan and unknown wife
Elijah Bryan
Daniel Bryan
Mary C Bryan m. Dr. Henry Blackburn (KY)
Theodore Bryan
Joseph H. Bryan


Children of Thomas Bryan and Mary Kay
Phoebe Bryan m. John Cassell
Thomas Bryan
Mary B. Bryan


Children of Sallie Bryan and William Barr
Zachariah Barr
Louis Barr
Eliza Barr
Marietta Barr
Salle m. Barr


Children of Mary Bryan and Andrew Kay
John Kay
Daniel Kay
Lewis Kay
Lucy Kay
Sallie Kay
Elijah Kay
Byron Kay
Todd Kay


Children of Phoebe Bryan and John Womack
Samuel Bryan
John Bryan (killed in Mexican War)
George Bryan
Sarah Bryan


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KENTUCKY:A HISTORY OF THE STATE, by Battle, Perrin, & Kiffin, 5th ed., 1887, Jessamine County. Submitted by Frances Casstevens (Daniel Boone Bryan and Elizabeth Turner line) email address for Frances Casstevens: fcasstev@YadTel.Net

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