The Jarvis Family and Other Relatives

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Church Family

First Generation

Isaac Wesley Church (1781-1869) married Sarah Buisy (1786-1860) in 1804. We have been told that this family is related to the Church family of Norfolk VA, but haven't reconstructed the connecting generations yet.

Second Generation

Richard Church (ca. 1817-?) m. Selena Flynt (ca. 1828-after 1870)
Martha Church (1820-1899) m. Alexander Transou (1814-1904)
Isaac Church (ca. 1824-?). Did he marry Margaret Hayworth in 1855?
Charles W. Church (ca. 1826-?) m. 1) Lucinda Flynt (1833-1875), 2) Adaline Wear
Elizabeth Church (1829-1912) m. Evan Transou (1827-1912)
William or Willis Church (ca. 1831-?). Did he marry Louisa Miller in 1851?

Were Isaac and Sarah also the parents of Elijah Church, born about 1813, who married Louisa Waldraven in 1841,
and of Robert Church (ca. 1816-bef. 1870) who married Lavinia Pfaff (1817-after 1884) in 1845?

Third Generation

Children of Richard Church and Selena Flynt
Emily Church (ca. 1848-?)
Sandy Isaac Church (ca. 1849-1853)
Sarah Church (ca. 1850-?)
Martha Church (ca. 1852-?)
Lucinda Church (ca. 1855-?)
George Henry Church (1859-?)
Mary Eliza Church (1861-?)
Richard Church (ca. 1867-?)


Children of Charles W. Church and Lucinda Flynt
Romulus Church (ca. 1856-?)
Sarah Ellen Church (1858-?)
Flora Elisabeth Church (1859-?)
John Luther Church (1862-?) Sanford Church (ca. 1864-?) m. Addie Swaim
Amelia Church (ca. 1868-?)


Children of Robert Church and Lavinia Pfaff
Nathan Edwin Church (1846-?) not in the 1860 census; maybe died young
Permelia J. Church (1848-1928)
Charles W. Church (1850-1930) m. Frances Linville (1853-1916)
Robert Hillary Church (1853-1940) m. 1) Martha Moore, 2) Elizabeth Hier (1869-1956)
Henry F. Church (ca. 1858-?)
William Church (ca. 1860-1950)


Thanks to Bruce Arnold for information on Isaac and Sarah's family.

Baptisms of several of the children in the third generation are mentioned in Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, Volume 12.

We also used Forsyth County census and cemetery records.

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