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Garboden Family

First Generation

Nicholas Garboden was born in Germany and if the census records are correct, came to America in the 1830s. He settled near Salem but does not seem to have become a member of the Moravian church, although he was given permission to attend services.

The name of his first wife is unknown. In 1846 he married Margaret Tesh (ca. 1813-bef. 1870), daughter of a George Tesh but not (as we previously stated erroneously) Johann Georg Tesh. Margaret's father died in 1859, whereas Johann Georg was still living in 1870.

Second Generation

Children of Nicholas Garboden and his first wife
Caroline Garboden (1825-1900) m. Rayford Porter (1811-1871)
Mary Garboden (ca. 1828-?)
Henry A. Garboden (ca. 1829-1858) moved to Indiana, m. Paulina Goodspeed there in 1852
Christian Garboden (ca. 1831-?)
John Garboden (ca. 1832-?) moved to Indiana after 1850
William Garboden (ca. 1834-? - died in Chattanooga TN in Civil War)
Lewis Garboden (ca. 1839-?)

Mary Garboden age 22 is living in the home of Thomas and Phebe Boner in Salem in 1850. We can't find her after that. However, there's a note in the Moravian records referring to the funeral of Wilhelmine Garboden in June 1851 at Pleasant Hill schoolhouse. Could this be Mary? Or another daughter?

John and William Garboden served in the Union army in the 8th Indiana Cavalry. Lewis served in the Confederate forces in the 48th NC Infantry.

Christian is living with his father in 1850, but then disappears. Does anyone know what happened to him? We haven't found Lewis in the 1860 census either, but are assuming he must be somewhere in NC since he served in the Confederate army from there.

Children of Nicholas Garboden and Margaret Tesh
Charlotte Garboden (ca. 1846-?)
George F. Garboden (ca. 1850-?)
Alexander Garboden (ca. 1852-?)
Sarah Garboden (ca. 1854-?) m. John H. Hine

Update, June 5, 2012: Previously we listed a fifth child, Matilda Garboden, born about 1856. We have recently learned from a descendant that she was born in July 1853, and that she is probably not the daughter of Nicholas and Margaret, but is instead an additional child of Caroline Garboden (see below).

Third Generation

Child of Caroline Garboden and Jonathan V. Miller, whom she did not marry
James Henry Garboden (1849-1881) m. Sarah Boeckel (1854-1932)

Probable child of Caroline Garboden and an unknown father
Matilda Garboden (1853-?) m. Daniel Franklin Marshall

Child of Caroline Garboden and unknown father, born 6 months prior to her marriage to Rayford Porter
William N. Garboden (1855-1896)

William appears in the 1870 and 1880 census records as a Porter, but is buried as William Garboden

Children of Caroline Garboden and Rayford Porter
Lewis Madison Porter (1859-1036) m. Gertrude M. Miller
Emma C. Porter (1862-1891) m. John A. Holder (1866-1933), s/o Hezekiah Harmon Holder and Mary Ann Little

Fourth Generation

Children of James Garboden and Sarah Boeckel
Carrie A. Garboden (1874-1954) apparently did not marry
Della Garboden (1875-1952) m. William Franklin Tesh (1870-1910)
Agnes Sophia Garboden (1879-1937) m. James W. Wiggs


Thanks to Bruce Meyer and Stephen Miller for information on this family.

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