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Lemuel Hilton Family

Lemuel G. Hilton married Elizabeth Jane Maddox (1793-abt. 1844) in 1817 in Rowan County NC, and lived in the part of Rowan county that later became Davie. By 1825 Lemuel was deceased, and in 1827 Elizabeth married 2) William Jones, with whom she had additional children. In the 1850 census and some marriage records, this family name appears as Helton. Lemuel is thought to be the son of a John Hilton/Helton of Virginia.

First Generation

Children of Lemuel G. Hilton and Elizabeth Maddox
Rowland Hilton (d. bef. March 1841)
Elvira Hilton (ca. 1818-?) m. Wiley King (ca. 1820-?)
Lemuel G. Hilton (1821-1905) m. 1) Pauline Tucker (?-bef. 1850), 2) Elizabeth Orrell (1825-1904)

Update, September 28, 2010: previously we stated that Elizabeth Haworth was the second wife of Lemuel b. 1821. We now know that this Lemuel and Elizabeth were a different couple, living in Guilford County NC in 1850 and 1860, and subsequently moving to Missouri. Lemuel G. Hilton of Davie County married only Pauline Tucker and then Elizabeth Orrell, and remained in Davie Co. until his death.

Second Generation

Children of Lemuel G. Hilton Jr. and Pauline Tucker
Mary Eliza Hilton (1845-1907) m. 1) Andrew J. Sheets (1844-1872), 2) David T. Garwood (1835-1916)
William Hilton (1845-1862)

Children of Lemuel G. Hilton Jr. and Elizabeth Orrell
James Harrison Hilton (1850-1926) m. Sarah Emma Howard (1860-1945)
Emma E. Orrell Hilton (1852-1854)
*John Lemuel Hilton (ca. 1854-1927) m. Louisa McDaniel (1845-1911)
Thomas B. Hilton (1856-1871)
LaSandra Ann Hilton (1860-1939) m. George Washington Potts (1853-1925)
Elizabeth Jane Hilton (1863-1930) m. Arch A. Potts (1861-1909)
Sarah Hatteras Hilton (1866-1903) m. Uriah H. Myers (1861-1949)
Martha Mildred Hilton (1868-1901) m. 1) William M. Sprinkle (d. 1891), 2) Thomas J. Mize

*John L. Hilton's birthdate is given on his gravestone as 27 Feb. 1856, but the 1860-1880 census records are more consistent with a birthdate in 1854. In the 1860 and 1870 census records he is 6 and 16, respectively, whereas Thomas is 3 and 13.

Third Generation

Children of Mary Eliza Hilton and Andrew J. Sheets
Paulina E. Sheets (1866-1869)
Eliza Ann Sheets (1866-1930) m. Pleasant Jackson Potts (1867-1932)
Charles Sheets (1870-1948) m. Nora Byerly (1875-1964)

Children of Mary Eliza Hilton and David Garwood
Lillie Belle Garwood (1878-1944)
Noah D. Garwood (1882-1883)
Ernest Syvestle Garwood (1883-1942)
Sandry Garwood (1886-1909)
James L. Garwood


Children of James Harrison Hilton and Emma Sarah Howard
William Hilton (1878-)
Fallie Hilton (1880-1978)
Sarah Bessie Hilton (1883-1913)
Phillip Edward Hilton (1885-1965)
Jane Lucille Hilton (1888-)
Henry Harrison Hilton (1890-1974)
Wiley Swan Hilton (1892-)
Charles McKennely (Kenny) Hilton (1896-)


Children of John Lemuel Hilton and Louisa McDaniel
Charlie Hilton (1879-1901)
George Hilton (1880-)
Roland Alexander Hilton (1882-1958)
Lola Elizabeth Hilton (1882-1956)
Tinea Rachel Hilton (1884-1966)
Ella Louela Hilton (1886-1937)
Gertie Ree Hilton (1896-1988)


Children of LaSandra Ann Hilton and George Washington Potts
Charles Thomas Potts (1880-1901)
Alex Francis Potts (1882-1972)
Lousia Elizabeth Potts (1885-1975)
George Anderson Potts (1899-1957)


Children of Elizabeth Jane Hilton and Arch A. Potts
Luther Lee Potts (1884-1963)
George L. Potts (1886-1909)
Solomon Franklin Potts (1887-1983)
Hatteras Potts (1889-1977)
Archie Edward Potts (1893-1970)
Wiley Jones Potts (1894-1937)
Rosie (Rosa) Potts (1896-1983)
Lonnie R. Potts (1900-1983)
Edward Potts (1904-1981)


Children of Sarah Hatteras Hilton and Uriah H. Myers
Harrison Myers (1886-1959)
Eugene Abner Myers (1888-1946)
George Z. Myers (1889-1954)
Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Myers (1890-1986)
Edward Myers (1895-1955)
Lonnie Vestal Myers (1897-1974)
Charlie Henry Myers (1900-1972)
Noah B. Myers (1902-1962)
Stacy Myers


Children of Martha Mildred Hilton and William M. Sprinkle
Julia Camilla Frances Sprinkle (1887-1956)
William Virgil Sprinkle (1889-1963)

Fourth Generation

Children of Eliza Ann Sheets and Pleasant Jackson Potts
Andrew Jackson Potts (1890-1945) m. Lula Brooks (1892-1983)
Charlie F. Potts (1891-?)
William Henry Potts (1893-1967)
Mary Lou Potts (1896-?) m. Wiley Swan Hilton
Paulina Potts (1898-?) m. John Cooper
James Vestal Potts (1901-1971) m. Lethia ?
Jesse Morgan Potts (1903-1987) m. Laura Mae Anderson (1908-1989)
Girla Geneva Potts (1905-1928) m. Frank Cole
Thomas Noah Potts (1907-1985) m. Fallie Belle Spry (1907-1971)


Thanks to B. Zimmerman for information on this family.

Davie county census, marriage, and cemetery records

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