Pendleton County, State of Virginia


I, JUSTUS HINKLE, of Pendleton County of State of Virginia being weak in body but sound in mind and memory, blessed be god. Calling to mind the mortality of my body and uncertain how long it may be please God to continue me in this present world, I do make and ordain this my last will and testament, principally and firstly I commend my soul to the hands of almighty God who gave it me and secondly my body to the earth from which it was taken to be decently buried at the directions of my friends and relations, and as respecting my temporal possessions and personal estate that it hath pleased God to bless me with, I will and devise as followeth, to-wit:

FIRST: I will that all my just and lawful debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my personal estate.

SECONDLY: I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife CHRISTINA the full thirds of all my lands that I now possess except one tract on the timber ridge, known by the name of Cassitice Camp, containing fifty acres which I will t be sold with the rest of my movable estate, the full thirds of all my lands as above mentioned during her lifetime, then to be the property of my children as the other open lands, that is after her decease.

THIRDLY: I will and devise that the plantation I now live on that is which I purchased of WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM, containing 240 acres and another tract of 126 acres adjoining the same on the west side the two tracts to be equally divided between my two sons namely, GEORGE and JACOB not in number of acres, but in the value of the land, and if either of them should decease before having any lawful heir, the other is to fall heir to the same as the whole of the land now mentioned.

FOURTHLY: I will that if my son-in-law namely GEORGE WHITEMEN should purchase the tract of land now belonging to Johnson-Phares adjoining my tract of land of 240 aces , I will that my Executor do make the said Keterman a title for a certain parcel of land taken of the lower and of my tract of 240 acres beginning and running as follows, to-wit: first to begin at two birch trees, corner of the tract mentioned and running with the line up the river to the mouth of the run of the river which makes the Island, thence running a due course with the lower line of the tract mentioned and extending to the same course through the both tracts the one of 240 acres and the other containing 136 acres adjoining the aforesaid tract on the west side. Provided the said KETERMAN doth purchase the aforesaid land of Johnson PHARES with the term of one year after my decease and if not to continue to my sons above willed. Said GEORGE KETERMAN paying thirty pounds for the same.

FIFTHLY: I will that my two sons namely GEORGE and JACOB pay ninety pounds each of them after they become of age, GEORGE after becoming of age, shall pay his part in eight years that is forty-five pounds in the first four years and forty-five pounds in the next four years to be paid to his sister MOLLY sixty pounds and to this sister MARY thirty pounds and my son JACOB is to pay equal ninety pounds as GEORGE after becoming of age to pay thirty pounds to his sister MARY and Sixty pounds to his sister SARAH and proved said GEORGE KETERMAN should keep the land aforesaid at thirty pounds my son GEORGE is to have credit for thirty pounds out of the sixty pounds that he is to pay to his sister MARY and to pay fifteen pounds to his brother JACOB, sixty. I will unto my sons ELIAS and ABRAHAM my plantation formerly belonging to my father containing 160 acres and taken in another small tract of thirty five acres adjoing the place before mentioned, the both tracts to be divided between them in the following manner:

Beginning at the out line under the river hill in the head of a valley and running down the valley to the walnut tree marked as a corner of an agreed line to a red oak then running near the fore corner of the fence running with the fence the same course to the old line and the old home place to be the property of my son Elias with paying sixty pounds to his sister CHRISTINA after he becomes of age in the term of eight years after becomes of age thirty pounds to be paid in the first four years and thirty pounds in the next four years. And the other part of my old tract to my son Abraham likewise I will to my son ABRAHAM 32 acres of land that I purchased of my brother Isaac adjoing the same tract, and if either of them two should decease before having any lawful heir the other shall fall heir to his land, if either of my daughters should decease before having any lawful heirs her sisters only to fall heir to her legacy each to have an equal part thereof. And the lands I willed to my sons namely ELIAS and ABRAHAM I devise to be rented out yearly to the best advantage for the schooling of my children, and if there should be any surplus to be equally divided amongst all my children, and lastly I appoint my beloved wife CHRISTINA and my brother Isaac HINKLE Executors of this my last will and Testemant. I also appoint my trusty friend MOSES HINKLE and guardian.

In witnesses whereof I herewith confirm and acknowledge this my last will and testament, signed sealed and adknowledged with my own hand and seal this 16th day of November one thousand seven hundred seventy three. Justus HINKLE (SEAL)

Sealed signed and acknowledge in
presents of
George Southmore
John Mitchell
At a court held for Pendleton County on Monday the 5th day of May, 1794.

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