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Jennings Family (Surry County)

The parentage and origin of Anthony Jennings are unknown.  Family lore had it that he came from England, perhaps from around Lichfield, Stratfordshire (about 15 miles due north of Birmingham) and settled in VA, but there is no documentation of this.

  Some family history from descendants who personally knew his son, William, recorded that William had said that he (William) was named after his grandfather, so Anthony's father could have been a William Jennings.  Unfortunately, there are records of a number of William Jennings of about the era of Anthony's birth, but no records have yet been found that any of them had a son named Anthony.

The earliest records of Anthony appear in the deed and other records on file in the office of the County Clerk of Surry County, NC.  The first record, entered on August 14, 1793, appears to be a land grant from the State of North Carolina for 150 acres in Surry County.  A number of other records appear there until about 1827, when Anthony apparently sold the remainder of his Surry County land and he and his wife, Martha McBride, and a number of their family of ten children moved to Campbell County, GA. 

First Generation

Children of Anthony Jennings (1773-bef.1850) and Martha McBride
Matilda Jennings (1797) m. Jesse Brown, s/o James Brown
Anderson Jennings (1798-) m. Lydia (1804-?)
Jesse Jennings (1800 m. 1) Nancy Noles/Nowles, 2) Mary Adams
Kiziah Jennings (1803-?) m. Henry Farmer
Mary Jennings (1805-?) m. Lee Allen
William Jennings (1807-1872) m. 1) Nancy Trentham (1808-1849),
2) Elizabeth/Eliza Turner (1831-1864), 3) Ellen Yarbrough (1829-?)
Elizabeth Jennings (1809-?) m. Cyrus Allen
Daniel Jennings (1813-?) m. Teresa Ann Shoemaker
Sarah Jennings (1817-?) m. David Smith
Gideon Edward Jennings (1819-?) m. 1) Jane Whitley,
2) Jane Demoney, 3) unknown Helms

(Is this the same William Jinnings born c.1825 married to Eliza (b. c. 1830) living in Surry County, NC in 1850?)

Second Generation

Children of Anderson Jennings and Lydia
Stephen C. Jennings (1834-?)
James A. Jennings (1837-?)
Mary A. Jennings (1841-?)
Henry M. Jennings (1844-?)

(all of these children born in Surry Co, NC)


Children of William Jennings and 1) Nancy Trentham
Elizabeth Jennings (1829-1910) m. Benjamin Austin Camp (1828-1914)
David Jennings (1832) m. Ludisky Turner
Sarah Jennings (1834-1890) m. Nathan W. Camp (?-1888)
Jonathan Jennings (probably died during Civil War)
Ruhamah Ann Jennings (1839-?) m. Crawford N. Norton
Martin Van Buren Jennings (1841-1863) (died in Atlanta during Civil War)
James C. Jennings (1846-?) m. Mary Yarbrough (1832-1942)
Thomas I. Jennings (1846-?) m. Nellie Hollyfield


Children of William Jennings and 2) Elizabeth/Eliza Turner
Matthew "Toby" R. Jennings (1851-1863)
William Sanford Jennings (1855-1872) m. Alice Yates
Noah H. Jennings (1856-1935) (did not marry)
Owen Jennings (1859-1950) m. Elizabeth Jane Cooley
Leah Jennings (1861-?)


Children of William Jennings and 3) Ellen Yarbrough
Mary Jennings (1866-1937) m. George Washington Dodson (1866-1943)

All of William's children were born in Campbell County, GA


This record of ANTHONY JENNINGS and his descendants was compiled and assembled by Gordon L. Jennings, 726 Magdalene Drive, Houston TX, 77024-2624, emails address: ZOOM 

The contributions and assistance of Mrs. Eva Camp Abercrombie and her daughter, Mrs. Mable Abercrombie Mansfield of Palmetto GA, and Mrs. Earlene McClure Cameron, 3 Bennington Drive NW, Rome GA, 30165, are particularly noted. 

Much credit must also be given for the invaluable assistance of Mrs. Charles C. (Hester) Jackson, P.O. Box 707, Dobson NC, 27017.

©, 2001-2007 Faye Jarvis Moran

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