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Kerner Family

First Generation

Joseph Körner or Kerner (1769-1830) came to America from Furtwangen, Baden, Germany, in 1785. He is buried at Friedland Moravian church, and gave his name to the town of Kernersville in eastern Forsyth County. He married Christina Kastner (1776-1844). Jules Gilmer Körner Jr., a descendant, wrote an excellent book relating the history of his family (see below), and this is strongly recommended to anyone seeking more information. He states that family members reverted from Kerner to the Körner spelling in 1899; however we have used Kerner throughout this page since we are concerned mostly with persons born before that date.

Second Generation

Children of Joseph Kerner and Christina Kastner
Johann Friedrich Kerner (1798-1883) m. 1) Anna (Nancy) Landrum (1799-1870), 2) Emily Stewart (1831-1901), d/o Samuel Stewart and Justina Sides
Salome Kerner (1799-1841) m. Apollos Harmon (1792-1844)
Phillip Kerner (1805-1875) m. 1) Judith Gardner (1807-1853), 2) Sallie Gibbins

Third Generation

Children of Johann Friedrich Kerner and Nancy Landrum
Israel Kerner (1821-1912) m. 1) Elmina Perry (1824-1860), 2) Parthena Pegram (1832-1911)
Joseph E. Kerner (1823-1890) m. Melissa A. Perry (1828-1897), Elmina's sister
Elias Kerner (1826-1907) m. Parthia Gazelle Dicks (1835-1884)
Christina Elizabeth Kerner (1827-1894) m. Reuben H. Morris (1828-1914)
Nathaniel M. Kerner (1829-1890) m. 1) Martha Elizabeth Stockton (1839-1876), 2) Claudia Dicks (1848-1926)
Paulina Maria Kerner (1832-1924) m. Robert Fulton (1829-1904)
Cornelius Kerner (1836-1907) m. Lottie Kittell (1843-1931)
Parmelia Kerner (1836-1917) m. John Wesley Gentry (1832-1923
Richard Philip Kerner (1839-1925) m. Auleno Flynt (1842-1909)


Children of Phillip Kerner and Judith Gardner
Florina Eliza Kerner (1827-1881) m. Johann Gottlieb Sides (1818-1892)
Anna Salome Kerner (1829-1834)
Marie Antoinette Kerner (1830-1880) m. Julius S. Harmon (1824-1891) , s/o Apollos Harmon and Salome Kerner
Caroline Melinde Kerner (1832-1834)
Arselia Kerner (b. & d. 1834)
William Gaston Kerner (1835-1883) m. Elizabeth Wilson (1839-1914)
Sarah Harmon Kerner (1838-1919) m. Tandy Matthews (1836-1923)
Joseph John Kerner (1841-1920) m. Virginia Elizabeth Doggett (1854-1934)
Medora Cornelia Kerner (1844-1875) m. William T. Blair
Jules Gilmer Kerner (1851-1924) m. Mary (Polly) Alice Masten (1858-1934)

Children of Phillip Kerner and Sallie Gibbins
Henry Clay Kerner (1865-1927) m. Anna Augusta Jones (1868-1950)
Corwin Inscoe Kerner (1870-1888)

Fourth Generation

Children of Israel Kerner and Elmina Perry
Lucinda Priscilla Kerner (1847-1882) m. William D. Stockton (1846-1918)
Theodore Kerner (1846-1887) m. Elizabeth Janet Greenfield (1846-1930)
Rephelius Byron Kerner (1849-1881) m. Anna Matthews (1855-1881)
Arcelia Kerner (1851-1938) m. Andrew Lindsay (1829-1892)
Judith Cornelia Kerner (1853-1899) m. John Kerr Pepper (1837-1885)
Marilla Kerner (1857-1937) m. John William Pitzer (1854-1941)
Mina Kerner (1860-1951) m. Charles W. Hunt (1859-1939)


Children of Joseph E. Kerner and Melissa Perry
Martha Kerner (1849-1902) m. Andrew Barton Highfill or Highfield (1851-1945)
Charles M. Kerner (1850-1862)
Lusetta Jane Kerner m. Philip Pegram
Mary Kerner m. Fred Morris
Gideon Kerner (1855-1950) m. Florine or Flora Wilson (1854-1941)
Loueza Josephine Kerner (1857-1858)
Thomas Kerner (b. & d. 1859)
David P. Kerner (1860-1942) m. 1) Janette G. Walker (1862-1920), 2) Ollie Eliza Matthews (1872-1946)
John Edwin Kerner (1862-1864)
Naomi Kerner (1868-1049) m. William F. Morton (1865-1921)


Children of Elias Kerner and Parthia Dicks
Nancy Ella Kerner (1857-1947) m. Henry E. Shore (1855-1919)
Robah Bascom Kerner (1850-1893) m. Jennie Donnell (1863-1928)
Adelaide Kerner (1861-1961) m. James P. Adkins (1859-1943)
James Frederick Kerner (1871-1948) m. Eva Sapp (1873-1939)


Children of Nathaniel Kerner and Martha Elizabeth Stockton
Octavia Kerner (1858-1861)
Margaret Kerner (1862-1947) m. John Forbes
Sallie Lee Kerner (1866-1967) m. Edward Brady (1867-1907)
Clayton Liebert Kerner (1869-1941) m. Cora Shumate (1877-1957)

Children of Nathaniel Kerner and Claudia Dicks
Carlton Robert Kerner (1878-1951) m. Berenice Clarke (1886-1969)
Percy Dicks Kerner m. Margaret or Marguerite Cartland


Children of Cornelius Kerner and Lottie Kittell
Lewis Clarence Kerner (ca. 1875-1947) m. Jane Harris
Beatrice Kerner (ca. 1876-?) m. Curtis B. Reavis
Bessie Kerner (ca. 1877-?) m. Samuel Kittell
Rose Kerner m. L.W. Brown


Children of Richard Philip Kerner and Auleno Flynt
Ora Wilmont Kerner (1866-1923) did not marry
John Glenn Kerner (1868-1951) did not marry
Minnie Gertrude Kerner (1870-1942) m. James Arthur Holloman (1869-1929)
India Kerner (1878-1965) m. Ernest Marvin Whittington (1876 -1951)
Frank F. Kerner (1880-1974) did not marry
Annie Auleno Kerner(1882-1931) m. William Porter (1873-1944)
Edythe Russell Kerner (1885-1908) m. Joseph Lee


Children of Joseph John Kerner and Virginia Elizabeth Doggett
Cullen Leggett Kerner (1884-?) m. Pearl Sink [or Link?]
Russell DeLessep Kerner m. Gertrude Hobbs
Estelle Gertrude Kerner (d. 1886) m. David Bouldin


Children of Jules Gilmer Kerner and Mary Alice Masten
Jules Gilmer Kerner (1888-1967) m. Susan Brown (1889-1969)
Allie Dore Kerner (1889-?) m. Drewry Lanier Donnell (1881-1976)


Children of Henry Clay Kerner and Anna Augusta Jones
Kathleen Kerner (1891-1970)
Philip Lafayette Kerner (1893-?) m. Octavia Wilson Jones (1896-?)
Mattie Lee Kerner (1895-1966) m. Broadus Wilson (1895-1956)



Körner, Jules Gilmer, Jr., Joseph of Kernersville. Being the Stories of the Families Körner-Kerner . Kastner . Spach . Gardner . Pike and Wiesner and their Descendants in the Town of Kernersville, North Carolina. 1958

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