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Nifong Family

First Generation

This family begins with Georg Balthasar Neufang, born in 1718 in Steinbach, Saarland, who immigrated in 1748 with his wife Anna Barbara Bushling and their oldest children. Anna Barbara was killed in an Indian raid in 1756, and Georg Balthasar married a second time, to a woman named Elizabeth. He died in Berks Co. PA, where his will was probated in January 1788. Three of the sons of the first marriage, Martin, Peter, and John George, all came south about 1773. Their wives were sisters, daughters of Felix Clodfelter (Glattfelder) and Maria Sarah Meyer. Martin probably married before the trip, John George probably not until after they reached NC.

Second Generation

Children of Georg Balthasar Neufang and Anna Barbara Bushling
Martin Jesse Neufang (bef. 1745-1775) m. Anna Maria Clodfelter (1753-1775)
Peter Neufang (ca. 1748-ca. 1773) m. Dorothea Clodfelter (1755-1842). She m. 2) John Jacob Koonts in November 1775, with whom she had a large family
Anna Barbara Neufang (1749-?)
John Jacob Neufang (1751-?)
John George Neufang (1753-?) m. 1) Susanna Clodfelter (ca. 1761-1793), 2) Elizabeth?
Anna Maria, Dorothea and Susanna Clodfelter were sisters, daughters of Felix Clodfelter (Glattfelder) and Maria Sarah Meier

Children of Georg Balthasar Neufang and Elizabeth
Anna Catherine Neufang (1759-1839)
Michael Neufang m. Mary Ann Curd, lived Mercer Co. KY
Maria Magdalena Neufang (1766-1827) m. William Koch, remained in PA
John Neufang (ca. 1770-?)
Maria Elizabeth Neufang (1771-?) m. William Frey in 1798, Reading PA
Daniel Neufang (1773-?) m. 1) Catherine Bost, 2) Elizabeth Barker Roach; lived KY, descendants become Nifong

Third Generation

Children of Martin Jesse Neufang and Anna Maria Clodfelter
Sara Neufang (1772-?) m. John King in 1798 in Wythe Co. VA
Martin Jesse Knifong (1774-?) m. Eva Wolfe

Martin died in Rowan Co. NC in 1775, but his two children settled in Virginia. In the next generation their families are found in Wythe and Russell Counties, VA.


Children of John George Neufang and Susanna Clodfelter
Susanna Nifong (1782-1793)
George Nifong (1783-1873) m. Catherine Baker, moved to Missouri
Adam N. Nifong 1786-1876) m. Susanna Clodfelter (1789-1872), his first cousin
Anna Maria Nifong (1788-1848) m. John Michael Sink
Magdalena Nifong (ca. 1790-?)
Jacob Nifong (1792-1844) m. 1) Elizabeth Lopp, 2) Letsy Sims, moved to Missouri

Fourth Generation

Children of Adam Nifong and Susanna Clodfelter
Alexander Nifong m. Anna Legatta Foltz
Catharina Nifong
Andrew Nifong
Robert Nifong (1818-?) m. Sarah Weir
Elizabeth Nifong
Jacob Nifong
Madison Nifong (ca. 1824-?) m. 1) Catharine Hartman; 2) Rosena Weir (1825-1878)
Wiley Nifong

Fifth Generation

Children of Alexander Nifong and Anna Legatta Foltz
Amanda Nifong m. Thomas Thacker
Sallie Nifong m. Neal Martin
Fannie Nifong (1872-1850) m. Edward Essic
Mary Nifong
Edward Nifong m. Julia Proctor
Carrie Nifong (1876-1953) m. Joseph F. Sink (1870-1931)
Henry Nifong m. Pearl Miller


Children of Robert Nifong and Sarah Weir
John Hamilton Nifong (1858-?) m. Mary Ellen Jenkins


Children of Jacob Nifong and his wife
John Wesley Nifong


Children of Madison Nifong and Catherine Hartman
"Abercal" Nifong (ca. 1847-?). Abercal in the 1850 census - maybe really Abigail?
David Emanuel Nifong (1848-1925)

Children of Madison Nifong and Rosena Weir
Noah Adam Nifong (1852-1917) m. Keziah Boyer (1852-1932)
John Robert Nifong (1853-1922) m. Minerva Marshall (1852-1936)
George Nifong (ca. 1857-?)
Alfred Nifong (ca. 1862-?)
Sarah Jane Nifong (1863-1908) m. Emanuel Valentine Tesh (1863-1927)


Fifth Generation

Children of John Hamilton Nifong and Mary Ellen Jenkins
Robert Ector Nifong
Lettie Magnolia Nifong
Walter Nifong
Allie Novella Nifong
Hugh Hamilton Nifong


For the basic outline of this family, we relied on the WorldConnect page by Richard Smith, which includes some interesting historical notes. His sources include

We haven't seen any of these books ourselves.

Richard Smith has a very nice summary of the immigrant ancestor, Georg Balthasar Neufang (1718-1787/1788) at

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