1:186 Nathaniel Peebles 3 Aug 1829. Prob. May 1832

Wife Elizabeth F. during her natural life, for her use and the use of three of my sons Drury, Abram and Hubbard, the plantation on the river belonging to me (except as hereafter excepted), & all the Negroes on the said plantation. Son Drury should continue to live on the plantation (where he now lives with his mother) as long as his mother lives and to continue to see after the business as before for which he is to have a fair share of the profits. Abram and Hubbard shall have as much of the profits as would give them sufficient schooling, that is if my wife Elizabeth F. can spare the same. If either of my three sons should think proper to marry before their mother's death, it is my will that they should all settle on some part of the land & there to live as long as their mother lives. At her death the land if to be sold - the value of which I estimate as $20,000.00. Son Drury should have $1,000.00 of the price of the land. Son Abram as much * Hubbard as much. The balance of the price of my land is to be equally divided between six of my other children: Pricilla Douthit, Albert, Alpha, Seth, Catherine Smith Robertson Foster Foster and James. After the death of my wife the land is not to be sold until a majority of the nine named consent - and in that case the sale may be made with Drury, Abram and Hubbard to receive the first money until the amount of their part. If sold on credit then after Drury, Abram and Hubbard are paid their part, the other payments are to be equally divided between the other six. Son James a Negro named Mariah. Daughter Priscilla Douthit a Negro girl named Susannah. Son Alpha a Negro (now in his hands) named Amy. Son Seth a Negro named Martin, son Albert a Negro woman named Disey. To Louisa Jean Peebles (daughter of my son Albert) a small girl - daughter of Disey. Son Albert a Negro named Judy. To James Albert Peebles a tract of land adjoining the tract, formerly John Beleses, Philip Walser and others, containing 126 1/2 acres, also two Negroes named Washington and Mary (Chaney's children). Daughter Catherine Smith Robertson Foster Foster a Negro girl named Martha. Son Jehu two tracts of land - the one whereon I now live and also the tract where Johnathan Hagy formerly lived. Also two Negroes, one named Eli and the other named W. Linsy. Also what furniture is in the house and kitchen, except what my wife Elizabeth FOSTER may choose for her use at the plantation where she will live with her son Drury. Also two plows, two axes, two hoes, two cows and calvessssss, two ewes and lambs, two sows and pigs, ten head of other hogs, also a yoke of steers and a cart, 20 barrels of corn and all the wheat and oats on the plantation where I know now live. At my death (should my son Jehu H. continue to live on said land given to him in this will) then I lend him three acres of the upper meadow on the upper part of the same plantation (where John Biles formerly lived). This three acres for his use as long as his mother lives and no longer. This is for the use of my wife Elizabeth FOSTER only and is to be sold with other lands at her death. At her death the stock, tools, etc. are to be given to my son Jehu H. on the plantation where I now live. Son Drury (after my wife's death) two Negroes Mary and Reuben. Son Abram (after my wife's death) two Negroes Harry and W. Jorden. Son Hubbard (after my wife's death) two Negroes Tom and Bob. I lend to my wife Elizabeth FOSTER three other Negroes Viny, Ann and Alse, also my books, as may horses & cattle & hogs as she may need, all plows & household & kitchen furniture, both WHERE I LIVE and on the PLANATATION, also as many sheep as she may choose. Drury, Abram and Hubbard are to have an equal proportion of the stock, etc. as I have given Jehu H. They are to have them when they think proper to marry to go to housekeeping. Afther the death of my wife Elizabeth FOSTER, all Negroes are to be equally divided between my children James, Priscilla, Albert, Alha, Seth, Catherine Smith Robertson Foster Foster, Drury, Jehu H., Abram and Hubbard. This includes amount of sale of other property, except the land aforementioned in this will, that is it includes the Negroes lent my wife Elizabeth FOSTER and others not bequeathed to my children. Grandaughter Selvy Peebles (daughter of my son James Peebles) a Negro girl named Isabel. Grandson Nathaniel Douthit (son of my daughter Priscilla Douthet) a Negro boy named Willey. Granddaughter Elizabeth Foster (daughter of Alpha Peebles) a Negro girl named Bertha. All the expense that my son Seth has with the schooling, if they choose to live with their brother and their mother, they should have the privilege and support when not in business elsewhere and are to draw a part of the profit of said farms agreeable to what is right, as their Negroes will be employed on the said farms. If my overseer Thomas Lanier should continue to live with me until after my death, I give him a cow and a calf and the Bling Gray Mare.

Exec: Alpha Peebles, Drury & Jehu H., Sons

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