8 February, 1682/83
St. Mary's County, MD
Prerogative Court (Wills 4, Pages 16-17)

John Tennison's Will, 1682/1683, St. Mary's County, MD

In the name of God Amen This 20th of Dec in ye y'r of our Lord 1682. I JNO. TENNISON of ye County of St. Mary's in ye province of Maryland being but weake in body but of good and perfect memory thanks bee unto Allmighty God, and calling to remembrance ye incertaine Estate of this Transitory life and that all flesh must yeld unto death when it shall please God to call doe make Constitute ordeine and declare this my last Will & Testam't in mann'er & forme following revoaking and adnulling by these presents all & every Testam't & Testam'ts will & wills heretofore by mee made & declared either by word or in writing & this to bee taken onely for my last Will & Testam't & none other, and first being reenitent & Sorry from ye bottom of my heart for my Sinns past most humbly desireing forgiveness to ye Same, I give & comitt my Soule unto Almighty God my Savio'er & redeemer in who & by ye meritts of Jesus Christ I trust and believe assuredly to bee Saved & to have full remission & forgiveness of all my Sinnes and that my Soule with my body att ye Gen'all day of resurrection shall rise again with Joy & through ye Meritts of Christ death and passion possess and inheritt ye kingdome of heaven prepared for his Elect and chosen & my body to bee buryed in such place where it shall please my Exect'r hereafter named to appoint, and now for ye Settling of my Tempor'll Estate and such good, Chattells & debts as it hath pleased God far above my deserts to bestow upon mee I doe ord'er give and dispose ye Same in mann'r & forme following that is to say,

First. I will that all those debts & dutyes that I owe in Rt or conscience to any man'r of person or persons whatsoever shall well & truely been contented and paid or ordained to bee paid by Executes hereafter names with convenient time after my decease.

2dly. I will that my Eldest Sonne JNO. posses and enjoy quietly without any trouble or molestation of any person or persons whatsoever what formerly I gave him in his custody & doe now enjoy & 21S. 6 d. more at my death.

3dly. I will that my Sonne in law WM CHESHIRE & MARY his wife & my sonne MATTHEW have each of them 21 s. 6 d. allowed them by Execut'r as Soone as Conveniently may bee after my decease.

4thly. I will that my Loving Friend HENRY FFEARNELY for sevarall times writing my Will & Settling my accot's bee allowed 3000 lbs of tob., 2 Silver Spoons & a hair Camelett Coat lyned with flowered Satin or if not ye Coat & Spoons then in lew of them 3000 lbs of tob. as soone as convenient after my decease.

5thly. I will that my Serving Maid GRESSELL DONGIN for her faithfulness & care in ye time of her Service & Sence bee allowed & delivered her one Cow & Calfe & 2000 lbs of tob., 1 feather bed bolst'r worsted Rugg pillow & a p'r of blanketts, 1 large pewter dish & 2 larg pewter basons, 2 pewter plates, 2 pewter poring'es & 10 y'rd of hair Camelett which I have now in ye house as soone as convenient after my decease of if not ye particular things aforemencenced then in lew of them to have tenn thousand pounds of tob. more than what Tob. is already menconed

6thly and Lastly I will that my two Sonnes JUSTINIAN & ABSALOM have equally between them ye plantacon I now live on & all other Land that is mine & all & singular my Goods & Chattells whatsoever & negroes namely Perry & Solomon & all my Sheep, hogges & cattle to mee belonging as absolutely as they wer my owne when I was liviing unto them ye s'd JUSTINIAN & ABSALOM my Execut'rs of this my last Will & Testam't & doe desire my loving friend & neighbo'r & Cap't JOHN COODE to bee assistant to them in ye performing and managing their affairs. In Wittness to ye above s'd articles I have hereunto Sett my hand & Seale ye day & year above written.

Acknowedged to bee his last Will & Testam't
& Sealed it in ye presence of us.




And on the back side of ye s'd Will was thus written VIZ

Febr'e ye 8th 1682/83. Then came ye within named Wm. Goddard one of ye Wittnesses to ye within
menconed Will & made oath according to usuall forme before mee.