Will of James M. Jarvis
Wilkes County, NC

I, J. M. Jarvis of the County of Wilkes and State of North Carolina, being of sound and disposing memory, knowing the uncertainty of mortality, do hereby make public and disclose this my last will and testament. 1st. I will that all my just debts however and to whomsoever owing be paid by my executors herein after appointed out of the first money coming into their hands as a part of my estate. 2nd. I will that my son Columbus F. Jarvis have $50.00 in money. 3rd. I will that my three sons M. L. Jarvis, J. O. Jarvis, and N. T. Jarvis have each $1.00 and no more as I have heretofore helped (?) them with a liberal share of my estate. 4th. I will that my three daughters Jetty E. Glass, Samantha E. Mathis, Minnie A. Glass and my grandson Jas A. Mathis have each $100.00 in money and that the within described money be raised of my personal effects. 5th. I will that my wife Julia A. Jarvis have all my property not disposed of when the within named money shall have been collected and that remaining at her death: my household and kitchen furniture to my three daughters and all other personal property to my son Linsay M. Jarvis. 6th. I appoint my two sons N.T. Jarvis and Linsy M. Jarvis executors of this my last will and testament with full power and authority to execute according to the true meaning and intent of the same and according to law in testamony of which I hereto set my hand and seal. Signed, sealed and disclosed to be my last will and testament in the presence of the subscribing witnesses whom I have requested to witness the same on the 20th day of February 1905. (witnessed by James F. Mastin, Edgor E White) Signed by J. M. Jarvis.

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