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Adam Campbell was born about 1735 in Scotland and died before 1783 in Iredell County, NC. He married Elizabeth Sarah, probably a daughter of Theophilus Morgan, Sr. Elizabeth was born about 1735 in Ireland and died after 1798 in Iredell County, NC.

Adam Campbell and wife Elizabeth settled on a 300 acre tract of land on the South side of Hunting Creek near the Wilkes and Surry County line, in Rowan County, sometime prior to 1775. The Campbell Cemetery is located on this tract and is a historical landmark in the area.

First Generation Children of Adam Campbell and Elizabeth Sarah (Morgan?)
William R. Campbell (1756-1840) m. Nancy Ann Hendren (abt. 1749-1849),
d/o John Hendren and Margaret Jesper
Keziah C. Campbell (1758-1804) m. Henry Hayes, Sr. (abt. 1745-1805)
John Campbell (abt. 1759-1834) m. Carah Cora Mullis (1760-aft. 1850)
Mary (Polly) Campbell (1760-bef. 1844) m. Charles Coleman (1756) Sara (Sally) Campbell (1763-1843) m. William Ball (1766-bef. 1844)
Perciphull Pierce Campbell (1767-1853) m. Sarah (Sallie) Cook (1767-1848)

Second Generation

Children of William R. Campbell and Nancy Ann Hendren
Nancy Campbell (abt.1782-bef. 1852)
Male Campbell (abt. 1785-bef. 1822)
William Hendren Campbell (abt. 1789-bef. 1852) m. Margaret Hendren
Enos Rice Campbell (abt. 1792-aft. 1850) m. Mary (abt. 1791-aft. 1850)

William R. Campbell was born in Culpeper County, Va and died in 1840, Bureau County, IL. Before moving to Illinois he lived several years in Rowan, Iredell and Wilkes Counties, NC. He served during the Revolution War, enlisting in Iredell County under Alex Edwards' NC Regiment. He also served under Major John Armstrong in the Continental Factory as a shoe maker under George Davidson. Before his official enlistment William R. Campbell served as a scout under Col. Benjamin Herndon. They lived in Wilkes County briefly and moved to Gerrard County, KY. While in Kentucky he sold his land on Hunting Creek in 1801 to Thomas Huie. William R. left Kentucky in 1803 was in Crawford County, Indiana. Sometime later he moved to Bureau Co., IL where he died.


. Children of John Campbell and Carah Cora Mullis
Child Campbell (abt. 1786-?)
Child Campbell (abt. 1787-?)
Nancy Campbell (abt. 1792-?)
John M. Campbell (abt.1801-?) m. Catherine (1810-?)

John served in the revolution under Capt. Jacob Nichols, Rowan County, NC. He also served under Capt. Benjamin Herndon and Capt. Joe Lewis, Wilkes County. In 1835 Cora filed for a Revolutionary War Pension, witnessed by Perciphull Campbell in Iredell County.


Children of Mary (Polly Campbell and Charles Coleman
Jackie Coleman (abt. 1780-?)
Nancy Coleman (1782-?) m. Asa Rash, d/o Daniel Rash (1781-1829) and Ruth Muncy
Emma Coleman (abt.1783-?) m. Will Myers (abt. 1783-?)
Robert Coleman (1785-?) m. Elizabeth Rash (abt. 1785-?)
Jane Coleman (abt. 1786-?)
Augustus Coleman (abt. 1787-?) m. Nancy Elmore (abt. 1787-?)


Children of Perciphull Pierce Campbell and Sarah (Sallie) Cook
William R. (Billie) Campbell (1790-bef. 1844) m. Jensie Jane Morgan (abt. 1791-aft. 1850)
Perciphull Pierce Campbell II (1792-1862) m. Tabitha Morgan (1797-1879)
Capt. Theophilus M. Campbell (abt. 1797-1855) m. Tabitha Rene Allen (abt. 1816-abt. 1880),
d/o William and Sarah Allen
John R. Campbell (1802-1872) m. Lucy Williams (abt. 1815-1901)
Sarah Campbell (bef. 1805-?) Bartlett Morgan (abt.1800-aft.1844)
Polly Campbell (abt. 1807-1844) m. Gabriel B. Parks, (abt. 1800-?)
Frances (Fanny) Campbell (aft. 1808-bef. 1850) m. Milas Dobbins (abt. 1807-?), s/o William and Margaret Dobbins
William Rutherford Campbell (1813-1883) m. Mary (Polly) Howard (1815-1894)

Third Generation

Children of Male Campbell
Nancy Campbell (abt.1808)
Peggy Campbell (abt. 1811)


Children of Enos Rice Campbell and Mary
James M. Campbell (1813-?) m. Ann Witt (abt.1810-?), d/o Jesse Dewitt (born in KY)
Enos V. Campbell (abt. 1833-?) (born in IN)
Morgan W. Campbell (1835) (born in IN)


John M. Campbell and Catherine
Theo Campbell (abt. 1825)
Carolus Campbell (abt. 1826)
William Campbell (abt. 1832)
Mary Campbell (abt. 1835)
F. M. Campbell (abt. 1838)


Children of William R. (Billie) Campbell and Jensie Jane Morgan
Alford Campbell (1819-1859) m. Susan A. (1829-aft. 1880) (born in TN)
Thersy Campbell (abt. 1828) (born in TN)


Children of Perciphull Pierce Campbell II and Tabitha Morgan
Sarah Campbell (1813-bef. 1851) m. Uriah J. Douthit (1815-abt.1868)
Williamson H. Campbell (1815-1881) m. Jemima Mayberry (1812-1881)
Reuban Campbell (abt. 1818-abt. 1830)
Mildeon G. Campbell (1825-1854) m. Rachel Clementine Huie (abt. 1827-?), d/o Saul Huie and Mary Robyn
Leonlin V. Campbell (1827-1888) m. 1) Ann Clementine Dent (1822-1856); 2) Emma Buxton (abt. 1827-aft. 1861)


Children of Capt. Theophilus M. Campbell and Tabitha Rene Allen
Mary E. Campbell (abt. 1833) m. Andrew Rominger
Sarah (Sally) Ann Campbell (1834-1874) m. Jonathon Leviticus Litten Mize (1833-1891)
William C. Campbell (abt. 1837) m. 1) Lucy Ross (abt. 1839-?); 2) Jane Croydale (abt. 1837-?)
Frances (Fanny) Campbell (abt.1839-1878) m. John W. Redman (abt. 1835)
T. Carolina Campbell (abt. 1845-?) m. George Washington Williams (abt. 1840-?)
John Price Campbell (1846-1878) m. Isa Ann Elkins (1843-1933), d/o Christian Elkin and Catherine Hughes
Isabella Campbell (1850) m. James Henry Clay Harvell (1844-1918), s/o Samuel Harvell and Margaret Watson


Children of John R. Campbell and Lucy Williams
Tobitha C. Campbell (1837-1874) m. Hamilton C. Somers (1830-1878), s/o John Somers and Frances Sturdevant
Theophilus C. Office Campbell (1839-1906) m. 1) Mary Louisa Somers (1843-1867); 2) Rebecca Minnish (1850-?)
Mary (Polly) Morris Campbell (1843-1891) m. 1) James William Bolin; 2) A. W. Bolting; 3) R. A. Morris
Paulina Campbell (1845-1923) m. John Roby Huie (1846-1926), s/o Saul Huie and Mary Robyn
James W. Campbell (1848-1898) m. Arminda C. Privette (abt. 1848-?)
Sarah Campbell (1850-1934) m. William Ashley Vanhoy (1849-1917)
John Pierce Campbell (1855-1925) m. Elizabeth Mitchell (1845-1916)
William Milas Campbell (1858-1936) m. 1) Sarah Mitchell (1858-?); 2) Julie Oakie Moose (1878-1961)

John R. Campbell's home, built in 1816, still stands on the Mitch Road (SR 1810) in Northern Iredell Co., NC He and his wife are buried behind the homeplace.


Children of William Rutherford Campbell and Mary (Polly) Howard
James Alfred Campbell (1836-1884) m. Sarah C. (1834-?)
William Washington Campbell (1838-1898) m. Leander Jennings (1837-1900),
s/o Dennie Jennings and Elizabeth Wilcoxson
Sarah Ann Caroline Campbell (1841-1872)
Frances Rebecca Campbell (1842-1845)
Augustus William Campbell (1845-1936)
Henry Fraley Campbell (1848-1925) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth Helms (1855-1889),
d/o George Helms and Sarah Waggoner; 2) Mary A. Riggs, d/o Jesse Riggs and Frances Estes (1859-1923)
Martin Howard Campbell (1850-abt. 1854)
Mary E. Campbell (1852-1934) m. Elishaba Puckett (abt. 1852-?)
Samuel Pettus Campbell (1854-1906) m. Manerva Campbell (abt. 1854-?)
Preston Brooks Campbell (1856-1936) m. Malinda Lynn Lawhon (1865-1944), d/o Caswell Lawhon and Mourning Covington
Alice C. Campbell (1858-1940) m. John C. Story (abt. 1844-aft. 1920)

Fourth Generation

Children of Williamson H. Campbell and Jemima Mayberry
Sarah A. Campbell (1836-1898) m. Thomas Lawson Jennings (1829-1910)
Martha Emily Campbell (1837-1886) m. 1) Sylvanus Timotheus Crater (1832-1887); 2) Jacob Crater
Nancy E. Campbell (1840) m. Jacob Jeremiah Crater (1834-1920)
James P. Campbell (1842-1862) (died at Sharpsburg, MD)
Augustus Franklin Campbell (1844-1863) (died at Fredricksburg, VA)
Aminda I. Campbell (abt. 1846) m. W. M. Cooper (abt. 1840-?)


Children of Mildeon G. Campbell and Rachel Clementine Huie
Leolin Davidson Campbell (1847-?) m. Mary Feimster (abt. 1846-?)
Preston C. Campbell (1849) m. 1) unknown; 2) Martha Geneva Carrigan (abt. 1849-?)


Children of Leonlin V. Campbell (1827-1888) m. 1) Ann Clementine Dent
Turner C. Campbell (1845-1856)
Emma C. Campbell (1851-1856)
Alice Campbell (1855-1936)

Children of Leonlin V. Campbell and 2) Emma Buxton
Della Pearl Campbell (abt. 1861)
William Buxton Campbell (1862-1942) m. Adelia Emily Sale (1864-1947)


Children of Theophilus C. Office Campbell and Rebecca Minnish
Paulina Campbell (abt. 1869-?) m. Unknown Bennett
Mary Louisa Campbell (1870-1940) m. Iram Green Ried (1868-1954)
Celia Anjaline Campbell (1871-1899) m. Daniel Asbury Mullis (1867-1932)
Johnny Dalton Campbell (1874-1940) m. Evelyn Octavis Arkie Mullis (1872-1976)
Pierce Americus Campbell (1877-1878)
Ezra Wilford Campbell (1880-1959) m. 1) Doshie Shore (1880-1939); 2) Julie Oakie Moose (1878-1961)
Lucy Paulina Campbell (1882-1948)
Windfield Dent Campbell (1884-?)
Tobitha Ann Campbell (1888-1949) m. Joseph Frank Dobson (1886-1942)

Theophilus Campbell II fought in the Civil War from Nov. 12 1862 until May 25 1863. The Campbell plantation was devastated by the war, the crops burned and all their mills destroyed. Theophilus hearing of the problems at home deserted to be with his family in their hardship. For the remainder of the war Theophilus, a man of small stature, worked the fields disguised as a woman and hid out in a cave at night.


Children of James W. Campbell and Arminda C. Privette
Vallie Daisy Campbell (1875) m. Curtis Barnard (abt. 1875-?)
Charles W. Campbell (1880-1927) m. Maudie Mitchell (1882-1982)
William R. Campbell (1882-1901)
Mack Campbell (1883-1900)


Children of John Pierce Campbell and Elizabeth Mitchell
Maggie Campbell (abt. 1878) m. Robert Walker (abt. 1886-?)
Smith Campbell (abt. 1880) m. Lessie Webb (abt. 1887-?)
Dessie Campbell (abt. 1884) m. Ernest Sharpe (abt. 1884-?)
Isom Campbell (abt. 1885-1974) m. Maudie Belle Myers (abt. 1898-?)

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The information is available to us because of the hard work of three people Bernice Robinson, Blum Campbell, and Emory Coleman and the generosity of Todd Somers, who shared it with me. ~Roger Harvell

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