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Estep Family of Wilkes County, NC

Second Generation:

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Children of Nancy Moore and Jacob Estep
unknown Estep
William Marion Estep (1816-1902) m. Elizabeth Eastridge (1818-1902),
d/o Nathan Eastridge and Elizabeth Floyd
Greenberry R. Estep (1820-1911) m. Elvira Smithy (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Berry G. Estep (1820-1911) m. Louisa Edwards (1822-?) (married in Wilkes Co., NC)
Alcey Delphia Estep (1821) m. William Lewis (1820-?) (married in Wilkes Co., NC)
Elizabeth Estep (1823-1895) m. James Harrison Hayes (1823-1898)
Samuel Estep (1828-abt. 1913) m. 1) Temperance Marlow (1828-?); 2) Mary J. Hunter (1845-?)
Mary Estep (1829-abt. 1857) m. Harold Hayes (18271-1914)
Rhoda Jane Estep (1830-1900) m. William Tedder (1822-1864),
s/o Benjamin Tedder and Mahalea Eastridge; 2) William J. Chappel
Rudsil Rhudy Estep (1832) m. Sarah A. Johnson
Harden Estep (1834-1863) (died in Gettsburg, PA) m. Louise (Louisa) Malissa Ball (1837-1924),
d/o John Ball and Ary Stanley
Calloway Estep (1840-1872) m. Amanda Duncan (?-1872) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)

Third Generation

Children of William Marion Estep and Elizabeth Eastridge
Malinda Estep (1838-1921) m. Adam Yeary (born in Wilkes Co., NC)
Burrell Harrison Estep (1840-1933) m. Jane Busic (died in Hanckcock Co., TN)
Grandville Alexander Estep (1843-1925) m. 1) Elizabeth Brown (1844-1895); 2) Julia Minton (1873-1957)
Samuel Estep (1845-1910) m. 1) Nancy Manning; 2) Matilda Nevils (1854-1898) (died in Lee Co., VA)
Jacob Nathan Estep (1848-1924) m. 1) Lucy Early Minter; 2) Morning Daniels
Nancy Evaline Estep (1849-1931) m. James P. Campbell (died in Claiborne Co., TN)
Martha Jane Estep (1851-1906) m. Andrew Manning
Mary E. Estep (1852-1925) m. William Brown (died in Cleveland Co., OK)
Lucy A. Estep (1854-1926) m. 1) Abraham Brooks; 2) Henry Sandifer
William Estep (1857-1939) m. Josephine Brown (died in Claiborne Co., TN)
John A. Estep (1862-1929) m. Matilda Brown (died in Claiborne, Co., TN)
James Brownlow Estep (1865-1940) m. Martha Jane Jones (1867-1943) (died in McClain Co., OK)


Children of Berry G. Estep and Louisa Edwards
Jacob Estep (1841)
Haywood Estep (1843)
Rebecca Estep (1845)
William Estep (1847)
James A. Estep (1850)
Carolina Estep
Elizabeth Estep
Sara Jane Estep
Hirum John Estep (1854-1935) m. Mary Ellen Estep (1858-1930), d/o Harden Estep and Louise Ball
(died in Wilkes Co., NC)


Children of Alcey Delphia Estep and William Lewis
Jacob Lewis (abt. 1836-abt. 1875)
Nancy S. Lewis (abt. 1846)
Rebecca Lewis (abt. 1850)
Crawford Lewis (abt. 1852)
Rhoda Lewis (abt. 1853)
James Lewis 1862-1945) m. Sarah Tipton (married in Yancey Co., NC)


Children of Rhoda Jane Estep and William Tedder
John Wesley Tedder (1848-1924) m. Nancy Sanders
Mary Emaline Tedder (1851) m. Adolphus Nance (1850-1904) (died in Wilkes Co, NC)
Harold Hayes Tedder (1853-1927) m. Emily Hudson
Silas Carey Tedder (1855-1932) m. Laura Vaughn
George Swim Tedder (1857-1895)
Nancy Caroline Tedder (1859) m. Tess Sapp
Joel Alexander Tedder (1863) m. Lucinda Pennington


Children of Rhoda Estep and William Chappel
Ida Chappel (1872) m. Wesley Barr


Children of Harden Estep and Louise (Louisa) Malissa Ball
Greenberry Estep (1855-1930) m. 1) Amanda (Mindy) Marlow (1856-1907),
d/o Phineas Marlow and Annis Cooks (died in Twin Falls, Idaho); Inada Marlow (1856-1907);
3) Jennie Beatrice Jones, d/o Major Joines and Molly Edwards
Mary Ellen Estep (1858) m. Hirum John Estep (1854-1935, s/o Berry Estep and Louisa Edwards
Ziney Luary (Tiney) Estep (1860-1897) m. James Alexander Barnette (abt. 1860-?)
Rhoda Dorinda Estep (b. & d. 1861)
Nancy Athaline Estep (1862-1912) m. David E. William Whitaker (abt. 1862-?) (died in Ashton, Idaho)


Children of Calloway Estep and Amanda Duncan
William Estep (abt. 1859)
John Estep (1860)
George W. Estep (1861-1886) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Ruah (Ruie) Jones Estep (1867) m. Jay Hayes
Elza Jones Estep (1868-1960) m. Dora Lucinda Reavis (1875-1953) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
David Brian Estep (1871-1917) m. Sara Jeanette Marlow (1876-1956),
d/o Chapman Marlow and Rebecca Emeline Hayes
James Haywood Estep (1863-1940) m. Mary (Polly) Moore (1862-1939) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)


Children of Sarah Moore and Enos Christie Anderson, Sr.
Dicy Elvira Anderson (1847-1900) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Elizabeth Matilda Anderson (1852-1899) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
James Wesley Anderson (1854) m. Edith St. Clair
Soloman Swin Anderson (1857)
John Enzer Anderson (1857)
William Harrison Anderson (1861) m. Kate Canter
Evan Franklin Anderson m. Mary Chatham
Sarah Delilah Anderson (1865) m. Leander Hubbard
Mary Ellen Anderson (1869-1897) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Enos Christie Anderson, Jr. (1871-1909) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Robert Elais Anderson (1874) m. Laura Jane Tedder
Dollie Elvira Anderson (1850-1899)


Children of Sarah Moore and Beverly Marlow
Chapman Lafayette Marlow

Fourth Generation

Children of Mary Ellen Estep and Hirum John Estep
Wilbert Estep m. Bess Caroline Cheek (born in Alleghany Co., NC)
Laura Estep
Thomas Estep
Rebecca Estep
Curtis Estep
Minnie Estep
Bertie Estep
Fletcher Estep


Children of Greenberry Estep and Amanda (Mindy) Marlow
Hyrum Romulus Estep (1879-1916) m. Mary Elizabeth Steed (1881-1970),
s/o James Steed and Janet Hadfield(died in Box Elder, Utah)
Laura Louila Estep (1881-1963) m. Jesse George Mason (died in Bingham, ID)
Annie Theresa Estep (1884-1967) m. George Henry Marshall (1880-1953) (died in Salt Lake City, UT)
Wilburn Greenberry Estep (1886-1953) m. Emma Clarinda Wolverton (1893-?) (d. in Salt Lake City, UT)
son Estep (abt. 1889)
Son Estep (abt. 1893, stillborn)
Clarence Fenton Estep (1893-1972) (died in Blackfoot, ID)
(living) Estep (abt. 1895)
Fred Lawrence Estep (1897-1987) m. Annie Marie Gierisch (died in Babbit, NV)


Children of Greenberry Estep and Jennie Joines
child Estep (1912) (stillborn)
Carl Clinton Estep (1912) m. Blanch Valentie Lawrence (born in Box Elder, Utah)
Major Hardy Estep (1915) (born in Box Elder, Utah)
child Estep (1917) (stillborn)
Minnie Florence Estep (1918) m. Lloyd Calvin Mitchell (born Box Elder, Utah)


Children of David Brian Estep and Sara Jeanette Marlow
Dorothy Mae Estep (1894-1950) m. William Regulas/Regulus "Kill" Revis/Reavis (1887-1968)
Charity Renee Estep (1898-1909)
Mary Elizabeth Estep (1895-1977) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Ruie Virgie Estep (1900)
Alonzo Anderson Estep (1895-1970) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Leora Amanda Estep (1903-1950) (died in Wilkes Co., NC) Iva Jeanette Estep (1905-1969) m. Edmund Anderson (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Frank D. Estep (1908) m. Virgie Smith
Julia Lucinda Estep (1910) m. Ed Johnson
Claude Rosevelt Estep (1913-1945)
Blaine Caloway Estep (1915-1946) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)


Children of James Haywood Estep and Mary (Polly) Moore
Chalie Estep
Tessie Estep
Nora Estep (1888-1965) m. Joseph Andrew Reavis (1885-1975)
Respie Amanda Estep (1894-1990) m. Wilson Moses Moore, s/o Ambrose Moore and Mary Johnson
Laura Estep (1898-1965) m. Freddie Marlow (1893-1988) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)


Len Moore generously provided his extensive database for this Moore Family page. Thank you, Len. Len's e-mail at: LMoore3848@aol.com

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