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Finley Family of Wilkes County

Michael Finley was from County Armaugh, Ulster Ireland. His ancestors are believed to have originated in Scotland but moved to Ireland before coming to America. Michael Finley arrived in Philadelphia on September 28, 1734 and his great grandson, John Finley, settled in Wilkes County, NC in 1803.

First Generation

Children of Michael Finley (1683-1747) m. Ann O' Neill
Samuel Finley (1715) m. Sarah Hall
William Finley (1717) m. Catherine Culbertson

Second Generation

Children of Samuel Finley and Sarah Hall
Rebecca Finley (1745) m. Samuel Breese


Children of William Finley and Catherine Culbertson

Michael Finley (1744) m. Mary Waugh

Third Generation

Children of Rebecca Finley and Samuel Breese
Elizabeth Breese m. Jedidiah Morse


Children of Michael Finley and Mary Waugh
William Finley (1773)
Samuel Finley (1775)
Mary Finley (1778)
John Finley (1778-1865) m. Sarah Ellen Tate (1807-1852), d/o of John Tate, Jr. of Augusta County, VA
Michael Finley Jr (1783)
Betsey Finley (1786)

Fourth Generation:

Children of John Finley and Sarah Ellen Tate
Mary Ellen Finley (died young)
Clarinda Jane Elizabeth (Eliza) Finley (1808) m. Thomas Slater Bouchelle (1802-1852, AL)
John A. Finley (died young)
Augustus Washington Finley (1813-1889, NC) m. Martha Lenoir Gordon
William Pitt Waugh Finley (1815-1874) m. Martha Caroline Horton (1827),
d/o David Eagles Horton and Sarah Dula
John Tate Finley (1817-1896) m. Sarah Ann Gordon

Fifth Generation:

Children of Clarinda Jane Elizabeth Finley and Dr. Thomas Slater Bouchelle
Thomas Slater Bouchelle Jr (1829) m. Sarah A. Hackett
William Ensor Bouchelle (1832) m. 1) Mary Williams and m. 2) Bethany E. Sallie
Mary Ellen Bouchelle (1834)
Walter Augustus Bouchelle (1836) m. Elizabeth E. Mastin
Martha Evelina (Eva) Bouchelle (1838-1926, FL) m. 1) John Davies Wilson (1836-1868, Tipton Co, TN)
s/o Samuel Brown Owen Wilson and Louisa Susanna Davies
John Matthis Bouchelle (1841) and m. Georgia Mastin


Children of Augustus Washington Finley and Martha Lenoir Gordon
Sarah Ellen Finley (1843) Samuel F. Pilson
Martha Octavia Finley (1844)
Ann Eliza Finley (1848)
James Edward Finley (1850-1923) m. Julia Elizabeth Gwynn, d/o Richard R. Gwynn and Mary Carolina Dickenson
John George Finley (1852) (did not marry)
Carrie Gordon Finley (1856) m. Francis H. Pilson
Authur Augustus Finley (1859-1938) m. Kate Cameron (1866-1939),
d/o John Atkins Cameron and Lucy Martin of Harnett Co., NC
(Judge) Thomas Brown Finley (1862-1942) m. Caroline E. (Carrie Lizzie) Cowles


Children of William Pitt Waugh Finley and Martha Caroline Horton
John Horton Finley (1848-1907) m. Melinda Rebecca McGlamery
Sarah Corrine Finley (1849-1924) m. Elijah S. Blair
Jennie B. Finley (1853-1930) m. Isaac B. Teeter
Martha Edith/Edna Finley (1857-1945) m. David A. Reese
Julia A. Finley (1856-1928) did not marry
David Theodore Finley (1860) did not marry
William Tate Finley (1863-1937) m. Nancy Jettie Clemetine Martin (1870-1967)


Children of John Tate Finley and Sarah Ann Gordon
Walter Gordon Finley (1847-1888) m. Annie E. Van Eaton Louise Florence Finley (1849-1853)
Ellen Tate Finley (1852) m. David William Greenlee Martha Clara Finley (1856) did not marry
Annie Mary Finley (1860) did not marry
John Thomas Finley (1862) did not marry
James Robert Finley (1864) m. Fanny Turbin Cameron
Samuel Gwyn Finley (1867) m. Ruth Caldwell Cofield

Sixth Generation

Children of Thomas Slater Bouchelle Jr and Sarah A. Hackett
Miriam Bouchelle m. C. W. Stout
Clara Monfort Bouchelle
Frances Bouchelle
Bessie Fouchelle
Eva Ellen Bouchelle m. David C. Scroggs
Ethel Bouchelle
Annie Bouchelle


Children of Walter Augustus Bouchelle and Elizabeth E. Mastin
Charles Bouchelle m. Sarah Foster
Margaret Amanda Bouchelle m. John W. Fletcher


Children of James Edward Finley and Julia Elizabeth Gwynn
Edward Gordon Finley (1884-1962) m. Sibyl H. Smoot (?-1962)
Mary Louise Finley (1887) m. Patrick M. Williams
Richard Gwynn Finley (1895) m. 1) Apphia Jackson; 2) Mary Porter Jackson Gentry


Children of Authur Augustus Finley and Kate Cameron
Lucy Lenoir Finley (1892-1958) did not marry
Grace Martin Finley (1894-1951) did not marry
Bess Cameron Finley (1895-1927) did not marry
Allen Gordon Finley (1898-1952) m. Annie Mae Barnes (1895), d/o Guy Vernon Barnes and Mary Ella Williams
Author Cameron (1901) m. Mrs. Lucile Woodall Blair


Children of Thomas Brown Finley and Caroline E. Cowles
Martha Lura Finley (1894) m. Charles D. Coffey
Thomas Augustus (1896) m. Grace G. Cochran
Corrina Worth Finley (1898)
Ellen Lenoir Finley (1899)
Elizabeth Cowles Finley (1902)


Children of John Horton Finley and Melinda R. McGlamery
Charles Martin Finley (1880)
Mary Horton Finley (1888)


Children of William Tate Finley and Nancy J. C. Martin
Fred Tate Finley (1893-1980) m. Mildred Hope Whitney


Children of Walter Gordon Finley and Annie E. Van Eaton
Ellen Tate Finley (1881) m. Archie R. Olgivie
William Walter Finley (1883) m. Sue R. Miller


Children of James Robert Finley and Fanny T. Cameron
Bess Gordon Finley (1894) m. William C. Grier
Fanny Eloise Finley (1899) m. Samuel P. Mitchell
Kate Cameron Finley (1903)


Children of Samuel Gwyn Finley and Ruth Cadlwell Cofield
Samuel Gwynn Finley II (1906) m. Edna C. Lambeth
Ruth Caldwell Finley (1908) m. George C. Weiterer
Anna Clementia Finley (1909)
Margaret Gordon Finley (1918) m. Charles B. Atwater


Letter from John Finley to Gen. Wm. Lenoir, 1824

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