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Grant Family of Wilkes County, North Carolina

John Grant, born in 1755 in Somerset, England was living on Hunting Creek, Wilkes County by 1780. John served 18 months in the Rev. War along with William Miltchell who was his daughter's father in law.

First Generation

Children of John Grant (1755-1843) and Margaret Sale (abt. 1763-1844), d/o William and Ann Sale
Elizabeth Grant (1785-1871) m. Moses Mitchell (1776-1853), s/o William Mitchell)
Anna Grant (abt. 1786-after 1835) m. John Howard Jr (no other information)
Robert Grant (abt. 1787-c1850) m. Jane F. Gibbs (1797-?)

Second Generation

Children of Elizabeth Grant and Moses Mitchell
Anna Mitchell (abt. 1802) m. 1) Humphrey Roberts (1809); 2) Ezekiel Cass
Margaret Mitchell (1804-1881) m. Hiram Sale (1803-1868)
Rachel Mitchell (1806) m. Abel Cass
Elizabeth Mitchell (abt. 1808) m. Aaron Cass
John G. Mitchell (abt. 1810) m. Martha E. Jackson
Moses Mitchell Jr (abt. 1812) m. Mary Spears
Robert Mitchell (abt. 1815) m. Nancy
William Mitchell (abt. 1818) m. Elizabeth
Edmond Mitchell (abt. 1820)
Nancy Mitchell (abt. 1823 - bef. 1871) m. Randolph Mabry
James Mitchell (1825)
Gaberal G. Mitchell (abt. 1828)


Children of Robert Grant and Jane F. Gibbs
John E. Grant (1815-1885) m. Catherine unknown (1828-1898)
James S. Grant (1817) m. Jane
William B. Grant (1817) m. Amanda
Elizabeth F. Grant (1818)
Margaret Grant (1820) m. Templeton
Ann Howard Grant (1822) m. Joseph Washington Hayes (1825-1896)
Isaac X. Grnat (1824)
Robert McDuffy Grant (1825-1896) m. 1) Eliza Adeline Scroggs; 2) Harriet Nancy Hedrick

Third Generation

Children of Anna Mitchell and 1) Humphrey Roberts
Nancy Roberts (1834) m. 1) Levi Jarvis; 2) William M. Jarvis (brothers)
Martha Roberts (1837)
Camellia Roberts (1838)
Edmond Roberts (1839)
Eli Roberts (abt. 1844)


Children of Nancy Mitchell and Randolph Mabry
Martha Mabry (1843) m. Henry Chambers Jarvis
Elizabeth Lemira Mabry (1845)
Cathy Arminda Mabry (1848)
James Hiram Mabry (1849)
Ransom Mabry (1852)
Carmella Mabry (1857)


Children of John E. Grant and Catherine
Robert William Grant (1846-1908) m. Margaret Anne Smith (1851-1933)
Mary Elizabeth Grant (1850-1921) m. Harvey Pinkney Church (1855-1921)
James E. Grant (1852)
Millard F. Grant (1856)
Martha C. Grant (1859)

Children of Robert McDuffy Grant and Eliza Adeline Scroggs
Thomas Grant (1855)
Jane R. A. Grant (1858)
Elizabeth Grant (aft.1860)
Laura A. Grant (aft. 1860)


Children of Robert McDuffy Grant and Harriett Nancy Hedrick
Robert Lafayette Grant (1870-1951)
Martha Barbara Grant (1874-1946)

Fourth Generation

Children of Robert William Grant and Margaret Anne Smith
Silvanos Watson Grant (1869) m. Violet Elizabeth (1871-1907)
John Wesley Grant (1872-1896)
Marcus Wilson Grant (1874)
Amanda Katherine Grant (1876-1959) m. Washington Henry Clay Beard
William Samuel Grant (1879)
James Bell Grant (1881-1967) m. 1) Bertha Williams m. 2) Laura Robbins (1882-1906)
Robert Cambell Grant (1884-1906)
Nancy M. Grant (1886) (twins?)
Charlie Smith Grant (1886-1959) m. Sally Harness (1884-1912) m. 2) Patty Lackey (1894-1976)

If you have any additional information on this family, please contact Joe Grant at: JAG8213@aol.com

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