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Greer Family of Wilkes County, North Carolina

James Greer was born about 1627 in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. He died about 1688 in Baltimore, Maryland. James was son of Sir James Grier (1694-1688) and Mary Brown. In about 1681 James Greer married Ann Taylor who was born 1660 in Baltimore County, Maryland, daughter of Arthur & Margaret Taylor. James Greer died before 1714 at which time his widow Ann (nee Taylor) Greer Harriatt "mother of said John Greer" was married to Oliver Harriatt. John Greer, son of James Greer and Ann Taylor, was born about 1688.

John Greer and and his wife, Sarah Day, lived in Baltimore County, Maryland where they were married in 1710. The births of their twin daughters, Sarah and Ann, are recorded in St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers in 1721. The last entry found for this Greer family was when James Greer, their grandson, married Elinor Hughes in 1768. John Greer's Will was written in Onslow, NC 1752 names his second wife, Cloe Greer.

First Generation

Childern of John Greer and his first wife, Sarah Day
William Greer (abt. 1710) m. 1) Mary Ann Fitch, d/o William and Sarah Fitch; 2) Sarah Freeland
Moses Greer m. Mary Bayley (m. 1737, Baltimore Co., MD) (moved to Pittsylvania Co., VA)
John Greer, Jr. (1714-1782) m. Nancy Ann (Nanny) Walker (1716-?) (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Sarah Greer (1721) (twin) m. Armstrong
Ann Greer (1721) (twin) m. John Starkey (m.1738, Baltimore Co., MD)
Elizabeth m. Davis
Aquilla Greer m. Elizabeth Massey
Benjamin Greer (1727) m. Rachel Low (m. 1745 Baltimore Co., MD) (moved to Franklin Co., VA)
Joseph Greer (1727) m. Ann Low (m. 1750, Baltimore Co., MD)

Second Generation

Children of William Greer and Mary Ann Fitch
John Fitch Greer (abt. 1736-1782) m. Ann Lowe (died in Wilkes Co., NC)
Moses Greer (abt. 1744)


Children of Moses Greer and Mary Bayley
Lowraner Greer (1757) (born in Baltimore Co., MD)
Aquila Greer (1760) (born in Baltimore Co., MD)


Children of Ann Greer and John Starkey
Mary Starkey (1739) m. John Jones (married 1753, Baltimore Co., MD)
John Starkey (1741) (born Baltimore Co., MD)
Elizabeth Starkey (1744) (born Baltimore Co. MD)
Joshua Starkey (1746)


Children of John Greer, Jr. and Nancy Walker
Aquila Greer (1737-1832) m. Hannah Elizabeth Riley (died in KY)
John Greer (1740)
Joshua Greer (1746-1796) m. Sarah Davis (died in Wilkes co., NC)
Capt. Jesse Greer (ca. 1757-1788) m. Judith Hampton (m. 1779, Wilkes Co., NC)
Capt. Benjamin Greer (1746-1810) m. 1) Nancy Wilcoxen (1745-1790), d/o of John and Sarah Wilcoxen;
2) Sarah Atchinson Jones
Rachel Greer m. James Mitchell
James Greer m. Elinor Hughes (m. 1768, Baltimore Co., MD)
Sarah Greer m. Francis Hargrave(s)
Hannah Greer m. Lewis Demoss (was Sheriff of Wilkes Co., NC)
Ann Greer m. Mitchell
Joseph Greer

The Will of John Greer was probated June Term 1782, Wilkes County, NC. Mentions his wife, Nancy - whole of plantation where I live; Jessey Greer - above at decease of wife; Dau, Ann Mitchell, negro girl Pheby and no more; Hannah Demoss - negro girl, Hannah; Balance of estate to be equally divided between Aquilla, John, Benjamin, Joshua, Jessey Greer, Rachel Mitchell, Sarah Hardgrave and Hannah Demoss. Execr: wife, Nancy. Friend, John Brown. Wit: Archelus Walker, Nancy Walker and Sarah Greer.


Third Generation:

Joshua Greer died in Wilkes County, 1796. His will names his wife, Sary. Children are mentioned, but only one daughter is named - Anne Hickerson. Anne received 10 shillings and "no more" from her father, the other unnamed children received equal parts of land and estate after the death of their mother. Anne was married to Joseph Hickerson.

Children of Capt. Jesse Greer and Judith Hampton
Delilah Greer (1780)
John Greer (1782)
Sarah Greer (1784)
Nancy Greer (1786)
Jesse Greer, Jr. (1788) m. 1) Polly (Nancy) Puckett, d/o Ephraim Puckett (m. in Warren Co., KY)
2) Jennie Bladesinger; 3) Betsy Davis

(Judith/Juda Greer was the Administrator of Jesse's estate (1788). Joshua Greer was bondsman. Purchasers of Jesse Greer's estate, 1789: Judith Greer, George Brown, Robert Brown, Peter Greenlus, Joshua Greer, Jesse Gunter, Jesse Hall, Patrick Hamrick, Francis Hardgrave, Joseph Hickerson, Caleb Low, Julus Sanders, Shadrack Trible, Spilsby Trible, Joseph Woolfolk. After Jesse Greer's death in 1788, Judith married William Mitchell and moved to Warren County, KY)


Children of Benjamin Greer and 1) Nancy Wilcoxsen
Rachel Greer (1768-bef. 1840) m. Robert Judd
John Greer (1770-aft. 1850) m. Nancy Owens
William Greer (1772-1862) m. Hannah Cartwright
Benjamin Greer (1774) m. unknown Ketron (?)
Anna (Nancy) Greer (1776) m. Thomas Holman
Jesse Greer (1778-1860) m. Mary (Polly) Morris (1787-1880), d/o Henry Morris and Mary Byrd
David Greer (1781-bef 1850) m. Nancy Hodges, d/o Thomas Hodges & Nancy Norris
James Greer (1783-1844) m. Mary (Mollie) (Polly) Hampton
Samuel Greer (1785-1872, NC) m. Sarah/Sally Church
Joshua Greer (1788) m. Jane Church


Children of Benjamin Greer and 2) Sarah Atkinson Jones
(widow of Thomas Jones; d/o Edmund Atkinson
Aquilla Greer (1797, NC) m. Mary Ferril Smith
Edmund Greer
Sally Greer m. Robert Erwin
Elizabeth Greer m. Elisha Biggs

Fourth Generation

Children of William Greer and Hannah Cartwright
Frances (Fannie Greer) m. Isaiah Wilcoxsen/Wilcox (1796-1870, KY)


Children of John Greer and Nancy Owen
Elijah Greer (1806-1870) m. 1) Sarah (Sally) Hawkins (1808-1853) (lived in Ashe County)
2) Mary Shaw


Children of Jesse Greer and Mary (Polly) Morris
Frances/Fanny Greer (1801-1850) m. Thomas Jones
Benjamin Greer (1802-bef. 1910) m. Leah Waters
Joshua Green (1803)
Nancy Greer (1805-1845) m. John Gentry
Jesse Greer, Jr. (1806-1892) m. Frances (Frankey) Brown (1810-1905)
Mary (Polly) Greer (1808-1898) m. William Gentry
Sarah Greer (1810)
Jane (Jenny) Greer (1812-abt. 1848) m. Robert Madron
Elizabeth (Betsey) Greer) (abt. 1814-1894) m. Richard Washington Hawkins
Joseph Greer (1815-aft. 1880) m. 1) Nancy Brown; 2) Nancy Jane Defreise
Andrew Greer (1818-bef. 1880) m. 1) Nancy Jane Clawson,
d/o William Clawson and Margaret (Peggy) Holman; 2) Leah Lunsford Norris (1846-1927)
Cynthia Greer (1819-bef. 1900) m. John Reece
Franklin Greer (1822-1879) m. Charlotte Younce
Isaac Greer (1823) m. 1) Hannah Ingram; 2) Rebecca J.
William Greer (1825) m. Flora L. Defriese
James Jackson Greer (1827-aft. 1885) m. Frances (Fanny) Greer (1827),
d/o Isaac Newton Greer and Nancy Norris
Elvira Greer (1830) m. William Greer


Children of David Greer and Nancy Hodges
Mary (Polly) Greer m. Isaac Winkler
Sarah Greer (1830) m. George McGuire


Children of James Greer and Mary Hampton
Rachel A. Greer (1808) m. David Trivett
Rebecca Green (1810) m. Burr Guy
Benjamin Greer (1812-1893) m. Elizabeth Reece
Alexander Greer (1813, TN - aft. 1880, VA) m. Lydia (Diddy) Curd or Richardson
Mary Greer (1815) m. William Thomas
Nancy Greer (1818) m. William Forrester
James Greer (1815-20) m. Ann Roberts
William Greer (1824-1880) m. Mary (Polly) Williams
Lydia (Ledda) Greer (1825) m. Charles Lewis
Joel Greer (1825-1864/70) m. Margaret Elizabeth Sutherland
Andrew Greer (1829-1900) m. Sarah Wilson


Children of Samuel Greer and Sarah (Sally) Church
Elizabeth Greer (ca. 1821-after 1915) m. Mr. Hendrix
Finley Greer (ca. 1823-aft.1915)
Riley Greer (ca. 1825-aft. 1915)
(This family lived in Watauga County, NC)


Children of Joshua Greer and Jane Church
John Greer (1813) m. Lucinda (1823)

Fifth Generation
Children of Andrew Greer and 1) Nancy Jane Clawson
Martha (Matt) Greer (1846) m. Solomon Younce
Mary Jane Greer (1848-1909) m. Bluford F. Jones
William Franklin Greer (1850-1928) m. Martha Ann Isaacs
Henry M. Greer (1852-1930) m. 1) Mary Adeline Jones 2) Elizabeth Younce Oliver
Ellen Greer (1854)
Charles Francis Greer (1855-1899) m. Mary A. Lawrence Smith
Margaret E. Greer (1857-bef. 1901) m. Rufus Campbell
Martitia Ann Greer (1860) m. Jacob Fletcher (1855-?)

Children of Andrew Greer and 2) Leah Lunceford Norris
Caroline Greer (1862) m. William Cornett
Thomas Greer (1864) m. Sarah Lunceford
Florence Greer (1870-bef. 1910) m. John Franklin Bunton
James M. Greer (1872) m. Mary (Mollie) G. Bryant
Julia Elizabeth Greer (1873-1968) m. Roby Shook


Children of Elijah (1806-1870) and 1) Sarah (Sally) Hawkins
Nancy Greer (1828) m. Elijah Farmer
Mary Greer (1831-1914) m. Finley Greer
Rebecca Greer (1822) m. Reuben Jones
Andrew Greer (1834)


Children of Benjamin Greer and Elizabeth Reece
Benjamin Franklin Greer (1847-1917) m. Rebecca Younce (1849-1930),
d/o John Younce and Hannah Lorance/Lawrence; granddaughter of Solomon Younce and Sallie Rollen


Children of John and Lucinda Greer
David Greer (1840) m. Nancy A.
Riley Greer (1843) m. Sarah A. Winkler (abt. 1840-1915), d/o Isaac Winkler and Mary (Polly) Greer
Elvira E. Greer (1845)
Sarah L. Greer (1848)
James C. Greer (1850)


Children of Jesse Greer, Jr. and Frances (Fanny) Brown
Emaline Greer (1827-1859) m. Nathaniel Rominger (1822-1908)
Caroline Nancy Greer (1828-1911) m. Isaac (Little Ike) Wilson (1822-1864)
Wilburn H. Greer (1833-1925) m. Ann (Annie) Reece (1839-1920), d/o of Hugh and Mary Reece
Polly Gree (1839-1889)

Sixth Generation

Children of Benjamin Franklin Greer and Rebecca Younce
Mary A. Greer (1867) m. William Davenport
Martha Greer (1869-1931) m. Andrew J. (Jack) Campbell
Hannah L. Greer (1872) m. Calvin Bullard May/Mays
John M. Greer (1874-1945) m. Gertie (Gertrude) Edith Fletcher (1873-1945)
Benjamin Carroll Greer (1876-1966) m. Laura Ann May/Mays
Charles (Charlie) Alfred Greer (1879-1955) m. Alice Martha Greer (1883-1978),
d/o Philip G. Greer and Mary Greer
Etta (Ettie) M. Greer (1885) m. John F. Allen
Margaret Minnie Greer (1886) m. Walter D. Roten
George M. Greer (1890)
Sallie Greer
Monroe Greer


Children of Riley Greer and Sarah A. Winkler
James (Will) Greer (1864) m. Rebecca
Greenville Lee Greer (1868) (moved to South Carolina)
Thomas Calvin Greer (1869-1933) m. Sarah Isabelle Carroll (1881-1964),
d/o Lewis William Carroll and Rachel Hayes
George Greer (1872) m. Lou (lived in Damascus, Virginia)
John (Isaac?) Greer (1874) m. Cindy (lived in Mountain City, TN)
David Greer m. Bertha
Jane S. Greer (1882) m. Henry Greer (not proven) (moved to South Carolina)
Franklin Benjamin Greer (1885) m. Adelaide (1868)


Children of Wilburn H. Greer and Ann (Annie) Reece
Isabella Greer (1858-1935) m. Andrew Jackson Proffitt (1855-1917), s/o William R. Proffitt and Sarah Reece
John Preston Greer (1861-1885) m. Callista Thompson (1865)
Jesse Clinton Greer (1864-1949) m. Ida Culver (1871), d/o Robert N. Culver and Martha J.
Hannah Elizabeth (Betty) Greer (1868-1903)
Mary E. Greer (1871-1876)
William Isaac Greer (1874-1938) m. Ina Dean Wilson, d/o Lemuel Wilson and Cornelia D. Wilson
Biddie (Vida) R. Greer (1877-1965) m. Charles (Charlie) Coffey, s/o Smith Coffey
(This family lived in Watauga Co., NC)

Seventh Generation

Children of John M. Greer and Gertrude Edith Fletcher
Bessie Greer (1896-1910) (lived in Cove Creek, Watauga Co., NC)


Children of Charles Carroll Greer and Alice Martha Greer
Myron T. Greer (1904-1979) m. Eula Gertrude Fletcher
Mona Nancy Greer (1907) m. 1) Paul Norris; 2) Perry Farthing
Minnie Dare Greer (1910) m. Don Campbell
Helen Vista Greer (1914) m. Ivan Farthing

Notes for John Greer

(It is possible John was NOT Nancy's son and that Benjamin had married Mattie Lipps first. While this John is mentioned among Benjamin's children in his will probated in Green Co., KY in 1816, he is not listed among the children of Benjamin and Nancy Wilcoxsen Greer in the Jesse Greer Notebook. The name Mattie Lipps came from someone years ago who is now dead and she didn't give her source. In the meantime no one has been able to find where that name came from. In a letter written by Jesse Greer, Jr. to Lyman C. Draper regarding his grandfather, Benjamin, Jesse does mention his Uncle John. Just to make my life and database a little simpler, I've got John as a child of Benjamin and Nancy with an explanatory note about this). Mary Floy Katzman


Mary Floy Katzman
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St. John's & St. George's Parish Registers 1796-1851, by Henry C. Peden, Jr. M. A.
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Inhabitants of Baltimore County, 1763-1774, Henry C. Peden, Jr.
A History of Watauga County North Carolina, John Preston Arthur

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