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Johnson Family

Charles Johnson lived in the Hunting Creek Area and was listed in Capt. Alexander Gordon's District. He died about 1820 in Wilkes County and left a will naming his wife and children.

First Generation:

Children of Charles Johnson and Hannah
Israel Johnson m. unknown Johnson
Permanes Johnson m. Sally Felie/Folie (m. 1816)
Elizabeth Johnson (abt. 1773-1849) m. James Jarvis (1766-1850)
Jean Johnson m. unknown Mize
Ann Johnson m. unknown Bell
Lyda Johnson m. unknown Sale
Mary Johnson m. Joseph Stanley (abt. 1789-bef. 1840)
Lucy Johnson (abt. 1792-1848) m. Imlah Ball (1791-1874)
Hannah Johnson (1786- after 1879) m. a href="http://www.fmoran.com/stanley/stanley.html">Christopher Howard (abt. 1787-1878) (m. 1809)
Charles Johnson m. Susana Sparks
Robert Johnson m. Rebekah McBride (m. 1805)
Joseph Johnson m. Dicy Ann Stanley
Alice Johnson

Second Generation

Children of Hannah Johnson and Christopher Howard
Clarissa (Clara) Howard (c1811-after1879) m. John Myers (abt. 1811-1893)
Dianah (Dicie/Dicy) Howard (1812-1891) m. Richard Walker (1797-1859)
Larkin (Kit) Howard (1816-1866) m. Sarah (Sally) Brightwell Warren (1836-aft. 1880)
Israel Howard (died after 1879)
Nancy (Mandy) Howard (1830-aft.1879) m. John Byrd
Alice (Alsey) Howard (1824-1897)
Finley Howard (1828-1914) m. Mary A. Brown (1832-1898)
Sarah Howard (abt.1828-aft. 1879)


Children of Joseph Johnson and Dicy Ann Stanley
John "Nelson" Johnson (1814-1866) m. 1) Elizabeth Beatty; 2) Mrs. Nancy Jane Johnson, widow of Phineas Johnson
James Franklin Johnson (abt.1816-?) Melvina D. (Palmer) Holloway
Strangeman Johnson (abt.1821-?) m. Harriett Newell Haynes
Eunice Johnson (abt.1822-?) m. Bennett Brock
Amos Johnson (abt.1823-1846) (died fighting in the Mexican-American War)
Evaline Matilda (Eva) Johnson (ca 1831) m. David Crockett
Joseph Green Johnson (abt.1831-1904)

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