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Laws Family of Wilkes County, NC

David Laws was born abt. 1796 and lived in the Pores Knob Area of Wilkes County. A Wilkes County Marriage Bond dated May 3, 1825 states; David Laws married Susan Clanton, born abt. 1810. Susan was the daughter of Edward Clanton. David, Susan and all their children (except Rufus and Andy) are buried in the Laws Cemetery located on Price Road off NC Hwy 16 in Wilkes County. These graves are marked with fieldstones.

First Generation

Children of David Laws and Susan Clanton
Alice "Aly" Laws (1826-?) did not marry
Lettie Laws (1827-?) did not marry
Catherine Laws (1829-?) did not marry
Rachel Laws (1832-?) did not marry
Rufus Laws (1834) (died in the Civil War)
Rhoda Laws (1836-?) m. Wilson Rice
Andrew Timothy "Andy" Laws (1838-1921) m. Martha Catherine Bentley

Second Generation

Children of Andrew "Andy" Timothy Laws and Martha Catherine Bentley
Mary Josephene Laws (1868-1936) did not marry
Aley Adalaide Laws (1870-1949) m. Zeno Parmenas Kerley
Viney Caroline Laws (1872-1880) did not marry
Sally L. Laws (1874-1905) did not marry
Ritty Madoski Laws (1877-1944) m. John Larkin Joines
Lotty C. Laws (1880-1886)
Minnie F. Laws (1882-?) m. George Setzer

Third Generation

Children of Aley Adalaide Laws and Zeno Parmenas Kerley
Etta Jane Kerley (1892-1974) m. Julius Bernard Goforth
Alma Catherine Kerley (twin) (1895-1979) m. William Rufus Treadway
Ada Elizabeth Kerley (twin) (1895-1970) m. William Spurgeon Kerley
William Sherman Kerley (1897-1977) m. Della Treadway
Lola Mae Kerley (1900-1984) did not marry
Clarence Andrew Kerley (1902-1983 m. Lacy Anderson
Ermani Josephene Kerley (1905-1975) m. John Parks Treadway
Edna Florence Kerley (1909-?) m. George Dellinger
Ernest R. Kerley (1912-1915)


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