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Marlow Family of Wilkes County, NC

James Marlow, Sr. first appears on the 1790 Iredell County Census. In 1812 he deeds 145 acres (lying and being in Iredell County, NC) on the big branch of the White Oak of Rocky Creek to his son James Marlow, Jr. This area of the Brushy Mountains became part of Wilkes County NC in 1815.

First Generation

Children of James Marlow Sr. (ca. 1762-1842) and his wife
James Marlow, Jr. (1789-1861) m. 1) Peggy Davis (1792-1833); 2) Mary Gilreath
Nancy Marlow (1794-1832) m. Mark Marlow (Clinton Co., KY)
Mary Marlow (1795-aft 1860) m. "Capt" James Marlow
William Marlow (1797-abt. 1875) m. Nancy (died in Clinton Co., KY)
Lavinia Marlow (1798-1862) m. Ephraim Cook (1795-1873), s/o Allen and Lucy Cook
Joseph Marlow (1806-1871) m. Martha Gilreath (1813-1891)
Joel Marlow (1804-?) m. Sarah Davis
Johnson Marlow (1810-1883) m. 1) Mamie (1810-1853); 2) Lucretia Anderson (1814-aft. 1860)
Lettuce Marlow (1811-? ) m. Noel Johnston

Second Generation

Children of James Marlow, Jr. and Peggy Davis
Paris Marlow (1812-1865) m. Susan Davis (1811-1900)
Anne Marlow (1813-1859) m. James William Mayberry (1812-1860/70)
Asenith Marlow (1814-1850/57) m. Randolph Mayberry (1813-1900)
Elam Marlow (1816-1870/1) m. Lavinia Williams (1817-after 1891)
Phineas Marlow (1818-1864) m. Annis Cook (1821-aft. 1880)
Melissa Marlow (1823-1870/80) m. Howell Mayberry (1820-1850/60)
Cynthia Marlow (1824-1908) m. Hilliar Marlow (1823-bef. 1900)
Elizabeth Marlow (1829-?)


Children of Mary Marlow and "Capt" James Marlow
Chapman Lafayette Marlow (1818-1849) m. Elizabeth Molsbee
Beverly James Marlow (1821-abt 1894) m. 1) Sarah Moore (1824-1886); 2) Sarah Sigmon
Hilliar Marlow (1823-bef 1900) m. Cynthia Marlow (1824-1908)
Sarah Minerva Marlow (1825-aft 1870)
James Harvey Marlow (1827- aft 1870) m. Rebecca Laws (1823-1868)
Elvira Marlow (1828-aft 1870) m. George Brown
Hugh Marlow (1829-bef 1870) m. Elizabeth (Dicey) Moore (1834-bef 1880)
Albert Marlow (1830-aft 1890) m. Cassie Ann Mullis (1830-aft 1890)


Children of Lavinia Marlow and Ephraim Cook
Annis Cook (1821-abt. 1893) m. Phineas Marlow (1818-1864)
Richmond Cook (1823) m. Sarah Cook
Nancy Cook m. Duncan
Alsey Cook (1825-1902) m. Hugh Brotherton
John Cook
Martha Cook m. Sirus Queen
William Riley Cook (1831) m. Adeline Younger
Phoebe Cook (1832-1917) m. James Parlier
Delitha Cook (1833) m. Bartlett Mullis
Mary Elizabeth Cook (1838-1923) m. George Wesley Parlier
Cecelia Cook (1844-1881) m. Elbert King Marlow (1838-1916)
Emeline Cook (1842-1916) m. Henry Hayes


Children of Joseph Marlow  and Martha Gilreath
William Jones Marlow (1828-1861) m. Rebecca Mayberry (1830-1931)
Mary A Marlow  (1832-?)
Green A Marlow  (1835-aft.1900) m. Sarah A Wimpey
James Jeremiah Marlow (1837-1917) m. 1859 Elvira Jane Gaddis
Joel Marlow (1839-?)  m. Dolly
Martha Marlow (1841-?)
Elos Marlow (1844-?)
Louisa Marlow (1846-?)
Joseph Calloway Marlow  (1850-1919) m. Sarah L Staley (1863-1934)
Louis Gaddis Marlow (1853-1938) m. Cynthia Ellen Davis (1857-1935)
Letta A Marlow  (1859-?)


Children of Johnson Marlow and Mamie
Lavinia Marlow (1833-1918) m. Noah Marlow, s/o Joel Marlow and Sarah Davis
Nancy Marlow (1836-abt. 1857) m. Allen Meek (m. in Henry Co., IN)
Lucretia Marlow (1837-1883) m. 1) Jacob Guard; 2) Phineas McFarlane
Cornelius Marlow (1838-?)
Jane Marlow (1840-) m. Allen Meek, her sister's widower in 1857)
Simeon Marlow (1841-1862)
William B Marlow (1842-1937) m. 1) Cynthia M. Lamb (1839-1875); 2) Mary Elizabeth Simmons (1856-1942)
Vica Ellen Marlow (1844-)
Joel Marlow (1845-?) m. Julia Hazelton
Pernelia Ann Marlow (1847-?) m. Elmus Fleming
Wilford Smith Marlow (1849--?)
Margaret Frances Marlow (1850-) m. John Veach


Children of Johnson Marlow and Lucretia Anderson
Mary Marlow (1859-?)

Third Generation

Children of Paris Marlow and Susan Davis
James Gilbright Marlow (1837-1912) m. Melvina Arleva Laney (1845-?)
Anna Marlow (1839-?) m. William Hamilton Ledbetter
Surrena Marlow (?-1877) m. Thomas Ashworth (1839-1878)
Anderson Marlow (1843-?)


Children of Elam Marlow and Lavinia Williams
Elbert King Marlow (1838-1916) m. Cecilia Cook (1844-1881)
Sarah Marlow (1839-1919)
Paulina Marlow (1841-1926)
Franklin Marlow (1843-?)
William James Marlow (1845-1917) m. Mary E. Younger (1857-1932)
Martha D Marlow (1847-abt. 1887) m. James Oliver Moore (1848-1900)
Mary L Marlow (1848-1904) m. Eli F Anderson (1852-1937)
Rebecca Adeline Marlow (1852-1920) m. James Calloway Marlow (1851-1921)
Christina Louise Marlow (1853-1927)
James I Marlow (1856-1900) m. Adeline Moore (1857-1940)
Nancy Marlow (1858-?)


Children of Cynthia Marlow and Hilliar Marlow
Joel Marlow (1842-)
Louisa Marlow (1846-)
Anna F "Tina" Marlow (1854-1916)
Jones Franklin Marlow (1857-) m. Pailey Mahalia Sprinkle
Mayland Marlow (1859-aft 1920)
James Calloway Marlow (1851-1921) m. Rebecca Adeline Marlow

Fourth Generation

Children of Elbert King Marlow and Cecilia Cook
William Philo Marlow (1866-1932)
Lina Almedia Marlow (1868-1939) m. Simeon Bolick (1864-1939)
James Franklin Marlow (1872-1947) m. Mary Jane Bolick (1879-1937)
L. Sophronia Marlow (1874-1943) m. John McCorkle Lutz (1881-1935)
Mary Ellen Marlow (1876-1939) m. Laban Elijah Lutz (1884-1957)
Edward P Marlow (1879-1905) m. Essie Mae Bolick (1884-1959)
Infant Son (b. & d. 1881)


Children of  Jones Franklin Marlow and Pailey Mahalia Sprinkle
Noah Luther Marlow (1877-1950) m.1) Della Lou Crouch, 2) Susanna Katherine Saddler
Mary Elzena Marlow (1873-1954) m. Bim Luther Deal (1873-1954)
Eli Melmoth Marlow (1882-1936) m. Vancie Maybelle Meadows (1886-1950)


Many thanks to Elsie Arcuri for contributing her Marlow family history. Elsie's e-mail address is: bmbranches@bigfoot.com and would like to correspond with anyone who is interested or has additional information on the following John Marlow Family:

John Marlow is listed on the 1794-1799 Wilkes County Taxes,  and the 1800 Census. It is believed that this is the John Marlow enumerated on the 1820, Jackson Co GA Census, and the brother of James Marlow Sr.

First Generation

Children of John Marlow (1760-aft 1819) and Mary Cook
James Marlow "Capt" (1795-1850) m. Mary Marlow (1795-aft 1860)
Thomas Marlow (1796-abt 1850) m. 1) Charlotte Mickelroy; 2) Ruth Becknell
Elizabeth Marlow (1797-1850) m. William Combs (1790-1876)


Second Generation

Children of Thomas Marlow and Ruth Becknell
Benjamin Marlow (1828-?)
James M Marlow (1830-?)


Children of Elizabeth Marlow and William Combs
Dicey Combs
John Combs
Hix Combs

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