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Jackson Family of Wilkes Co, NC and Indiana

First Generation

(William Jackson served in Rev. War in Wilkes Co NC)

Children of William Jackson (abt, 1760-1847) m. Abigail Gillum/Gilliam/Gillim (abt.1760-1848)
Benjamin Jackson (1783)
Grace Jackson (1785-1850)
Sarah Jackson (1786)
Thomas Jackson (1788)
William Jackson, Jr. (1790-1863)
Abigail Jackson (1792-1850)
Joseph Jackson (1794 -1851) m. Lydia Jeffrey (1801-1841)

Second Generation

Children of Joseph Jackson and Lydia Jeffrey
Telinda Jackson (1818-1841)
Calvin Jones Jackson (1820-1900) m. Eliza Hood
Franklin Lenore Jackson (1822) m. Almira Austill
Mary Jane Jackson (1824/1825)
Lucinda Jackson (1825-1870) m. John Swiggett
Eliza Ann Jackson (1827-1888) m. Andrew Jackson Baker (1828) (died in IA)

Third Generation

Children of Calvin Jones Jackson and Eliza Hood
Lydia J. Jackson
Arabella Jackson
Frank L Jackson
John C. Jackson
Thomas J. Jackson
Willie Jackson
Henry A. Jackson
Rhoda M. Jackson
Alice L. Jackson m. Parthenia K. Gilchrist
Harry D. Jackson


Franklin Lenore Jackson and Almira Austill
Wilson T. Jackson (1844)
Wilford C. Jackson (1847)
Mary J. Jackson (1851)
John H. Jackson (1854)
Charles F. Jackson (1858)
Carrie B. Jackson (1864)


Children of Eliza Ann Jackson and Andrew Jackson Baker
Sarah Lucinda Baker (1852-1936) m. William Thomas Newhouse (1851-1921, OR)
Eliza (Lyda) Eglentine Newhouse (1873-1931) m. Charles Scott Aydelott

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