Bath County, NC Immigrants (1695-1702)

for which land was granted to the PERSON BRINGING THEM, or inducing them to come.

Arrived June 1695, brought by Thomas BLOUNT:
Wm. Hancock and wife Elizabeth Hancock

Arrived February 10, 1696, brought by Willliam GLOVER:
James Fenox
Ann Fenox
Robert Fenox
William Bartlett
Thomas Bartlett
Edward Bartlett
Edward Batchelor
An Willson
Jon. Willson
Jno. Willson

Arrived October 18 1701, brought by John WHITE:
John White, Sr.
John White, Jr.
George White
Sarah White
Abigall White
Prudence Nash
Francis White
Mary White
Luck White
Media White
Charles Reed
Mary Reed
Sampson Starborough
Jones Jenkins
Dorman Jenkins
Isaish Tarmigan

Arrived September, 1701, brought by Farnifould GREEN:
Abraham Leeds
Elizabeth Leeds
Elizabeth Jane Leeds Jr
Sarah Leeds
Martha Leeds
Nat. Hall
Mary Garrett
Wm. Hosea
John Grimes

Arrived May, 1701, brought by Wm. BARROW:
Thomas Neuman
Elizabeth Neuman
Jane Neuman
Wm. Collins
Abraham Batson
Elizabeth Batson
Rose Batson
Mary Read
William Bush
Martha Bush (William's wife)
Martha Bush (dau. of William)
Wm. Bush Jr
Sarah Bush
Elloner Bush
John Hopkins
Hannah Morrison
Richard Morrison
Susanna Morrison

Arrived December 1701, brought by Joseph MING:
Abraham Bosur
Samuel Stokes
John Porter
John Porter Jr
Edward Porter
Joseph Porter

Arrived March, 1701/1702, brought by Nathaniel CHEVIN:
John Smith
Jane Smith
James Allen
Elizabeth Horning
Jane Pidgin
George Huggin

Arrived May, 1702, brought by Richard SMITH:
Wm. Willson
Ann Willson, Jr.
Ann Willson Jr
Mary Willson
James Willson
Richard Willson

Arrived March 1702, brought by James NEVILL:
Nicholas Tylor
Richard Nevill
Francis Gorganus
James Nevill Jr

Arrived April 13, 1702, brought by Thomas DEARHAM:
Obadiah Benj. Tummelton
John Bellensby
Wm. Hoodson
Thomas Lee
Wm. Nasebitt
Thomas Webb
Peter Tellown
Honnery Clark
Philip French
Job Hall
Jona. Jopp

Arrived - No date, brought by Thomas JONES:
Nicholas Jones
Thomas Cornelius Benington
Richard Baley
Sarah Miles
Betty Miles
Thomas Barnett
Jos Ming
Edmund Thomas (wife of above?)
John Watson
Thomas Howes
Peter Bonaway
John Falkoner
Henry Lyle
Wm, a negro
Wm. Huchison
Betty, an Indian
Ellenor Scott
John Lucas
Wm. Barker
Robert Quary
James Shelton
George Masey
Benjamin Yeamens
James Shallown

Arrived September 1701, brought by Nathaniel CHEVIN:
Edward Davis
Susanna Davis
Wm. Brown
Samuel Fulton
Thomas Early
Wm. Wiggins
Wm. Hanely
Thomas Edwards
John Hardee
John Brown
Wm. Ellis

Arrived Sept 9 1701, brought by Peter GODFREY:
John Hardy
Wm. Borwn
Thomas Ellerlee
Wm. Widgen

Arrived Dec 19, 1701, brought by Thomas WORSLEY:
Francis Martin
Elizabeth Martin Jr
Wm. Martin
Ann Martin

Arrived July 22, 1702, brought by Henry LOCKEY:
Henry Lockey
Ann Lockey
Thomas Lockey
Fraser Lockey
George Lockey

Arrived October 28, 1702, brought by Thomas LEPPER:

John Read
Arrived October 28, 1702, John NELLSON JR
John Nellson Sr
Elizabeth Nelson
John Nelson Sr.
Wm. Capps
Mary Nelson
Joan Nelson
Judith Woodis

Arrived June 22, 1702, brought by Wm. BRICE:
Wm. Brice
Ann Brice
Francis Linfield
John Linfield
Elizabeth Depee
David Depee

For those of you who are looking for additional information concerning this list of Bath immigrants, I'm afraid there is not much to tell. One day at the Fairfax County, VA library I noticed a book laying on the table, picked it up, and made copies of pages but not the front or title page. Sorry. The book was not in copyright and it seems it was written around 1920. I'm posting this message here because of the number of requests I get for additional names of persons or ships arriving in Bath. -- Faye Moran.

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