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Brinegar Family

First Generation

Adam Brinegar is thought to be the child age 5 who immigrated with Veith and Barbara Bruninger, on the Britannia in 1731. They presumably settled initially in Pennsylvania, but we know nothing further of them. Robert Ramsey's book Carolina Cradle suggests that the Adam Brinegar who appears in Rowan Co. NC in the early 1750s is this child but conclusive proof of this is lacking. Adam's will, signed 1767 and probated 1772, names a wife Elizabeth, three sons and two daughters.

Second Generation

Children of Adam and Elizabeth Brinegar
Jacob Brinegar m. Mary Prock, daughter of Paul and Margaret Prock.
Adam Brinegar (ca. 1745-1816), m. Margaret (Wiley?), moved to Clark Co. KY
Catrina Brinegar
Barbara Brinegar
John Brinegar (ca. 1755-1833) m. Lucretia Linville, daughter of William Linville and Eleanor Bryan, moved to Clark Co. KY

Third Generation

Children of Jacob Brinegar and Mary Prock
Nancy Ann Brinegar (1769-?) m. Samuel Bracken in Rowan Co. NC, 1789
Thomas Brinegar (ca. 1770-1832), d. Estill Co. KY. There is conflicting information about his wife; some sources say Rachel Masterson, but this is disputed.
Mary Brinegar (ca. 1772-?) m. Thomas Bracken in 1788
Paul Brinegar (ca. 1774-1860) m. Polly ?, moved to Surry (now Yadkin) Co. NC
Jacob Brinegar (ca. 1776-1844), m. 1) Nancy Frasier, 2) Tasann Johnson; d. Wilkes Co. NC
Adam Brinegar (1780-?), m.Polly?, d. Ashe Co. NC
Joshua Brinegar (ca. 1782-1846) m. Sarah ?


Children of Adam and Margaret Brinegar, mostly in KY and IN
Samuel Brinegar m. Sally Hornback
Margaret Brinegar m. John Wilson
Thomas Brinegar m. Barbara Stipp
John Brinegar m. Agnes Brayton
Nancy Ann Brinegar m. 1) Josiah Lee, 2) Jesse Roberts
Morgan Brinegar (1796-1849) m. Sally Lary
Benjamin Brinegar (1795-1878) m. Melinda Shanklin
Wiley Brinegar m. Elizabeth Dunn
Mary Brinegar m. Perry W. Wheat


Children of John Brinegar and Lucretia Linville
John Brinegar m. Polly Daugherty
Linville Brinegar died young
Jesse Brinegar
Jacob Brinegar m. Elizabeth McCann
Nancy Brinegar m. David Wilson
George Brinegar m. Matilda Boone
David Brinegar m. Sarah Lyons
Elizabeth Brinegar m. James Dawson
Eleanor Brinegar

Fourth Generation

Children of Joshua and Sarah? Brinegar
Mary Brinegar m. John W. Turrentine
John Brinegar m. Ann Brown.
  Census records suggest John and Ann were both born about 1800-1805;
   both were still alive in 1860, but do not appear in the 1870 Davie Co. census.
Margaret Brinegar (1809-1876) m. Thomas Brown (1807-1881)
Thomas Hampton Brinegar (1816-1899) m. Elizabeth Van Eaton (1827-1904)
Emeline Brinegar m. Madison Rowsey
Sarah Ann Brinegar (d. before 1843) m. James M. Hellard
Eliza Brinegar (d. before 1847) m. John Nicholas Click (1814-1880)
Camila Brinegar m. Valentine Ratts

Fifth Generation

Children of John Brinegar and Ann Brown
Mary Brinegar (ca. 1832-bef. 1885) m. Williamson Harris
Sarah Brinegar (ca. 1836-?) m. Joseph Hellard
Maria Brinegar (ca. 1838-?) m. Andrew Williams
Elizabeth Brinegar (ca. 1841-?) m. John Call
John Brinegar (ca. 1843-?); probably died in the Civil War
Eliza Jane Brinegar (ca. 1845-?) m. John Foster (1843), s/o Samuel Foster and Naomi Booe
Nancy Brinegar (ca. 1846-?)
Amanda Brinegar (ca. 1848?)
Meloney Ellen Brinegar (1851-1934) m. William Wyatt (1833-1905)


Children of Thomas H. Brinegar and Elizabeth Van Eaton
Milton Brinegar (ca. 1845-?); possibly a Civil War casualty
Edward Brinegar (ca. 1847-?) m. Amanda Emmaline Foster
Albert M. Brinegar (1850-1904) m. Milly Catherine Little
Thomas Bryant Brinegar (ca. 1852-?) m. Sarah Avaline Allen
James B. Brinegar (1857-1935) m. Josephine Hall (1860-1927)
H.T. Brinegar (1858-1939) m. Bessie Rich (1865-1944)

By 1840, Joshua Brinegar and his descendants seem to be the only members of this family left in Davie County NC. I am looking for primary records - deeds, wills, estate papers, etc. - for this family in Davie County. If you are researching them also, please e-mail me, Elizabeth Harris, and also visit my other Brinegar family page.


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Elizabeth Harris

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