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Cardwell Family of Stokes County

Gabriel Cardwell was the son of Susannah Cardwell, an unmarried woman who finally did marry in her sixties to a Mr. Oakley. The father is unknown, but Gabriel received land from his mother in the early 1800's that had been deeded to her from her father. Susannah Cardwell's father was Richard Perrin Cardwell (1751-1790) of Rockingham Co., NC.

First Generation:

Children of Gabriel Cardwell (1803-1862) m. Cynthia Humphries (1805)
Wyatt Cardwell (1824-1894, Stokes Co NC) m. Anna Eliza Amos (1831-1901)
Parker Cardwell (1825) m. Elizabeth Frazier
Henry Cardwell (1827-1900) m. Sarah Elizabeth Stewart
Walker "Doc" Cardwell (1833-1905) m. Nancy Fair
Melissa Cardwell (1838-1922) m. James M. Amos (died 1863, Gettsyburg, PA)
John Cardwell (1836-1912) m. Carolina Virginia Martin
Thomas Cardwell (1832-1863) m. Leatha Martin
Rebecca Cardwell (1842)

Second Generation:

Children of Wyatt Cardwell (1824) and Anna Eliza Amos
John F. Cardwell (1852) m. Nellie Collins
Harriet Cardwell (1854-1924) m. Ben Smith
Julina Cardwell (1857-1894) m. Daniel Hutson Williams
James Monroe Cardwell (1861-1909) m. Columbia "Lummie" Sands (1860-1917)
Calvin Cardwell (1864)
Thomas M. Cardwell (1865)
Walter G. Cardwell (1869)


Children of Parker Cardwell (1825) and Elizabeth Frazier
James Cardwell (1848)
Richard H. Cardwell (1852)
Garbriel Cardwell (b. 1856)
Susan Cardwell (b. 1862)
Emma Cardwell (b. 1863


Children of Henry Cardwell and Sarah Elizabeth Stewart
Cindy Cardwell (1854)
John R. Cardwell (1855)
Laura Jane Cardwell (1856)
Lodusky Cardwell (1859)
Sarah Leane Cardwell (1863)
Mary Etta Cardwell (1869)
Cora T. Cardwell (1870)
Nancy Lou Cardwell (1872)
Hettie B. Cardwell (1874)
Mossie Cardwell (1875)
Joseph D. Cardwell (1877)


Children of Walker "Doc" Cardwell and Nancy Fair
William Jackson Cardwell (1868)
George Thomas Cardwell (1869)
Mary Cardwell (1870)
Ella Cardwell (1871)
Lusetta Cardwell (1872)
Emma Cardwell (1877)
Jennie Cardwell (1880)
James Andrew Cardwell (1882-1969)
Jesse Cardwell (1885)


Children of Melissa Cardwell and James M. Amos
Kenner Amos


Children of John Cardwell and Carolina Virginia Martin
James Calvin Cardwell (1860-1935)
Rebecca Cardwell (1863)
Walker J. Cardwell (1865)
Charles Monroe Cardwell (1868)
John Henry Cardwell (1873)
Mazzie Easter Cardwell (1875) m. Joseph H. Smith
Hattie Lula Cardwell (1879)
Sally J. Cardwell (1885)

Third Generation:

Children of James Monroe Cardwell and Columbia "Lummie" Sands
Minnie Cardwell (1885-1938) m. James Lee Parrish (1878-1951)
James Arthur Cardwell (1887-1952, Stokes Co., NC)
Charlie R. Cardwell (1890-1921) m. Tiny Lankford Cardwell
Willie Terry Cardwell (1893-1951, VA) m. Minnie Eva Duncan (1897-1969)
Lula Cardwell m. Tom Ward
Eleck Cardwell (18941974) m. Noma Frances Duncan (1909-ca. 1928)
Blanch Cardwell (1897) m. Roy Lankford
Eva Cardwell (1899) m. Opie Duggins
T. Marion Cardwell
Dean Cardwell (died after 1914)


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