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Coffey Family

The first record of Edward Coffey in VA appears in the will of Edward Mosely, dated January 6, 1699 in which he gives to his "servant Ed. Coffe one heifer of 2 years old." On September 10, 1700, Edward Coffey received a judgment from the Mosely estate for his freedom, corn, and clothes. Edward Coffey was probably transported to America during the Williamite Confiscation by Edward Mosely. Edward Coffey is a witness to Thomas Powell's will of Sittingbourne Parish, Essex County, VA. in which Thomas bequeathed 1 shilling to his daughter Ann Coffey.

Edward Coffey (1670, probably in Ireland - 1716, Essex County, VA) lived in St. Ann's Parish, Essex County, VA. In Nov., 1714, Edward Coffey sold part of his land (bought from Augustine Smith) on Occupation Creek to Thomas Warren. His wife, Ann Ester Powell, is a witness to this transaction. Edward died in 1716 and Ann died in 1744. After Edward's death in 1716 his widow, Ann, married Robert Dulin (Dula?) and they had two sons. (Ann Powell was the dau. of Thomas Powell and Mary Place of Dinsdale.)

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(Edward Coffey's Will)

First Generation:

Children of Edward Coffey and Ann Ester Powell
John Coffey (abt. 1700-abt. 1775) m. Jane Graves, d/o John and Hannah Graves
Edward Joshua Coffey (abt.1700-?) m. Grace Cleveland (moved to Orange Co VA)
Martha/Marther (Patsy) Coffey (?-1772) m. Joshua Stapp/Stepp (c1688-?),
s/o Abraham Stapp & Dorothy Moss
Annister (Ann) Coffey (bef 1716-?) (see note below)
Austes/Austin Coffey (abt.1710-?) m. possibly Miss Chenault (probable d/o Stephen Chenault, Sr)
Elizabeth Coffey (bef 1716-?) m. John Cleveland (1695-1775) (brother of Grace)

(Note: Annister (Ann) Coffey was indicted by a Grand Jury in Essex Co, Va on November 17, 1736 for "having a base born child." She named this child, James Coffey.)

Second Generation

Children of John Coffey and Jane/Jean Graves
James Coffey (1729-1786) m. Elizabeth Cleveland (1727-1827) (m. in 1750)
William Coffey (1731-?) m. Elizabeth Ausborne/Osbourne
John Coffey (1733-?) m. Dorcas Carter
Edmund Coffey (1735-?) m. Nancy Chenalt
Winnefred Coffey (abt.1739-?) m. Nicholas Moran
Thomas Coffey (1742-1825) m. 1) Elizabeth Smith; 2) Sally Fields
Reuben Coffey (1744-1813) m. Sarah (Sally Scott) (?-1837)
Benjamin Coffey (1747-1834) m. Mary (Polly) Hayes (abt. 1742-?), d/o George Hayes and Sarah Dyer
Elizabeth Coffey (1749-?) m. Thomas Fields

(Note: John Coffey's widow, Jane Graves Coffey, came to Wilkes County with their children in 1744.)

Third Generation:

Children of Thomas Coffey and 1) Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Coffey (1763-1850) m. David Allen (moved to Owen Co, IN)
John Coffey (1765-1796) m. Hannah Wilson
Thomas Coffey, Jr. (1767/77-?) m. 1) Margaret Coffey (abt.1798-1825),
d/o Wm. Coffey & Eliz. Osborne; 2) Nancy Pendley
James Coffee (1772-1840) m. Deliah Ferguson (married in Wilkes Co NC, 1799)
Mary "Polly" Coffey (1775) m. William Coffey (1774/1778-?),
s/o Benjamin Coffey and Polly Hayes
Smith Coffey (1776-?) m. Hannah Boone (1783-?)


Children of Thomas Coffey and 2) Sally Fields
Martha Coffey (1780-?) m. Rev. James Dowell
William Coffey (1782-1839) m. Anna Boone (1785-1876)
d/o Jesse Boone and Sarah McMahan
Rev. Reuben A. Coffey (1785-1854) m. Polly Dowell
Elisha Coffey (1788-1865) m. Polly Hill/Hull (moved to GA in 1835)
Sally Coffey (1792) m. Samuel Thomas Stewart
Lewis Coffey (1796) m. Harriett E. Powell (moved to IN)
Jesse Coffey (1798-1858) m. Winnford Crumpton (1801-1863) (m. in 1821, Wilkes Co, NC)
Larkin Coffey (1800-1881) m. Catherine H. Wilson (moved to IN 1833)
McCaleb Coffey (1803-1884) m. Elizabeth Collett (1809-1881), d/o Abram Collett and his second wife, Amelia Parks

Fourth Generation

Children of James Coffee and Deliah Ferguson
Thomas Coffey (1804-aft 1850) m. Nancy Barlow (1804-aft. 1850)
James Coffey, Jr. m. Mary Keller
Eli Coffey (1813-aft 1880) m. Caroline Storie (abt. 1831-aft. 1880)
Lovancy Coffey m. Jonas Kellar
Marvel Coffey (abt.1820-aft. 1850) m. Nancy Pendley (abt. 1820-aft. 1850) (not the Nancy Pendley that Thomas Coffey, Jr. married)
Myra Coffey m. George Laney
Louisa Coffey m. John Jackson


Children of Elisha Coffey and Polly Hill/Hull
Anderson Coffey
Minerva Coffey m. John Coffey
Newton H. Coffey
Staling T. Coffey
Alfred Alphonzo Coffey m. Julia Ann Dawkins
Elvira Coffey
Milton Coffey (died young)

Fifth Generation

Children of Thomas Coffey Jr and Nancy Barlow
Isabella Coffey (1823) (not at home in 1850)
Calvin Coffey (abt. 1825-?) m. 1) Serena White (abt.1828-1913) , d/o John White and Elizabeth Lagle
Rufus Coffey (1827-aft. 1850) m. Isabella Litten
Unknown Coffey (1829-bef. 1850)
Larkin Coffey (1831-aft. 1850) m. Sibbey Wyatt (1831-aft.1880) (Sibbey Wyatt Coffey married Joseph Ishenhower after Larkin's death)
Sophronia Coffey (abt.1834-1850/59)
Thomas Coffey (abt.1835-aft. 1850) m. Amanda Elizabeth Sherrill
Nancy Coffey (abt.1837-aft 1850) m. David Ernest
John Coffey (abt.1838-aft. 1850) m. Mary Underwood in 1864

This family iving in Lower Creek, Caldwell Co., NC 1850


Children of Eli Coffey and Caroline Storie
James Coffey (abt.1853)
Joshua Coffey (abt.1854)
Louisa Coffey (abt.1856)
Isaac Milton Coffey (abt.1858-aft. 1880)
Louis J. Coffey (abt.1860-aft. 1880) m. Susan F.

(Note: Caroline and Eli divorced and Caroline took the children and went to MO with her parents, Eli remained at the Coffey homeplace on the Yadkin River in Buffalo (now Yadkin Valley) Township. Their children are listed in the 1860 Census.)

Sixth Generation

Children of Calvin Coffey and Serena White
William Franklin Coffey (abt.1850) m. Sarah Holsclaw (1849-?)
James Granville Coffey (abt.1852)
Thomas (Klingman) W. Coffey (abt.1854-?) (settled in OK)
Camila E. Coffey (abt.1856-?) m. Thomas Leroy Holsclaw (abt. 1844)
Henry Milton Coffey (abt.1858-?) m. Margaret Lucinda Pennell (settled in OK)
George Calvin Coffey (abt.1861)
Salina/Serena C. Coffey (abt.1865)

Serena White Coffey raised the children by herself and after 30 years as a widow she married A.J. Watson in January of 1895. Just 3 months after their marriage A. J. Watson died.


Children of Rufus Coffey and Isabella Litten
Edwin Thomas David Coffey (abt.1852-?)
Nancy Mary Ann Coffey (abt.1854-?)
Nathan Coffey (abt.1856-?)


Children of Larkin Coffey and Sibbey Wyatt
Solomon Wyatt Coffey (1855-aft 1880) m. Sarah Jane Ishenhower (1853-aft 1880), d/o Joseph Ishenhower (1815-aft. 1880) and his 1st wife
Sarah L. Coffey (abt.1856-?) m. John Marshall Stamey
John Nelson "Jack" Coffey (1858-?) m. Laura Henley (1863-1936), d/o Henry and Loany Greene Henley
Candus Coffey m. Lee Cook
Cordey Coffey m. Larkin Cook
Lue Coffey m. John West
Mary Ann Coffey (abt. 1861-aft 1880) m. William West


Children of Joseph Ishenhower and Sibby Wyatt Coffey, widow of Larkin Coffey
Solomon L. Ishenhower (abt. 1877)


Children of John Coffey and Mary Underwood
Nancy A. Coffey (1865-?) m. Emanuel Harmon Roberts
Sarah Selena Coffey (1866-?)
Emily M. "Emma" Coffey (abt.1868-?) m. Julius A. Brinkley
Elizabeth Coffey (abt.1870-?)
Sophia Coffey (abt.1872-?)
Isabella Coffey (abt.1874-?)
Mary Ellen Coffey (abt.1876-?)
Rufus Linn Coffey (abt.1878-?) m. Miss Marshall Clippard

Seventh Generation

Children of William Franklin Coffey and Sarah Holsclaw
Frances L. Coffey (1874) m. James Kellar
Mary Jane Coffey (1875) m. Hiram Pennell
Rosabelle Coffey (1877) m. Joseph Pennell
Nora Ainer Coffey (1880-1935) m. Andrew Pennell
Ida Coffey (1882-1904) did not marry
Rebecca Coffey (1884-1902) m. Parks Mooney
George Powell Coffey (1889-1920) m. Sarah Frances Brown (1879-1954), d/o William Brown and Georgia Ann Downs of Caldwell Co., NC


Children of John Nelson "Jack" Coffey and Laura Henley
Henry Edward Coffey (1882-1960) m. Elizabeth Foster
George F. Coffey (1884-1941) m. Emma Greene
Essie Coffey (1887-1972) m. Carol Herman
Della Coffey (1889-1973) m. 1) Jacob Dillinger; 2) Robert Bratton
Stella Coffey (1893-1965) m. Grover Walters
Clara Coffey (1896-1977) m. George Danner
Bertha Reeves Coffey (1899) m. 1) Howard MacDonald Day (1897), s/o Thomas Larkin Day and Mary Elizabeth Harrison Charlie Cook
Bernise Coffey (1903) m. Charlie Watson

Eighth Generation

Children of George Powell Coffey and Sarah Frances Brown
Vonna Belle Coffey (1916-2003) m. Ray Holtzclaw (1916-1996)
Zelma Coffey (1914-aft 1930) m. Jennings Kern Beam (1911-1997)
Ralph Curlee Coffey (1915-1995) m. Daisy Pennell (1919-2006)
Mavis Juantia Coffey (1916-1972) m. Allen West Fletcher (1915-1968)

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