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Gaither Family

First Generation

John Gaither was born about 1640 and settled in Anne Arundel Co., MD. By 16th June 1668 John Gaither was conveyed a 600 acre tract Walnut Ridge by Jacob and Benjamin Hooker, son of Thomas Hooker, deceased. John Gaither, Sr. was buried in All Hallow's Parish, AA County, November 12, 1702.

First Generation:

Children of John Gaither and Ruthe Morley
John Gaither (1678-1739) m. Jane; 2) Elizabeth Duvall
Ruthe Gaither (1679) m. John Warfield in 1696
Benjamin Gaither (1681) m. Sarah Burgess
Rachell Gaither (1687)
Edward Gaither (1689) m. unknown
Mary Gaither (1692)
Rebeckath Gaither (1695)
Susanna Gaither (1697) (did she marry Thomas Gassoway and have dau. Elizabeth?)

Second Generation

Children of John Gaither and Jane
Richard Gaither (1714)

Children of John Gaither and Elizabeth Duvall
John Gaither (1722-1751) m. Anne Ruley


Children of Benjamin Gaither and Sarah Burgess
Edward Gaither (1714-1777) m. Eleanor Whittle (?-1792)

Benjamin Gaither and Sarah Burgess were living in Anne Arundel Co. MD in 1714 when their son Edward was born. Edward died in Maryland in 1777. It appears that Eleanor came to NC with at least some of her children around 1780. She died in NC in 1792.

On Thursday, November 15, 1753, "Benjamin Gaither has a stray at his plantation in Prince George's County."


Children of Edward Gaither (1689) and his wife
Edward Gaither

May 26th 1747 - "Edward Gaither, son of Edward Gaither has land for sale on South River."

October 26, 1748 - Edward Gaither, son of Edward Gaither, will offer for sale, at the Sign of the Indian King in Annapolis, land called Gaither's Collection at the Head of South River.


Third Generation

Children of Edward Gaither and Eleanor Whittle
Greenbury Gaither m. Annie Anderson
Basil Gaither (b.1751 MD, d.1803 NC) m. Margaret Watkins (?-aft. 1803), d/o Nicholas Watkins and Ariana Worthington
Burgess Gaither (1753-1820) m. Amelia Martin
Eli Gaither (?-1809) m. Elizabeth Newman, d/o Anthony Newman, who died in NC in 1805)
Nicholas Gaither (?-1793) m. Eleanor Greenfield (?-1850); she m. 2) Nicholas' cousin Jeremiah Gaither
Brice Gaither m. Elizabeth Reid
Eleanor Gaither m. Thomas Prather
Sarah Gaither (?-1792) did not marry
Johnsey Gaither (abt. 1760-1797) m. Mary Threlkeld (Mary was pregnant when Johnsey died in 1797)
Benjamin Gaither (1761-1803) m. Elizabeth Watkins (?-aft. 1804), d/o Nicholas Watkins and Ariana Worthington
Cassandra Gaither m. James Reid
Lyla Gaither m. Vachel Ijames (1758-1833), s/o John Ijames and Ariana Worthington

Note: Ariana Worthington's first husband was Nicholas Watkins, father of Margaret and Elizabeth Watkins who married Basil and Benjamin Gaither.
Her second husband was John Ijames, with whom she had at least six more children, including Vachel who married Lyla or Lilah Gaither.


Children of John Gaither IV and Anne Ruley
Benjamin Gaither (1744-1788,NC) m. Rachel Jacob (?-after 1788), d/o Jeremiah Jacob
John Gaither m. Ann Jacob, d/o Jeremiah Jacob

Some treatments of this family give John and Anne's son as Basil Benjamin Gaither.
However, his will, written and probated 1788, Rowan Co. NC, is as Benjamin.
Since middle names were uncommon as early as 1744, we believe that "Basil Benjamin" may be an error.

Fourth Generation

Children of Basil Gaither and Margaret Watkins
Eleanor (Nelly) Gaither (1769-1825) m. Isaac Jones (1756-1801)
Nicholas Watkins Gaither (not mentioned in father's will) m. Tabitha Bounchier Pearson Bailey; married in 1792, so he must be one of the older children
Walter Gaither m. Elizabeth Smoot, d/o James and Jemima Smoot
Gassaway Gaither (1778-ca. 1847; estate settled April 1848) m. Mary Smoot, Elizabeth's sister
Eleanor Gaither
Nathan Gaither (1786-aft. 1850) m. Martha Morrison (1800-aft.1850) (moved to Adair Co., KY)
Basil Gaither (1774-1832) m. Tabitha Smart
Elizabeth (Betsey) Gaither m. John March (Basil Gaither (Sr.) was Captain of 16th Bn., Maryland Militia during the Revolutionary War.
He moved his family to North Carolina about 1780 where he died in 1803 [will probated 1803, Rowan County, NC].)


Children of Burgess Gaither and Amelia Martin
Alfred Gaither (abt. 1793-1830) m. Catherine Erwin, (m. 1828) d/o Wm. W. Erwin of Burke Co., NC
Martin Gaither (abt. 1795)
Sarah Gaither (abt. 1797) m. Robert Foster
Elvira Gaither (abt. 1799) m. _____ Reid
Forrest Gaither (abt. 1801) m. Lamira Caldwell
Lemira Gaither (abt. 1803) m. William Foster
Milly Maria Gaither (abt. 1805) m. Philip Pearson
Burgess Gaither (1807) m. Elizabeth Sharpe Erwin (1804), d/o Wm. W. Erwin
Eleanora Gaither (abt. 1809) m. Abraham MacRee
Charles Cotesworth Pinkney Gaither (abt. 1811)

Burgess Gaither was a Private during the Revolutionary War, serving in the Maryland Militia. He moved to Rowan County, (present day Iredell) North Carolina by 1784.


Children of Benjamin Gaither and Elizabeth Watkins
Thomas Gaither m. Harriet ______
Johnsey Gaither m. Sarah Jane Coon (1791-1875)
Beal Gaither m. Mary Rogers 1811
[added 1/28/04]
Brice Gaither
Basil Gaither
Margaret Gaither (?-1804) m. John Howard (?-bef. 1804)
Eleanor Gaither m. John? Parker
Aria (Ariana?) Gaither m. ?? Parker
Harriet Gaither m. Thomas Howard
Sally Gaither m. William B. Daniel

(Benjamin Gaither was First Lt., 29th Bn., MD Militia in 1776. He is described as "5 feet 2 or 3 inches tall, full faced, dark brown hair and slow in speech, has not had the small pox." His will was probated in Rowan County, NC, 1803, naming his wife and children.)


Children of Eli Gaither and Elizabeth Newman
Edward or Edwin Newman Gaither
Brice Hamilton Gaither
William Warren Gaither


Children of Nicholas Gaither and Eleanor Greenfield
Edward Burgess Gaither (moved to South Carolina)
Libetious Gaither (1793-1860)
Horatio Gaither
Walter Gaither m. Elizabeth Smoot

(This family lived in Iredell County, NC


Children of Benjamin Gaither and Rachel Jacob
John Gaither m. Susan Johnson
Basil Gaither (1771-1844) m. Augerena or Aurena Gatton
Zachariah Gaither (1772-1843) m. 3) Sarah Taylor
Edward Gaither
Reason Gaither m. Tabitha ??
Ann Gaither
Rachel Gaither (1774-1835)
Jeremiah Gaither (1776-1848) m. Eleanor Greenfield (?-1850) (her second marriage)

John Gaither was named as his father's executor in 1788, so was probably the oldest son.


Children of John Gaither V and Ann Jacob
Jeremiah Gaither (1762-1815) m. Eleanor Lovelace
John Gaither (abt. 1766-?)
Rachel Gaither (1768-1858) m. Thomas Prather (1756, MD? - or 1769-1851?
Ary Gaither (abt. 1770-bef. 1796) m. William Prather (abt. 1766-1853), s/o Basil Prather
Eleanor Gaither (abt. 1773-?)
Mary Ann Gaither (abt. 1776-?)
Sarah Gaither (abt. 1778-?)
Greenbury Gaither (abt. 1780-?)
Thomas Jacob Gaither (abt. 1783-?)
Elizabeth Gaither (abt. 1784-?)
(note: Wm. Prather of this generation, m. 2) Lettice McCarroll in VA 1796. They had thirteen children)

Fifth Generation

Children of Gassaway Gaither and Mary Smoot
Ellen/Eleanor Gaither (1807-1857) m. Elisha Gibbs (1796-1869)
Ephraim Gaither (1808-1889) m. Sarah Hall Johnson (1811-1884)
Elvira Gaither (1810-1905) m. Henry Railsback Austin (1808-1872)
Matilda Gaither (d. about 1849) m. Samuel Rosebrugh
Burgess Gaither (1818-1887) m. Sarah McMahan (1827-1889)
Mary Mariah Gaither (1822-1847) m. William Booe March (1819-1897)


Children of Basil Gaither and Tabitha Smart
Walter Duff Gaither (1818-1884)
Eliza Gaither (1806-1866) m. Thomas Neely Caruthers
William? Gaither
Were there others?

David S. Gay provided information for Eliza Gaither and William Gaither. David's e-mail address is:


Children of Basil Gaither and Augerena Gatton
Elizabeth Gaither m. Nelson Forcum
Anne Gaither m. ?? Madden
Martha Gaither m. 1) Pryor; 2) Mason
Brice Gaither (1800-1828) m. Elizabeth Horn
Vincent Gaither (1802-1887) m. Mary Stroud
Azariah Gaither m. Elizabeth Horn
Ivory Gaither m. Elizabeth
James Franklin Gaither (1816-1893) m. Amelia Lovelace (1823-1864)

Most of this family moved to Tennessee.


Children of Walter Gaither and Elizabeth Smoot
Basil Gaither (1808-1884) m. Eleanor (Nelly) Sain (1812-1885)
Nicholas Gaither (1816-1857)

Census records suggest at least one more son and three daughters.


Children of Zachariah Gaither and Sarah Taylor
Milton Gaither (1812-1897) m. 1) S.C. Livengood, 2) Eliza Ann Unknown (1820-1904)
Elijah Gaither (ca. 1816-?) m. Nancy Jane Comer (ca. 1829-ca. 1886)
Noah Gaither (ca. 1819-?) m. Emily Ratledge (1829-ca. 1900), d/o Thomas Henry Ratledge and Lydia Holman
Asbury Gaither (ca. 1825-?) m. Elizabeth Richardson
Wiley Gaither (1829-1864) m. Margaret Caroline Campbell
Alexander Gray Gaither (1832-1885) m. Ann Elizabeth Wright (1832-1891),
d/o John Wright and Mary McKee of Miller's Creek
Isham Gaither
Margaret Gaither


Children of Jeremiah Gaither and Eleanor Greenfield
Elam Gaither (1798-1876) m. Amelia Tomlinson
(Jeremiah Gaither lived in Iredell County, NC)


Children of Jeremiah Gaither and Eleanor Lovelace
Matilda Gaither (1788-1850)
Greenbury "Dockie" Gaither (1790-1860) m. 1) Mary Tomlinson; 2) Joanna Gray
Enos Gaither (1793) m. Elizabeth Tomlinson

(After Jeremiah's death in Rowan County, NC (1815) his widow and children, along with Henry Clagett, moved to Woodford Co, KY for three years and then moved to Grayson County, KY)

Sixth Generation

Children of Ephraim Gaither and Sarah Hall Johnson
Thomas H. Gaither (1837-?) m. Elizabeth Kelly, d/o William Frohock Kelly and Sarah A. Gaither
Lemuel G. Gaither (1838-1913)
William Henry Gaither (1842-bef. 1882)
Mary Ellen Gaither (1845-?) m. Richard W. Woodruff
Sarah E. Gaither (1847-?) m. J.P. Hampton
Ephraim Lash Gaither (1850-1943) m. Florence Adelaide Clement, d/o John Marshall and Mary J.Clement
Martha Jane Gaither (1853-1946) m. Sanford Aaron Woodruff (1847-1928)

Children of Burgess Gaither and Sarah McMahan
Mary E. Gaither (1845-1931) m. Abner K. Murchison (1844-1921)
William Gaither (ca. 1849-?)
Rachel E. Gaither (b. & d. 1851)
infant (b. & d. 1857)


Children of Basil Gaither and Eleanor Sain
George Washington Gaither (1833-1891) m. Mary Wilson , d/o William W. Wilson and Mary M. Cheshire
James W. Gaither (1834-1886)
Margaret A. E. "Maggie" Gaither (1837-1915)
Mary M. Gaither (1839-1891)

Children of Elijah Gaither and Nancy Jane Comer
Martha Ann Gaither (ca. 1844-?) m. James R. Dyson
Sarah Catherine Gaither (ca. 1845-?)
Margaret Elizabeth Gaither (ca. 1846-?)
Mary Jane Gaither (ca. 1848-?)
Nancy Elvira Gaither (ca. 1850-?) m. Reuben Cunningham
John James Gaither (ca. 1852-?)
Rachel Louisa Gaither (ca. 1857-?)
Tempy Clementine Gaither (ca. 1860-?)
William Henry Jackson Gaither


Children of Noah Gaither and Emily Ratledge
Thomas H. Gaither (ca. 1848-?); his mother's will (1889) says his whereabouts are unknown
Martha Elizabeth Gaither (1849-1916) m. Alvin Dyson (1846-1901)
Zachariah Taylor Gaither (ca. 1851-?) probably m. Martha J. Richardson, 1871, d/o David C. Richardson and Mary Ragsdale
Francis Marion Gaither (ca. 1852-?) m. Sarah Shaw
Mary Gaither m. Wesley Richardson
Sarah Lydia Gaither (ca. 1860-?) m. Milton Ellis
Susan C. Gaither (ca. 1867-?)


Children of Asbury Gaither and Elizabeth Richardson
William Gaither (ca. 1848-?) m. Ellen R. Anderson, d/o William H. Anderson and Sarah A. Smith
Thomas Gaither (ca. 1849-?) m. Emily F. Chaffin, d/o Nathan S. Chaffin and Elvira Glasscock
Mary M. Gaither (ca. 1851-?)
Wiley F. Gaither (ca. 1853-?)
Sarah J. Gaither (ca. 1856-?)
Francis A. Gaither (ca. 1857-?)
Margaret B. Gaither (ca. 1860-?)
Martha E. Gaither (ca. 1863-?)


Children of Wiley Gaither and Margaret Caroline Campbell
Sarah Jane Gaither (1855-?) m. Andrew Stroud (1852-1937), s/o William T. Stroud and Sarah E. Swisher
Margaret Elvira Elizabeth Gaither (1857-1936) m. Calvin Godbey (1857-1930), s/o Edward Monroe Godbey and Matilda Horn
Mary Victoria Casander Gaither (1859-?) m. Wesley Cartner, s/o John and Sarah E. Cartner
John Aneas Alvin Gaither (1862-?)

Thanks to Sheila Collins for information on this family


Children of Alexander Gray Gaither and Ann Elizabeth Wright
John W. Gaither (1862-1947) m. Mary "Mamie" Pennell (no issue) (lived in Wilkes County, NC)
Joseph Milton Gaither (1864-1943) m. Mary Elizabeth Crysel, d/o Jeremiah Crysel and Susan Pennell
Mary Gaither m. James W. Nichols
W. Edward "Ed" Gaither m. Hettie Faw (1876)


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