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Haneline Family

Johannes (John) V. Henlein was born in 1730 in Coberg, Northern Bavaria, Palatine Germany. He married Catherine Kuhn/Coone in 1748 in Germany and their first child Jacob was born in February, 1749. The ship, Isaac, arrived in Philadelphia on 27 Sept 1749 through the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands, (then Cowes). The family moved from Norfolk, Virginia (where their second child, Catherine was born in 1750) to Rowan County, North Carolina between 1750 and 1752 (when their third child Christianna was born). Johannes/John Henlein died in 1775 in Rowan County, NC. Jacob Booe was the executor of his estate. Catherine moved to Kentucky after Johannes' death with her youngest sons John, Abraham, and George and remained in Kentucky until her death in 1798.

This name appears in some records as Hainline. We have used Haneline throughout this page since it is the prevalent spelling in Davie County, where most of these families were located.

First Generation

Children of Johannes/John V. Henlein and Catherine Kuhn
Jacob Haneline (1749-1813, NC) m Elizabeth Deadman (living in Capt Lyons' District, Rowan Co., 1778)
Catharine Haneline (1750-1833) m. Nicholas Cornatzer (m. 1769, Rowan County) five children
Christopher Haneline (c1754-1820/29) m. Elizabeth Cross (4 children)
Eve/Eva Haneline (c1756-after 1775)
Henry Haneline (c1758-1775/95)
Elizabeth Haneline (c.1757-after 1775)
Margaret Haneline (c1759-after 1775) 1 child
Christian/Christina Haneline (c.1752-aft 1775)
John Haneline Jr. (1760-1834) (six children)
George Haneline (c1762-1850) m. Hannah Dumford (1761-1838/39)
(moved first to KY, then to Illinois, fought in Rev. War)
Abram/Abraham Haneline (1761-1842) moved to Illinois

Second Generation

Children of Jacob Haneline and Elizabeth Deadman
Nathan Haneline (1781-1813) m. Polly Sheets (c1790-1850)
(After Nathan's death, Polly Sheets Haneline married Aquilla Cheshire in 1815)
Elizabeth Haneline (ca. 1783-?) m. 1) Samuel Foster; s/o James Foster and Elsy Smith. Did she m. 2) ? March
John Haneline (1785-aft 1812) m. Elizabeth Owings, d/o John Owings and Aphra Foster
Thomas Haneline (1787-ca. 1834) m. Hannah Owings (ca. 1792-1837) (m. 1811)
Jacob (Jr.) Haneline (1789- aft 1812)
Stuart Edmond Haneline (1790-1811)
Rachel Haneline (ca. 1791-aft 1820) m. Unknown Steward
Rebecca Haneline (1792-?)
William Haneline (1793-bet. 1850-1860)
Eleanor Goodson Haneline (Abt 1795-Aft 1854) m. Benjamin Riddle
Elijah Haneline (1796-1860) moved to Calloway Co. KY
Mary Haneline (1803- Aft 1821) m. Daniel Sain (?-1833)

Rowan County, Bastardy Bonds, May, 1817: Mother: Marjorie Land. Bondsman: Jacob Hainline, Aquiller Cheshire, John Henline.

Third Generation

Children of Nathan Haneline and Polly Sheets
Rebecca Haneline (1808-1813)
dau. Haneline (1810-1813)
Nathan Haneline Jr (1813-1889) m. Sarah Foster (1813-1912), d/o Samuel Foster

See Hainline/Haneline Accounts


Children of Thomas Haneline and Hannah Owings
Edy Haneline (c1813-?) m. Burch Cheshier (m. 1838)
Elizabeth Haneline m. Unknown Harben; married by the date of her mother's will, Feb 1837
Lucy Haneline m. Henry Samuels, living Delaware Co. IN in 1842
George Kimbrough Haneline (1818-1872) m. Mary A. Phelps (1833-1868)
Mary (Polly) Haneline (ca. 1820-?) m. Uriah Keller (ca. 1815-1897), s/o John Keller and Rose Walker
Jacob Mitchell Haneline (ca. 1824-bef. 1870) m. Sarah (Sallie) Call (ca. 1828-aft. 1880)
Rebecca Haneline m. Adam Saunders (1810-?) (m. in 1834),
s/o William Saunders and Sally Sheek

Rowan County, Bastardy Bonds, February, 1831. Mother, Lucy Haneline. Bondsman, Richmond Baily and John Phillips
Rowan County, Bastardy Bonds, August, 1832. Mother, Lucy Haneline. Bondsman, Rocael Hofner

Some birthdates in this family were revised on February 17, 2004.


Fourth Generation

Children of Nathan Haneline (Jr.) and Sarah Foster
Mary Haneline (ca. 1845-?)
Sarah Haneline (1848-1929) m. 1) Charles Van Eaton (ca. 1833-1866; s/o Richard Van Eaton and Catherine March ),
m. 2) Thomas Camuel Sheets (1845-1930), s/o David J. Sheets and Manerva Howard
Maria Haneline (ca. 1851-?). Did she marry William Pack in 1882?
Alice Haneline (ca. 1853-?)
Emily Haneline (ca. 1855-?) Jinney/Jane Haneline (ca.1859-?)

Mary/Maria, Alice, Emily and Jinney are all still at home in 1880, unmarried


Children of Jacob Mitchell Haneline and Sarah (Sallie) Call
Elizabeth Haneline (ca. 1846-?)
George Kimbrough Haneline (1848-1912 ) m. Mary Ann Myers (1855-1928)
d/o Jimmie Myers and Sarah (Sallie) Jane Shutt
David Haneline (1850-?) m. 1) Susannah Chaplin (ca. 1847-bef. 1899), 2) Eliza Belle Chaplin (ca. 1857-1922); they were half-sisters, daughters of Solomon Chaplin
John Haneline (1852-1914) m. Roxanna Stewart (1855-1944), d/o Samuel Stewart and Rebecca McDaniel
Nathan Haneline (ca. 1857-?)
Emma Haneline (ca. 1859-1927)
Sarah Haneline (ca. 1861-?). Did she marry James M. Jorden?
Doctor Mitchell Haneline (ca. 1863?-1937) m. Martha B. Armsworthy (1867-1944), d/o Robert Armsworthy and Mary Ann Foster

Did George K. Haneline have a previous marriage, to Catherine Wagoner in 1871?

In the 1870 census, Sarah is 9, and "Mitchell" is 7; in 1880, Sarah is 19, and "Doctor" is listed as 18. At his marriage in February 1889, Doctor Mitchell Haneline's age is given as 24. However, cemetery records show his birthdate as February 1860. We suspect it is really a couple of years later.

Fifth Generation

Children of George Kimbrough Haneline and Mary Ann Myers
William C. Haneline (1879-1949) m. Mattie L. Etchison (c. 1881-?)
Sarah Elizabeth Haneline (1880-1960) m. Preston James Rouse (1878-1963)
Adelia (Delia) Cecil Haneline (1882-1956) m. William Thomas Carter, Jr. (1879-1965)
Jacob (Jake) Haneline (1883-1918)
George Washington Haneline (1887-1970) m. Fannie Bell Reynolds (c.1890-bef. 1970)
Emma J. Haneline (1889-1890)
Henry Clay Haneline (1890-1952)
Charlie Ray Haneline (1891-1951) m. Emma Lanier (1896-1978)
Sidney Samuel Haneline (1894-1963) m. Beulah Rodden (c. 1896-?)
Joe Haneline (1896-1931)
John Edward Haneline (1897-1980) m. Flossie Whitaker ( c. 1905-?)

Aug. 1821 - Hanline, married Henry Sleighter (Rowan)

Apr, 1840 - Burch Cheshire and wf Edy and wife Uriah Keller (kelley?) (koeller?) and wife Polly (Edy and Polly being two of children of Thomas Haneline, deceased) to Lemuel Bingham for a sh all interest in sale of lands of Thomas Cheshire, with Bingham paying to said Cheshire and Keller whatever their wives may be entitled to. Witness: Thomas Settle.


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  • John Haneline's Will, A:211. 18 May 1775, prb. Aug 1775, Rowan County, NC

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