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Fourth Generation

Children of William Jarvis (1833-1894) and Emily Reich
James Monroe "Plough Boy" Jarvis (1857-1947) m. Augusta Elizabeth Jones (1863-1944),
d/o Thomas F. Jones and Margaret Miller
Frances (Jane) Jarvis (1860-?) m. Charles Patterson (brother of Alexander Patterson)
Sarah Ann Jarvis (1860-1935) m. Alexander H. Patterson (1858-1940)

William and Emily Jarvis are buried at the Clemmons Baptist Church, Clemmons, NC

What is the relationship, if any, of Elizabeth Livengood, age 62, living with this family in 1860 (Forsyth County Census)?

Fifth Generation

Children of James Monroe Jarvis and Augusta Jones
Ruth Jarvis m. Olie C. Hauser
Claude E. Jarvis m. Edna Cosby
Dudley M. Jarvis (1886-1966) did not marry
Bertha Jarvis (1889-1962) m. William Frankin Nifong (1877-1947) (his second wife)

In the course of his long life he made many friends, all of whom come to respect and honor him as an upright and as a most industrious citizen. Early in life he traveled through several states of the South, but later returned to his native soil to settle down for a long life in the Piney Grove community. He was a progressive farmer, a hard worker, and a lover of the soil and its fruits. For almost a half century he was known for his breeding and improving a variety of corn known as Jarvis Golden Prolific.

He pursued the breeding of corn until the middle thirties when he was too old to do field work any more, but he never gave it up until his name was synonymous with good farming practices over a wide territory. Forsyth, A County on the March by Adelaide L. Fries, Mary Callum Wiley, Douglas L. Rights, Harvey Dinkins, Charles N. Siewers and Flora Ann Lee

James Monroe "Plough Boy" Jarvis was also a writer/reporter for the Union Republican.

Sixth Generation

Children of Ruth Jarvis and Olie Hauser
Jarvis Monroe Hauser m. Johnnie Saylor (lives on Ploughboy's homeplace, 1999)
Jack Eugene Hauser

Sources: Personal communications with Mr. Jarvis Hauser, Clemmons, NC

Memoir of James Monroe Jarvis

Nifong and Knifong, Descendants of Balthaser and Casper Neufang, 250 Years of Family History in America 1748-1998. Compiled by Becky J. (Nifong) Lassiter.

Forsyth County Cemetery Records

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