Jennings Mill, Ogburn Station, North Carolina

Photos courtesy of Ralph Tuttle and Doris Hill Davis

Around 1956 our band played bluegrass in the parking lot of the shopping center. We played on Saturday nights and people would come to listen to the music and to square dance. Mr. Jennings from the mill would bring his flat-bed truck to the parking lot - we would rope off the parking lot and play music on the truck for people to dance. We would stop at 10:00pm before the rough crowd came in. We had lots of fun and fellowship. The band members were: Jim Golden, Herman Higgins, Don Bristow, and Paul Worrell. Lots of fun and we enjoyed it. -- Paul Worrell

Mr. Jennings, owner of Jennings Mill, was known as the Mayor of Ogburn (Station) Town. -- Ralph Tuttle.

Our Grandma Hall made us little dresses using the feed sacks. - Faye Jarvis Moran

I remember going in and watching Mr. & Mrs. Jennings grind feed. It had a very distinct smell. - Mike Nail

I remember going there with Grandma Hall to choose the pattern I wanted for my dress. I still have a little sun-dress she made me. - Pennie Jarvis Fletcher

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