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Nading Family

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Second Generation

Children of George Nading and Anna Maria Sauers
stillborn daughter Nading (1810-1810)
Joseph Nading (1811-1862) m. Maria (Polly) Rothrock (1812-1880) (moved to West Salem, IL in 1840)
Jacob Nading (1813-1876) m. Mary (Molly) Magdalena Zink (Sink) (1818-1876) (moved to West Salem, IL in 1840)
Johann (John) Nading (1816-1892) m. Margaret Quiqley (1824-1894) (moved to Clayton Co, IA in 1848)
Charles Leander Nading (1819-1888) m. Catherine Clodfelter (1819-1896) (married in IL, later moved to KS)

Third Generation:

Children of Joseph Nading and Maria Rothrock
Louisa Josephina Nading (1836-1910) m. John Friedrich Leediker (1828-1900)
Susan Constantina Nading (b. 1838)
Romulus Edmund Nading (1840-1922) m. Mary Jane Smith (1848-1872) m. 2) Anna Alabama Cantwell (1850-1921)
Julius Edwin Nading (1841-1913) m. Roxy Ann Tucker m. 2) Martha F. Cantwell and m. 3) Georgia unknown (b. 1871)
Francis E. Nading (1844-1926) m. Mary Elizabeth McManaman (1844-1902) m. 2) Sabina Reeves Waters (b. 1853) and. m. 3) Mary Whalen Johnson (b. 1866)


Children of Jacob Nading and Mary (Molly) Magdalena Zink (Sink)
George Nading (1838-1862) (died fighting for Union in Civil War)
Valentine Nading (b. 1840) m. 2) unknown m. 2) Ida F. (b. 1876)
Mary Nading (b. 1841) m. Christian Modrow
Phoebe Nading (b. 1844-1921) m. Andrew Peter Clodfelter (1835-1907)
Susan Nading (b. 1845) m. John T. Treadway
Elizabeth Nading (1849-1916) m. Stephen Coleman Lewis (1839-1898)


Children of Johann (John) Nading and Margaret Quigley
Mary Jane Nading (b. 1844) m. Henry Roming m. 2) William M. Calloway (b. ca. 1838 - d. 1884) m. 3) Joseph Randall
Sally Ann Nading (1846-1874) m. Willis Howes
William John Nading (1848-1932) m. Corintha Metcalf (1850-1898)
Malinda Nading (1850-1855)
Clarinda Nading (1852-1884) m. Michael Roming (1849-1911)
Caroline Nading (1855-1930) m. Edwin Elwin Clinton (1843-1919)
James Madison Nading (1857-1919) m. Minnie Belle Easton (1865-1934)
John Nading (1861-1928) m. Clara Schroff
Andrew Jackson Nading (1864-1935) m. Julia Robbins Hines (1867-1935)


Children of Charles Leander Nading and Catherine Clodfelter
John Henry Nading (1842-1918) m. Eliza (Jane) Alvina Fishel (1843-1924)
Samuel Nading (1843-1917) m. Melvina Dulcena Fishel (1847-1909)
Lilly Nading (b. 1844 - died young)
Jacob Nading (1845-1921) m. Susan McKinzie (1855-1894)
Henry Francis Nading (1846-1925) m. Arvana Clementine Strickland (1853-1943)
Elizabeth Jane Nading (1847-1932) (did not marry)
Sarah (Sally) A. Nading (1848-1939) m. Andrew Jackson Shroyer and m. 2) George P. Conkin (b. 1841)
Charles Leander Nading (1851-1938) . Nancy Serena Strickland (1856-1937)
Catherine E. Nading (ba. 1853) died young
Mary Nading (ba. 1855) m. A. J. Miller
Martha Loretta Nading (1857-1937) m. John Washington Johnston (1855-1937)
George Edward Nading (1859-c1887) m. Mary L. Ackerson (b. 1861)
Lora Alice Nading (1861-1949) m. Andrew Jackson Rains(1859-1937)

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