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Nading Family

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Second Generation

Children of Simeon (Simon) Nading and Catherine (Polly) Sutlive (Suttin?) (moved to Bartholomew Co, IN)
James Madison Nading (1815) (no information)
Milton Homer Nading (1816-1861) m. Mary Snider (1816-1893)
Wesley Harrison Nading (1818-1863) m. Ruth W. Jones Alexander (1822-1904)
Nancy Emily Nading (1820-1894) m. George Murrell V (1812-1890) (moved to Grenne Co., MO)

Lemuel M. Nading (1823-1854) m. Susanna Elizabeth (Zeigler?) Petro (1822-1898)

Third Generation

Children of Milton Homer Nading and Mary Snider
John Nading (1843-1888) m. Sonora Veranda Warner (1853-1923)
Simon Nading (1844-1918) m. Emma Smiley (1844-1880) m. 2) Mary A. Porter Essex m. 3) Martha A Porter Dronberger Robers (b. 1853)
Tunis Nading (1847-1924) m. Eugenia Adella Riley (1861-1935)
Charles Nading (1849-18884) m. Julia Rogers(1852-1933)
Margaret Nading (1852-1925) m. Francis M. Wright
William Nading (1853-1936) m. Mary Matilda Compton (1859-1930)
Hannah Nading (b. 1855) m. Bruce D. Wright m. 2) Elias W. S. Hilligoss
Katherine Nading (1857-1931) did not marry
Wesley Nading (1858-1933) m. Katie F. Winterrowd (1864-1897)


Children of Wesley Harrison Nading and Ruth W. Jones Alexander
James M. Nading (b. 1843) Union Veteran after Civil War
Martha A. Nading (b. 1845)
Emily C. Nading (b. 1847)
Simon H. Nading (b. 1850) m. Mollie Chowning (Chowing?) (b. 1858)
Francis W. Nading (b. 1852)
Mary K. Nading (b. 1854)
John W. H. Nading (1857-1905)
Nancy R. E. Nading (b. 1861)


Children of Nancy Emily Nading and George Murrell V
Mary Ann Murrell (1838-1872) m. Henderson Wommack (1838-1893)
George Wesley Murrell (1840-1844)
Nancy Telitha Murrell (1841-1869) m. John B. Bales (b. 1827) (after Telitha's death, John moved to Lane Co., OR)
Sarah Elizabeth Murrell (1843-1912) m. Hamilton Hezekiah Hartley (1837-1931)
Emily Rosena Murrell (1845-1913) m. Richard H. Snider (1841-1917)
James Madison Murrell (1847-1887) m. Mary Elizabeth Owen (1847-1883) m. 2) Eliza Jane Melton
Martin Simon Nading Murrell (1850-1936) m. Margaret Jane Holden (1859-1934)
Jane Missouri Salina Murrell (1852-1940) m. Robert T. Hartley (1842-1926)
Rachel Clementine Murrell (1855-1943) m. William Franklin Long (1846-1936)


Children of M. Nading and Susanna Elizabeth (Zeigler) Petro
Clementine S. Nading (1846-1862)
Leonora F. Nading (1848-1864)
Luella America Nading (1851-1935) m. Samuel Pierre Mansell (1847-1907)

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