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On the evening of December 24th 1851, a number of persons attended the examination of a school in the lower end of Carrol County (VA). Some boys raised a quarrel with part of the scholars - and a lad named Warren BOLT (not a scholar,) drew a pistol upon one of the pupils. Major C. TURMAN, a justice of the peace, went among the youths to suppress the riot, and a man named Wiley SUTPHIN, took the pistol from Bolt. Some person unfortunately cried out that the pistol was not loaded. Sutphin handed it to Major Turman, and as he was in the act of examining the weapon it fired - the ball entered Sutphin's head just over the left eye, causing instantaneous death. A coroner's jury sat, on Christmas Day, and in accordance with the facts, returned a verdict of "accidental death," entirely exculpating Major Turman from blame. He was in fact on especially friendly terms with the unfortunate victim of a bad boy's misconduct. Sutphin was about thirty-five years old and left a destitute widow and three small children. About ten days ago, Mr. John SUTPHIN, of Carrol County, uncle of the man whose death occurred at the school house which we have mentioned, was returning with his wagon from North Carolina. In the neighborhood of Mt. Airy, his team ran away with him - he was thrown under the wagon, two wheels passed over his body, dislocating his shoulder, and otherwise terribly crushing him. It is hoped however, that he will recover.

Extracted from People's Press, (Salem) N.C., Vol. I., No. 48. January 10, 1852

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