North Carolina


A man by the name of Corbin EDWARDS, as it is believed, was drowned at the old Trading Ford in the Yadkin River, on Thursday last about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. We learn he was a citizen of Wake county and resided some six or sever miles from Raleigh. He left home on Monday of last week, it is said, on a trip to Tennessee for his son; a small boy who has been spending a season with relatives in that State. The rive (not legible) ives arrived at the Ford, was considerably swollen, and entirely past fording. He either was not aware of the difficulty and danger of an attempt to cross, or else disregarded them. He was swept away down the stream very shortly after entering the water. The family of Mr. C. L. TORRENCE, who reside on the eminence on the opposite shore, witnessed the terrible struggle from beginnings to its awful close, without being able to aid him, when man, horse and buggy, all disappeared beneath the unrelenting waves. The horse and buggy and trunk, were found the next day; but the body of the unfortunate man was not recovered until late Saturday evening. It was buried at Jersey meeting house, on Sunday last.

A flask, partly filled with brandy, was found in one of the pockets of this unfortunate man; which, together with other circumstances, leave no room to doubt that intoxication was the cause of his death. Salisbury Watchman.

Extracted from People's Press, (Salem) N.C., Vol. III., No. 43, December 10, 1853

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