North Carolina

People's Press (Salem, NC), July 26, 1851


We find in an old work the following account respecting several burying grounds, in the State of Tennessee. It is by Rev. Mr. Gwinn, an aged and respectable member of the Methodist church, and who resides in the section of the country where they are located.

"In the county of White, State of Tennessee, near the town of Sparta, there have been discovered three burying grounds, where a very small people are deposited in tombs (coffins) of stone. The greatest length of the skeleton is nineteen inches. Some of these people appear to have lived to a great age - their teeth being worn smooth and short, while others are full and long. Many of the tombs (graves) have been opened and the skeletons examined. The graves are about two feet deep; the coffins are of stone, made by laying a flat stone at the bottom, one at each end, and one over the corpse. The dead are all buried with their heads towards the east, and in order, laid on their backs, and their hands on their breasts. In the bend of their left arms is found a cruise or mug, that would hold nearly a pint, made of ground stone or shell of a gray color, in which is found, one, two or three shells supposed to be sea shells. One of these skeltons has about the neck 94 peral beads. There are many of these burying grounds. Near the one which I examined is the appearance of an ancient town. The bones found in these graves are strong and well set, and the whole frame appears to be well formed. These graveyards are in extent an acre and a half."

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