North Carolina

Black Noses

A resolution has been introduced into the Kentucky legislature, which provides "that the keeper of the Penitentiary shall procure a suitable chemical dye, such as will stain the cuticle or other surface of the skin perfectly black, so that it cannot be washed off, or in any way be removed, until time shall wear it away, and nature furnish a new cuticle or surface; and that with this dye he shall have the nose of each male convict painted thoroughly black, and renew the application as often as may be necessary to keep it so, until within one month of the expiration of his sentence, when it shall be discontinued, for the purpose of permitting nature to restore the feature to its original hue, preparatory to the second advent of its owner into the world.

Extracted from People's Press, (Salem) N.C., Vol. I., No. 49. January 17, 1852

People's Press

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