North Carolina


We learn on Saturday of last week, while Johnson and & Co's Circus were performing at ___ the neighborhood of Sampson County, a difficulty occurred between person attached to the concern and some of the citizens, which resulted in the death of Mr. Milton MATHIS, of that county, from injuries received on that occasion. It is also stated that several other persons were severely wounded.

We have hitherto forborne all allusion to the matter from the difficulty of obtaining any definite information in regard to the circumstances of the case, and because such allusion might be taken with reference to it. Mr. Mathis, the deceased we learn, was a worthy and respectable citizen, and a peaceable young man.

We are further informed that some 15 or 16 members of the Circus company were arrested here yesterday on bench warrants issued by His Honor Judge BATTLE. In the afternoon, His Honor admitted those charged with actual participation in the murder of Milton Mathis, in Sampson County, on Saturday last, to bail in the sum of $2,000 conditional for their appearance at the Court House on Friday, the 10th instant, at 12 o'clock. Mr. R. H. GRANT, became their security on both bonds. C. C. Battle, Esq., of Raleigh, appeared for the prisoners; D. K. McRAE, Esq. and Mr. Solicitor STRANGE, for the State. -- Wil. Journal

Negro Stealing

A man named Bell alias Groves has been arrested at Rocky Mount Depot, in Edgecombe County, having in his possession a negro girl belonging to Dr. Stith, of Clinton, Sampson County, whom he was endeavoring to carry off and sell as his own property. He has been committed to Tarborough jail for trial.

Extracted from People's Press, (Salem) N.C., Vol. I., No. 50. January 24, 1852

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