The Siamese Twins

Extracted from People's Press, (Salem) N.C., December 11, 1852, Vol. II, No. 44

Somebody over the signature of D., recently wrote a communication concerning the Siamese Twins, which was published in the Greensboro' Patriot, and copied in many papers throughout the country. The Twins have since come out in a card correcting the misrepresentations contained in the communication referred to.

They say that it is true they live in Surry County, surrounded by their wives and children, and that one is blessed with more of these "little responsibilities than the other, but that it is or was ever unpleasant" to either of them, needs no denial in that community.

They also state that the reason assigned for their removal from Wilkes to Surry county is false - that they never were indicted for splitting a board into splinters over the head of some person that insulted them - that they have in reality only appeared on the State Docket one when they were fined six-pence and costs, and that they have had no difficulty of that kind with any man, woman or child, in Surry County; and have endeavored to live soberly, honestly and in peace with all the good citizens of the county.

They never inhumanly chastised a negro and then sold him. The statement to that effect is an infamous falsehood. They receive from the good people of Wilkes, as well as Surry County, nothing but the kindest treatment.

They are partners in business, and consequently are not often guilty of bidding against each other for any species of property. Finally, they say that they do not know the correspondent D. aforesaid, and if his communication is any thing like a fair index of his character, they wish no further acquaintance. Signed, Chang & Eng BUNKER.

To the communication of the Twins is attached a certificate from a number of citizens of Surry County, testifying to their good character, peaceable demeanor, and strict integrity, in all their intercourse and business, and also to the truth of the statements set forth in their letter.

From all which it appears, that the Twins are respectable and orderly citizens of our State, and ought not to be made the subjects of misrepresentation or impertinent curiosity.

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