North Carolina

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Milton Chronicle states that the Rev. Mr. BARING, of the Methodist dedomination, who was stationed last year in the Caswell circuit, was recognized at the Conference last week as a convict of the Georgia Pententiary, whose real name was ANGEL. He is charged with being a Baptist preacher in Wilmington, North Carolina, in 1846, with subsequently kidnapping negroes, and landing in the penitentery, where he served out his time, and altered his name to Baring after the great Bankers of England, with whom he claimed relationship returned to North Carolina and taught school.

The charges, it is said, were made known to him when he said he could disprove them; but it seems, the Angel left the Conference abrutly, and took flight to Milton, where he reported that he had been superanuated, and was going to Cuba, for his health. He will undoubtedly palm himself off upon some other community, as one clled to preach the gospel; for he is an able and eloquent man, and will not hesitate, if the above statements are well founded, to pursue his unholy work in a field more remote from his incarceration. Now if Mr. Angel should ever prove his angelic nature - should he ever mount on angel's wings and soar above the slanders of the world, we will take great pleasure in doing him justice. But circumstances are very much against him. -- Richmond Dispatch.

The late Methodist Conference, held in this city, passed an order to refer this matter to the Presiding Elder of the Wilmington District, who was instructed to give Baring (or Angel) notice, and cite him to trial; so that he might have a fair opportunity to clear himself if he could. Whilst all thought him guilty of imposition, it was decided to be nothing but proper to give him a fair change to vindicate this character if he could. -- Raleigh Star.

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