James Jarvis died June 24, 1837 at the age of 74 years, 10 months and six days. His body lies in an unmarked and unknown grave in the old family burying ground just beside of the Southern Railroad (Mocksville/Winston Salem Highway, now Strattford Road), a few rods North of the old Muddy Creek Station (and about 1/4 mile East of Muddy Creek.

After the death of Sallie Padgett, he married again about the year 1815 to Sarah Chesher and settled about 1/4 mile south of Old Hope Church and about the same distance East of Side's Mill, on what was known as the "Old Jarvis Place."

It is written that James was a man of marked and peculiar traits of character. He lived in a "higher atmosphere" in thought and habit, was advanced beyond the era in which he lived. He was affectionate to his family and was considerate and kind in dealing with his slaves. He was quite and unassuming to the extent that he seldom went from home except as duty called or business demanded.

Considered an advanced thinker among his neighbors, the advice of "Uncle Jimmie Jarvis" was often sought by those in trouble or distress. We are told that upon one occasion his aid was sought in the case of a young woman whose jaw had been put out of place in a fit of hysterical laughter and as a consequence, could not close her mouth. After a few words of inquiry upon reaching the home of the unfortunate woman, he sat a chair in the middle of the room and standing beside of it with his hand holding the back, asked the "patient" to be seated. Just as she was in the act of sitting down, he jerked the chair from under her. She struck the floor with a thud and her mouth closed with a snap. He smilingly assisted her to her feet, put on his hat and left her home.

He was a man who is said to have had the confidence and esteem of all who knew him and was highly respected by everybody in the community. Notwithstanding the advanced age to which he lived, at his death he possessed a full head of hair that was only slightly streaked with gray. In fact, it is said that you never see a blad headed Jarvis. ( I have not found an exception to this in our line of the Jarvis family.)

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