Susannah Jarvis Millikin/Mulligan

Lewis and Susannah Jarvis Millikin's home was located in an undeveloped part of Rowan Co and often saw bands of Indians passing through the nearby forests. One night as Susannah and Lewis sat by the fire, they saw several faces looking in through the window. Thinking that the horses might be stolen or possibly their home burned, Lewis and Susannah decided to open the door and invite the Indians in. There was one Indian that could speak English and he explained they were from the Saura Tribe (now extinct) on the Pee Dee River and had traveled several days without food. Susannah and Lewis cut up two sides of bacon and the Indians ate it raw. Susannah's family were never bothered after this by Indians, though many raids were made on nearby farms.

These stories were always a favorite of the Jarvis women! This particular story was passed down by Nancy Cook Jarvis

One day, when Lewis, Susannah's husband, was away for Muster in nearby Germanton, her two sons came running into the house to tell their mother that some kind of animal was in the calf pen, trying to kill the calfs. The calf pen was located near the spring and Susannah grabbed the fire shovel and ran to the pen. A panther was already on a calf and in a few more minutes would have killed his prey. However, with the true grit and courage of all the pioneer Jarvis women, Susannah attacked the panther and when her husband returned several days later, he found a beautiful panther skin nailed to the barn wall to dry!!


Another Susannah story - but this time her husband is home:

During the middle of the night, a noise was heard at the cabin door. (This is before their permanent home was built.) Lewis, Susannah's husband, opened the cabin door (first mistake) and a big black bear walked in! Now, Lewis had a splendid record as a Rev. solider, but his wife said he could not face the bear that night. He jumped over the bed and into the rafters, leaving Susannah to face the bear. Without a word, she calmly took the gun from over the door and killed the bear.

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