Elizabeth Jarvis Warner and her daughter, Bessie

Elizabeth Jane Jarvis was married to William Thomas Warner and they had seven children. One of her daughters was Bessie Jane Warner, who never married. Bessie made her living taking care of the old folks of the community, including her own mother. They say that Liz never wanted Bessie to marry, that she needed and wanted someone to stay with her in her last days and for that reason, opposed any offer of marriage that Bessie ever received.

Family legend has it that she warned all her daughters about the boys - "A boy will promise you anything to get his way with you! Don't trust them." Let it be said in her defense that she believed not one of the young farm boys that came courting Bessie were good enough of her. Although Bessie was a little on the heavy side, she was an angle of a girl. Bessie was the only one of this set of children that I knew personally and counted it a shame that someone as nice as Bessie was consigned by fate to a lonely spinsterhood.

Elizabeth (Liz) claimed she had a premonition of her brother's (Frank) death. She said in later years that it had come to her in a dream that he would die. In the dream, she heard a noise like a bucket full of dirt being kicked over on the floor. The dream awoke her. This supposedly happened on the night Frank died. She took this strange dream as a sign of portent. People were more inclined to believe in premonition in those days and Liz was no exception. One of her granddaughters told me that she liked to tell ghost stories.

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