Wachovia is the name given to the entire tract bought by the Moravian Church in North Carolina about 1752/55. The village of Rural Hall, in Forsyth County, is almost exactly on the north line of the Wachovia Tract. The South line of Forsyth County follows the old Wachovia line from the East to where it borders Clemmons Township. The West line is just West of Muddy Creek. Walkertown is on the East line.

The Wachovia Tract contained about two thirds of what is now FORSYTH County. Bethabara, Bethania, Salem, Friedberg, Friedland and Hope settlements, were all inside the Wachovia Tract. The deeds to the Wachovia Tract are on the books in the county seat of ROWAN County.

The Moravians selected their lands in ANSON County, they settled in ROWAN County, they went through the Revolutionary War in SURRY County, through the War of 1812 and the Mexican War in STOKES County, through the Civil War in FORSYTH County, -- AND THEY ALWAYS STAYED WHERE THEY STARTED.

(Extracted from a letter dated April 17, 1941 from Miss Adelaide L. Fries (Archivist) to Mrs. Braun.

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