This is the will of Nancy McBride, wife of John Chambers and mother of Sally Chambers. Sally is the wife of John Jarvis, thus the connection. Nancy seems to me to have been an impressive woman - she was literate, she was the executrix of her husbands estate, she witnessed land deals etc., and seemed to be a woman who transcended the normal woman's role in that society. I wonder what got her upset at Polly's older children? This will is dated 1832, probated 1848, and is found in Will Book 5, pg 1.

Wilkes County, NC
Dated 1832/ Probated 1848

I Nancy Chambers of the County of Wilkes and State of North Carolina, mindfull of the mortality common to all, being of sound mind and memory, do on this the sixteenth day of April in year Eighteen hundred and thirty two make, cause, ordain and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following: In the first place to my beloved son James Chambers I give and bequeath the third part of my Estate. Also to five of the heirs of my beloved daughter Polly Mason I give and bequeath the third part of my Estate to wit: William, Noah and Joseph and Mary and Jinney, the five youngest of the heirs of Polly Mason's body. This to be the all that I allow to Polly Masons heirs. William Mason my son-in-law and five of the heirs of Polly's body to wit Nancy and John and Sally and Reighny and James Mason I give one dollar to the whole of their part. I also give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Sally Jarvis the third part of my estate. The whole of my estate I allow to be divided into three parts as before mentioned. Further I do hereby constitute and appoint my beloved son James Chambers and John Jarvis Executors of this my will, hereby revoking all former wills and declaring this to be my last will and testament."

Attested by James Mabery, Adam Spears and Thomas Mathis.

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