John Earl Granville to William Churton, dated January 22nd., 1762 - Registered Rowan County, Book # 5, Page # 280.

William Churton To Frederick William Marshall by an act of Assembly Province of North Carolina at Hillsboro, dated 1782.

Frederick William Marshall, last will and testament to Christian Lewis Benzien, proven and recorded County Court of Stokes March term 1802.

Christian Lewis Benzien to Daniel Wolff, dated November 10th., 1807, Stokes County, Book #5, Page # 181.

Daniel Wolff died intestate and left seven heirs.  Reference is hereby made to a deed by five (5) heirs to Jacob H. Wolff, and registered in Stokes County, Book # 11, Page # 357.

W. W. Wolff to Jacob H. Wolff registered Stokes County Book # 14, Page # 246.

Jacob H. Wolff will proven June Court Forsyth County 1864, Book 1849, Page # 239.

Deed R. A. Hauser to J. A. Wolff, October 13th, 1883, Forsyth County, Book # 19, Page # 12.

J. A. Wolff to W. J. Wolff, dated July 22nd. 1899, Forsyth County, Book # 58, Page # 283.

W. J. Wolff and Wife to J. A. Wolff, Life Estate, dated February 5th. 1901, Forsyth County, Book # 62, Page 380.

Lindsay Patterson, Commissioner to Mabel A. Wolff dated July 21st. 1902, Forsyth County, Book # 66, Page # 175.


This Indenture made this eighteenth day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and thirty one between George Kregar of the County of Stokes and State of North Carolina on the one part and William W. Wolff, Ann P. Wolff, Isaac Conrad in right of his wife Charity, Samuel Wolff, Jacob H. Wolff, Hester Eliza Wolff, Martha M. Wolff and Pamelia Elizabeth Wolff, heirs at law of the late Daniel Wolff dec'd of the State aforesaid of the other part. 

Witnesseth that the said George Kregar for and in consideration of the sum of Seven dollars and Sixty cents to the aforesaid Danl Wolff dec'd in his life time in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by the said George Kregar hath, granted, bargained, sold, aliened & confirmed and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, and confirm in fee simple unto the aforesaid heirs at law of Daniel Wolff, dec'd their heirs and assigns forever a certain small piece of land containing three acres and eight (pointers?) by computation be the same more or less situate lying and being in the County of Stokes aforesaid on the waters of Mill or Lashes Creek.  Bounded as follows, (to wit)

Beginning at a white oak in a field said Kregars South East corner of his tract of land running north on the old line 32 (feet?) a small black oak near a small branch then a line agreed on runing south forty five degrees west a mark'd line to pointers in Wolff's line, thence east to the beginning.

To have and to hold the aforesaid piece of land and premises with the appurtenances to the heirs at law of Dan'l Wolff Dec'd their heirs and assigns forever with all & singular the rights, privileges, interests, hereditaments and (ernotuments?) to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining and the same George Kregar doth hereby covenant & agree with the aforesaid heirs at law that he will warrant and forever defend the title of the aforesaid piece of land & premises unto the aforesaid heirs at law their heirs and assigns forever against the claim or claims of all persons whatever.

In testimony whereof the said George Kregar hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the date above written. Signed sealed and acknowledged His

in the presents of us GEORGE (X) KREGAR (SEAL)


A. H. Shepperd
J. Banner

(hand-drawn plat of property)


North Carolina)
Stokes County )

The above plan represents a tract of land formerly granted by the State to Michael Houser for four hundred acres on teh waters of Muddy or Mill Creek & (Frees?) Creek but on being resurveyed there is only 346 acres found within the bounds as all adjoining are covered by deeds of elder date, 138 1/2 acres of which is laid off for Jonathan Speece.  Beginning at pointers Briggs former corner in Shorts line thence running south on said line 44 chains to a dead red oak old corner, east on the old line crossing a branch of (Frees?) Creek 31 1/2 chains to a chesnut tree old corner, north six & a half chains to a corner of Millers former land continue North in all forty four chains crossing Richmond old road to a white oak in Briggs line (now Tates) thence west on said line crossing a branch of (Frees?) Creek twice thirty one chains & a half to the Beginning - and Two hundred seven and a half acres for Jacob Wolff.  Beginning at Frederick Fiskess former corner (now Speeces at Hickory pointers thence North on the old line thirty four chains to the old corner in Hughs former line, West with said line twenty two chains to a small chesnut & old marked pointers in Briggs' former line, South on said line twenty three chains to his corner past oak, west on his line fifty chains to a white oak in the N.E. corner of Speeces, south on his line thirty seven chains & a half crossing Richmond old road & a branch of (Fries?) Creek to pointers Millers former corner (now Conrads).  East on said line twenty nine chains & a half passing his corner black oak and crossing the said road again & a small branch to a post oak in Fiskess former line (now Speeces)

            turn over

the North with said old marked line twenty seven chains to a post oak old mark corner of Fiskess thence East with said old line forty three chains crossing a branch to the Beginning.
Resurveyed the 8th day of May 1843 by me.

(S?) Banner, Sur.

Saml. Stauber
Solo. Speece
Chain Carriers

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