Davidson County, NC Will I:98, 16 Apr 1828. Probated August 1828

Wife Nancy Douthit one bed and furniture. Daughters Mary Douthet, Any Douthet, Rebecka Douthet, Una Douthet and Lenny/Linny Douthet one bed and furniture each. Sons Jacob Douthet and Abraham Douthet 50c each. Daughters Catherine Douthet and Bausel Flemmons 50c each. Wife Nancy Douthet all the balance of my personal estate during her widowhood. After my wife's death all that remains is to be divided with my son Henry Douthet and my daugters Mary Douthet, Anna Douthet, Una Douthet, Lenny Douthet and Rebecka Douthet. Wife Nancy Douthet all the plantation on which I now live during her widowhood and after that to my son Henry Douthet. The land on which my son Abrham Douthet lives, I give unto the said son Abraham. He is to have and to hold from the time of the signing of this and the division to take place as follows: Commencing at Thomasons line then westwardly till even with the Spring, so as to leave the spring to the said Henry Douthet's part, thence in a south direction till to the woods, west to Ellis line, hoping they will both be content. Exec. Abraham Douthet. Wit: Ransom Ellis and Al---- (Abraham?) Brindle.

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