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Heinrich Blum Family

First Generation

Johann Heinrich Blum (1752-1824) was born in Bethlehem PA. He left the Moravian church as a young man to join the Revolutionary forces, and narrowly escaped death. After his discharge from service he was readmitted to the church, and married Anna Catharina Clauss (1756-1839), daughter of Johann Georg Clauss and Anna Christina Kühn, with whom he came to North Carolina.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Heinrich Blum and Catharina Clauss
Abraham Blum (1783-1803)
Christian Heinrich Blum (1785-1790)
Johann David Blum (1787-1860) m. 1) Sarah Hege (1789-1830), 2) Louisa Hermann (1804-1841), 3) Maria Amelia Rothhaas (1820-1896), d/o Jacob Rothhaas and Maria Magdalena Vogler
*Johann Jacob Blum (1789-1829) m. Lucia B. Padget (1784-1867)
Johann Philip Blum (1792-1875), moved to Indiana
(Christina) Elisabeth Blum (1793-1869) did not marry
Johann Heinrich Blum (1797-1866) m. Anna Margaret Becker (1809-1875)

*There were two contemporary men named Johann Jacob Blum in the Wachovia settlement. This one is often referred to as the mason, a trade he took over from his father. The other (1781-1847) was the son of Jacob Blum and Maria Elisabeth Koch.

Third Generation

Children of Johann David Blum and Sarah Hege
Catharina Blum (1809-1891) m. Lewis Eberhard (1804-1854)
Henriette Matilda Blum (1812-1861) m. Roderick Murchison (1799-1860)
Eli Abraham Blum (b. & d. 1815)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1817)
George Abraham Blum (1820-?) m. Elizabeth R. Potts
Susanna Charlotte Blum (1826-?) m. Samuel C. Smith
Eva Ernestina Blum (1830-?) m. Harrison Reed (1828-1887)

Children of Johann David Blum and Louisa Hermann
David H. Blum (1834-1896) m. Mary C. Rights (ca. 1834-?)
Louisa Eliza Blum (1838-1862) m. Henry Matier Lash

Children of Johann David Blum and Maria Amelia Rothhaas
Samuel Blum (ca. 1849-?)


Children of Johann Jacob Blum and Lucia Padgett
Angelina Blum (1812-1900) m. Nathaniel Byhan (1803-1867)
William David Blum (ca. 1814-?)
Susanna Loretta Blum (1816-1872) m. Jefferson Fisher (ca. 1814-aft. 1870)
Edmund Thomas Blum (1818-1884) m. Sarah Catherine Hartman (1830-1913)
Catharina Lucinda Blum (ca. 1821-?) m. Samuel Benjamin Hein (ca. 1818-?)
Sarah Louise Blum (ca. 1822-?) m. 1) Albert Flower, 2) John Christian Boykin; moved to Indiana
Wiley Jacob Vaneman Blum (ca. 1824-?)
Francis Rudolph Blum (ca. 1825-?) m. 1) Mary Farrar (1829-1857), 2) Susannah Leinbach
Pamelia Malvina Blum (1829-1845)

Additional children in this family were added December 9, 2010.

Fourth Generation

Children of David H. Blum and Mary Rights
Eliza L. Blum (ca. 1855-?)
Emma May Blum (1857-1890) m. Charles E. Ebert (ca. 1858-1944)
John D. Blum (ca. 1859-?) m. Annie Hege
*Theodore O. Blum (1862-1902)
Mary Blum (ca. 1865-?)
William Blum (ca. 1869-?)

*Theodore O. Blum was admitted to the Broughton Mental Hospital in Morganton, NC in 1891 where he remained until his death in 1902. He is buried in the hospital's cemetery.


Children of Edmund Thomas Blum and Sarah Catherine Hartman
Irving A. Blum (1848-1891) m. Claudia S. Edwards (1850-1930),d/o W.E. and Amanda Edwards of Greensboro
Julia Blum (ca. 1851-?). Is this Julia Blum Noe (1850-1930)?
Edmund Jacob Blum (1852-1858)
John Van Neman Blum (1852-1857)
Harriet Blum (1854-1899) m. Isaac Jasper Styers (1852-1899)
Adelaide Elizabeth Blum (1860-?) m. Riley Jeffrey Petree (1853-1928)
George W. Blum (1869-1941) m. Edna Barnes (1886-1970). Did he first marry Alma May Griffith (1868-1910)?


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Forsyth Co. NC cemetery records

Forsyth Co. NC census records

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