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Fetter Family

First Generation

This name sometimes appears as Vetter.

Jacob Fetter (1781-1856), first appears in the Records of the Moravians in NC in 1799, when he arrived from Bethlehem on November 29th. He began as a cabinet maker's apprentice, but in 1800 said that he was unable to learn this trade because he was too near-sighted. He asked to learn indigo dyeing and tailoring instead. In the 1850 census, however, he is listed as a cabinet-maker. In 1809 he married Benigna Elisabeth Christmann (1789-1852). Jacob's sister Susanna married the Rev. Samuel Stotz, and also came to Salem. Their father was Peter Fetter of Bethlehem. See Thomas Stobie's WorldConnect page for more information on Jacob's parents and siblings.

In 1809, the Single Sister Salome Fetter and the older girl Maria Fetter arrived from Pennsylvania. Were they Jacob's relatives? Maria died in 1818. Salome was a teacher in the girls' school, and married the widower Eberhard Freytag in 1819.

Second Generation

Children of Jacob Fetter and Benigna Elisabeth Christmann
Belinda Maria Fetter (1811-1886) m. John Essex Jr. (1805-1864) in Indiana
Thomas Nathaniel Fetter (1813-1888) m. 1) Mrs. Ellen Warner (ca. 1817-1870); 2) Lisette Cornelia Beitel (1820-?)
Rebecca Ann Fetter (1815-1902) m. Levi Rominger (1811-1892), moved to Hope IN
Peter Phillip Fetter (ca. 1816-1887) m. Sarah Louisa Stockburger (1824-?); they moved to Indiana sometime after 1862, probably before the 1870 census
Sophia Juliana Fetter m. _____ Kurtz.
Henrietta Charlotte Fetter m. Alfred M. Underwood in 1850. They do not appear in Forsyth Co. in the 1860 or 1870 census records.
Augustus Fetter (ca. 1823-?), moved to Hope IN in 1846.
Henry Christian Alexander Fetter (ca. 1828-?) moved to Indiana in 1850
William Lewis Fetter (ca. 1831-1884) "moved to the West" in 1853. He died in Indianapolis IN.

In 1854, Thomas Nathaniel Fetter married Mrs. Ellen Warner, widow of William A. Warner. According to census records she was born in Tennessee, as were her two oldest children. Thomas and Ellen had a daughter, Alice, born about 1858; she and Ellen's three children, Adeline, Mary and William Warner, are living with Thomas and Ellen in the 1860 Forsyth Co. census.

Thomas later moved to Indiana, probably after Ellen's death in March 1870, since he doesn't appear in the 1870 Forsyth Co. census. He married Lisette Cornelia Beitel White in September 1871 in Hope IN. Lisette had married William Henry Jerome White (1817-1856) in NC in 1843, and had moved to Indiana with her children sometime between 1856 and 1860.

In 1880 N. Thomas Fetter age 67 is living in Bartholomew Co. IN with Belinda Essex, age 69, who must be his sister although the relationship is not specified. Belinda is listed as a widow, N. Thomas as married, but there's no sign of his wife Lisette.

Thomas Fetter eventually returned to North Carolina, where he died in 1888. He is buried at Salem Moravian.

See Karen Foley's Collignon-Foley Family Tree for more on Rebecca Ann Fetter and Levi Rominger. Our information on Belinda and Sophia also comes from this web page.

Previously we showed Henrietta as born in 1825 and Sophia in 1826. However, both women are named as Single Sisters in Moravian records in 1841-1842. A young woman typically became a Single Sister at age 18, never as early as 14. We think therefore that these two must have been born in the 1816-1823 period, between Peter Phillip and Augustus Fetter.

Third Generation

Child of Thomas Nathaniel Fetter and Ellen
Alice A. Fetter (ca. 1858-?)


Children of Peter Phillip Fetter and Sarah Louisa Stockburger
Augusta Jane Fetter (1842-?)
Charles Edwin Fetter (1846-?)
John Jacob Fetter (1854-1855)
Mary Louisa Fetter (1859-1862)


Children of William Fetter and Paulina Shore, who did not marry
Charles Thomas Shore Fetter (1855-1917)
Elizabeth Adelia Shore Fetter (1859-?)

Forsyth County Bastardy Bonds
Bond posted by Wm. F. Fetter, Saml. Ferabee, Wm. Barnes and S. E. Bevil. $500.
Pulina Shore, mother. Wm. L. Fetter reputed father. Signed. W.F. Fetter, S.W. Farabee, W. Barrow and F.E. Bevil. 21 June 1858. Test: A. J. Stafford.

In 1860, Pollina Shore age 25 has children Charles T. Shore age 5 and Elizabeth Shore age 2. She married James L. Reed in 1866. In 1870 they are living with their two children Henry Reid age 3 and Martha Reid age 1. These two Reid children apparently died prior to 1880, since they don't appear in the later census records. However, in the 1880 census, Charles Fetter age 25 and Bettie Fetter age 18 are living with James and Pauline Reed, as is Ella Reed age 4.


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Forsyth County Cemetery Records

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