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Rominger Family

First Generation

Hans Jerg Rominger was born about 1680 in Winterlingen, Germany, and later moved from there to Singen, near Durlach. He married Elisabeth Odelin in 1708 in Winterlingen. In 1742 he applied for permission to emigrate to New England with his sons David and Philip. His son Michael did not emigrate until 1752, but then joined his family at Broad Bay, Maine. This settlement was a colony recruited in Germany by an American entrepreneur, Samuel Waldo, who promised more than he delivered in terms of land and amenities. George Soelle, a Moravian missionary who came to the settlement, noted that the settlers were "poor as church mice" and suffering greatly from the cold, inclement winter weather. Soelle established a Moravian church in Broad Bay in 1762. In 1770 a group of families left Broad Bay and traveled by ship to Wilmington NC, then overland to the Wachovia area, forming a new community at Friedland.

Second Generation

Children of Hans Jerg Rominger and Elisabeth Odelin
Michael Rominger (1709-1803) m. Anna Catharina Anton (1717-1794)
Johannes Rominger (1711-1713)
Mathias Rominger (1713-1737)
Johannes Rominger (1714-1798) m. Elisabeth Tritt, remained in Winterlingen
David Rominger (1716-1777) m. 1) unknown, 2) Catharina ?? (1713-1771) a widow with children
Jacob Rominger (b. & d. 1719)
Philip Rominger (1721-1762), wife's name unknown, died 1769 in Boston

Third Generation

Michael Rominger immigrated to Broad Bay in 1752 or 1753, and came to NC in 1770. He married Anna Catharina Anton in Hoch Wettesbach, Germany, in 1740.

Children of Michael Rominger and Anna Catharina Anton
Elisabeth Barbara Rominger (1741-1829) m. Jacob Ried (1735-1819)
Jacob Rominger (1743-1816) m. 1) Barbara Sidelinger (1752-1792), 2) Sabine Krause (d. 1816)
Johannes Rominger, died in childhood; one source makes this child a daughter, Johanna
George Philip Rominger (1747-1752), died on the voyage to America
Johann Ludwig Rominger (1749-1751)
Johann Martin Rominger (1752-1779), m. Elisabeth Wohlfahrt (1768-1826)
Catharina Rominger (1755-1845), m. John Lanius (1751-1837)
Jacobina Rominger (1757-1760)
Michael Rominger (1759-1818), m. Anna Maria Fishel (1758-1848)
Christian Rominger (1762-aft. 1775)
unnamed infant, born and died in Broad Bay, Maine


David Rominger immigrated to New England with his father in 1742. He is supposed to have married in 1741, but no record of his marriage has been found in Winterlingen, Singen, or nearby towns. Two children are known from his first marriage. He married a second time, in Broad Bay in 1752, to Catharina Barbara (surname unknown), supposedly a widow with children. David moved from Maine to NC in 1769, and Catharina joined him in 1770, but died in February 1771, one day before the death of David's son Philip. Catharina and Philip were buried in a joint funeral.

Children of David Rominger and his first wife
Philip Rominger (1750-1771)
Jacobina Rominger. She remained in Broad Bay ME when her father and brother moved to NC in 1770, and is named in her father's will, written 1777.


Philip Rominger was born in 1721 in Winterlingen, Germany, and came to New England with his father and brother David in 1742. His wife's name is unknown. He died in 1762 in Boston MA.

Children of Philip Rominger and his wife
Philippina Elizabeth Rominger (1743-1820), m. Johann Michael Seiz (1737-1817)
Juliana Rominger (1757-1805), m. Jacob Frederick Lagenauer (1751-1843); m. 1777 in NC
Catharina Rominger, m. Caleb Howard, remained in Broad Bay ME.

Philippina Elizabeth Rominger was the earliest recorded child born in the Broad Bay settlement. The Seiz family were also early settlers in Broad Bay. Philippina and Johann Michael Seiz came to NC in 1769, bringing with them Philippina's 12 year old sister Juliana.

Fourth Generation

Jacob Rominger married Barbara Sidelinger in Broad Bay ME in 1768. She was born in Broad Bay, the daughter of Martin and Maria Sidelinger (Seidlinger) who were also among the early settlers there. Jacob and Barbara moved to NC in 1770.

Children of Jacob Rominger and Barbara Sidelinger
Johannes Rominger (1769-1784)
Cornelius Rominger (1772-1825), m. Eva Rosina Clauss (1778-1858)
unnamed twins (b. & d. 1774), incorrectly listed as a son Jacob Rominger in Forsyth Co. cemetery records book
Anna Maria Rominger (1776-1792) m. Johannes Baumgarten (1766-?);
   she died only three weeks after her wedding, from "the epidemic throat disease", probably diphtheria.
Elisabeth Rominger (1778-1831) m. George Frey (1775-1829)
Michael Rominger (1780-1824) m. Christina Ebert (1782-1844)
Jacob Rominger (1783-1827) m. 1) Susanna Miller (1786-ca. 1820); 2) Elizabeth Wesner (d. 1822); 3) Maria Wesner (ca. 1802-aft. 1850)
David Rominger (1785-ca. 1823) m. Catherine Foltz
Magdalena Rominger (1789-1842) m. Anton Boeckel (1785-1823?)
Joseph Rominger (1790-1873); m. 1) Susannah Greter (1791-1843); 2) Tabitha Cheshier (1814-1872)
Philip Rominger (1792-1877) m. Anna Rosina Wesner (1785-1853)

Michael Rominger's Will


Children of Johann Martin and Elisabeth Rominger
Jacob Rominger (1778-1813) m. Elisabeth Clauss


Children of Michael Rominger and Anna Maria Fischel
Anna Catharina Rominger (1781-1851) m. John Brunner (1782-1873)
Juliana Rominger (1782-1872) m. John Martin Schneider [who were his parents?]
Philip Rominger (1784-1860) m. Elisabeth Greter (1787-1870), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN in 1831
Anna Maria Rominger (1785-1872) m. Daniel Ziegler (1784-1837)
John Martin Rominger (1787-1868) m. 1) Rebecca Greter (1789-1862), 2) Emily Jane Davis (1843-1918), d/o Samuel Davis and Eliza Kutz
Frances Sophronia Rominger (1788-1862) m. Jacob Shore (1801-1852)
Eva Rominger (1790-?) m. 1) William Snow, 2) Jonathan Swaim (172-1844)
Benjamin Rominger (1792-1866) m. Elizabeth Shore (1795-?)
Mary Elizabeth Rominger (1794-1830) m. Michael Lewis (1799-1860)
George Rominger (1795-1843) m. Christina Clauss (1785-1864)
Anna Susannah Rominger (1798-1888) m. John Shore (1799-1872)
Conrad Rominger (1800-1848) m. Catharine Chitty (1801-aft. 1870); she m. 2) Simon Henning

Fifth Generation

Children of Cornelius Rominger and Eva Rosina Clauss
John Thomas Rominger (1798-1852), m. Clarinda Catharina Miller (1804-1848)
Johannes Rominger (1800-?) probably died young
Philippina Rominger (1802-1891), m. Thomas Padgett (1797-1838)
Elizabeth Rominger (1805-1807)
Salome Rominger (1808-1894), m. Lewis Spencer Mullican (1808-1889)
Maria Carolina Rominger (1811-1832) m. Charles Lewis Hanes (1810-1843)
Anna Rebecca Rominger (1813-1898) m. 1) Wilson W. Wommack (ca. 1791-1845); 2) John Michael or Mickle (1809-1893)
Elizabeth Eliza Rominger (1816-1899) m. Reuben Welfare (1814-1903) [death date corrected 5/24/01]
Elias Cornelius Rominger (1819-1897) m. Elizabeth (Catherine?) Hauser (1828-1910), d/o Daniel Hauser and Susannah Holder


Children of Michael Rominger and Christina Ebert
Christian Lewis Rominger (1806-1885) m. Elizabeth Hier (1807-1886) in NC, moved to Iowa
Joshua Rominger (1808-1902) m. Mary B. Hubbard in NC
Charles William Rominger (1810) m. 1) Fannie Holston, 2) Mary Ann Walter Miksch
Henry Rominger (1813, NC) m. Anna Catherine Miller in Bartholomew Co, IN
Henrietta Rominger (1813)
Frederick Rominger (1817-1905, IA) m. Susan Ornburn
Charlotte Rominger (1818, NC) m. Jacob Charles
Michael Rominger (1820 - died in IL) m. Martha A. Simmons in Bartholomew Co, IN
Nathaniel Rominger (1822-1908, Ashe Co, NC), m. 1) Emaline Greer (1827-1859),
d/o Jesse Greer, Jr and Francis/Fanny Brown; 2) Isabelle Waugh
Alfred Edward Rominger (1824-1898) m. Elizabeth Styers/Starr (?) (lived in Watauga Co., NC)


Children of Jacob Rominger and Susanna Miller
Elijah Rominger (1808-1809)
Verona Rominger (1809-?)
Tempe Rominger (1811-?)
Solomon Rominger (1814-1857) m. Rachel Jane Jones (1821-1896); she m. 2) Christian Earnest (1802-1884)
Jordan Rominger (1817-1872) m. Catherine Hanes (1821-1888) [who were her parents?]
Alexander Rominger (1820-?)

Children of Jacob Rominger and Maria Wesner
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1823)
Susanna Rominger (b. & d. 1825)
Daniel Rominger (1827-1908) m. Elizabeth Mahala Speer (1827-1904)


Children of Joseph Rominger and Susanna Greter
Mariah Lavina Rominger (b. & d. 1815)
Allen Jacob Rominger (1821-1912) m. Belinda Walk (1823-?)


Children of Philip Rominger (s/o Jacob & Barbara) and Anna Rosina Wesner
Anna (Nancy) Rominger (1816-?) m. Jonathan Steward (ca. 1818-1887)
David Edward Rominger (1819-1880) m. Phebe Steward, Jonathan's sister
Edmund Alexander Rominger (1822-1897) m. Phoebe Independence Teague (1827-1900)
Andrew Edwin Rominger (1824-ca. 1874), died in Indiana
Herman Anderson Rominger (1826-?) m. 1) Antoinette Shutt (ca. 1833 - ca. 1871); 2) Lucinda Small (m. in Indiana in 1873)
Amos Augustus Rominger (1828-1870) m. 1) Priscilla Reich (ca. 1833-1865), d/o William Reich and Anna Salome Hein; 2) Margaret Melissa Weavil (ca. 1840-1922)
Romulus Jacob Rominger (1830-1855) m. Moriah Boeckel in 1853
Christian Philip Rominger (1832-?)
Wesley Jackson Rominger (1835-1927) m. 1) Susan Weavil (d. 1871), 2) Julia Schusky


Children of Philip Rominger (s/o Michael & Anna Maria) and Elisabeth Greter
Samuel Rominger (1808-1882) m. Susanna Fishel (1810-?)
Levi Rominger (1811-1892) m. 1) Mary Carter (d. 1835), 2) Rebecca Ann Fetter (1815-1902)
Elizabeth Lydia Rominger (1823-1894) m. Adam Fishel (1818-1897)

There's a long gap between Levi and Elizabeth Lydia - were there other children in this family?


Children of John Martin Rominger and Rebecca Greter
James Mason Rominger (1829-1863) m. Lydia P. Hauser (1828-1902); she m. 2) Gustave Karn in Nazareth PA

Children of John Martin Rominger and Emily Jane Davis
Harriet Elmira Rominger (1866-1894) m. Alexander (Sandy) Shutt (1854-1940)
John Martin Rominger (1868-1878) [birthdate corrected 7/14/01]


Children of Conrad Rominger and Catherine Chitty
Reuben Rominger (1828-1863) m. Mary Weisner
Leander M. Rominger (1833-1885) m. Rosina Craver, d/o Joseph Craver and Sarah Dishon
Moses Rominger (ca. 1840-?)

In 1850, Mary Rominger age 21 is living with Catherine, together with Reuben, Leander and Moses. Is this Mary Weisner, already married to Reuben, or is she a daughter of Conrad and Catherine?

Sixth Generation

Children of John Thomas Rominger and Clarinda Miller
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1832)
Clarinda Rosina Rominger (1835-1843)
Cornelius Nathaniel Rominger (1836-1838)
Sarah Ann Rominger (1838-1921) m. William Augustus Johnson (1840-1922)
Jonathan Parmenio Rominger (1840-1923) m. Mary Ann Boyd (1844-?), lived Indiana
Isaac Rominger (1842-1918) m. Elmira White, lived Indiana
William Thomas Rominger (1845-1916) m. Martha Elrod (1843-1870), possibly the d/o Noah Elrod (b. c1807), s/o Robert Elrod and Elizabeth Riddle


Children of Elias Cornelius Rominger.and Elizabeth Hauser
Elizabeth R. Rominger (ca. 1853-1920) m. Julis Clay Kreeger (1870-1959)
Caroline E. Rominger (1856-1929) m. William Cornelius (1850-1922)
Julia R. Rominger (1857?-1881) m. William Tavis (1865-1899)
Charles D. Rominger (1860-1949) m. Sallie Wiles (1873-1949)
unnamed infant (b. & d. 1863)
Phebe Rominger (1865-1939)
Ruth Rominger (1868-1950)

Cemetery records give Elizabeth Rominger Kreeger's birthdate as 1866, but census records suggest she was born about 1853. Her identity as child of Elias Rominger is confirmed from her death certificate.


Children of Alfred Edward Rominger and Elizabeth Styers/Starr
Lewis A. Rominger (1847) (moved to Tennessee)
John Henry Rominger (1849-1898) m. Nancy Jane Hicks
William N. Rominger (1852-1869)
James A. Rominger (1853)
Wesley Smith Rominger (1855-1937) m. Mary Ellen Mast
Sarah Rominger (1862) m. Eli Tester
Maney Rominger (1865-1903) m. Margaret Hicks
Marion Francis Rominger (1868-1945) m. Annie Presnell

(This family lived in Watauga County, NC)


Children of Solomon Rominger and Rachel Jane Jones
Franklin Rominger (1843-?), moved to Texas
Ambrose C. Rominger (1850-1932) m. Lydia Catherine Crouse (1835-1825)
Rebecca Rominger (ca. 1853-?); mother of a son Felix Rominger, born about 1877
Jane Rominger (ca. 1856-?) maybe died young
Lewis Columbus Rominger (1857-1934) m. Harriet Jane Burk (1853-1935), d/o John Burk and Elisabeth Caroline Spach


Children of Jordan Rominger and Catherine Hanes
Louisa Rominger (1841-1883) m. Alexander Benjamin Mock (1838-1902)
Jacob Rominger (1843-1870)
Susan E. Rominger (1848-1929) m. Edward Welfare
Mary Cornelia Rominger (1851-1925) m. Daniel A. Kimel (1844-1898)
Roswell P. Rominger (1852-1899)


Children of Daniel Rominger and Elizabeth Mahala Speer
Victoria A. Rominger (ca. 1858-?)


Children of David Edward Rominger and Phebe Steward
Mary Jane Rominger (1845-?) m. George F. Shoaf (ca. 1840-?)
Sarah A. Rominger (1848-?) m. Flavius Lashmit (1851-1896)
Chloe Elizabeth Rominger (1850-1930) did not marry
Lucy Emeline Rominger (1851-?) m. Julius Lashmit (1852-1923)
Nancy Rominger (1859-1939) m. Lewis A. Brewer
Carrie Cornelia Rominger (ca. 1862-1952) m. Albert Lashmit (1852-1910)

Cemetery records give Carrie's birthdate as 1859, which is inconsistent with census records; she doesn't appear in 1860 and is 8 years old in 1870.


Children of Edmund Alexander Rominger and Phoebe Independence Teague
Henry Alexander Rominger (b. & d. 1845)
John F. Rominger (1847-1865)
Susan Catherine Rominger (1849-1919) m. Christian Sanford Spach (1850-1911)
Cornelius Augustus Rominger (1852-?) m. Nevada Jane Spurgeon
Caritha Sophrone Rominger (1854-1880) m. Luther Stewart
James Buchanan Rominger (1856-1861)
Sarah Elizabeth Rominger (1859-1928) m. Barney Hamilton Phillips
William Richard Rominger (1862-1941) m. Lula Coble (1864-1949)
Edmund Rominger (1865-?); not in the 1870 census, probably died young
Rosa Lilly Jane Rominger (1867-?)
Flora Lenota Rominger (1869-1929) m. William Henry Martin Thomas (1861-1946),
   s/o Alson G. Thomas and Anna Maria Rothrock


Children of Herman Anderson Rominger and Antoinette Shutt
Henry Sylvester Rominger (1852-?) m. Charity Ann Yates
Francis M. Rominger (ca. 1854-?)
Wesley J. Rominger (ca. 1855-?)
Leminda Elizabeth Rominger (1858-?)
Eliza Jane Rominger (1861-?)
Rosina Matilda Rominger (1864-?) m. Jefferson B. Bishop
Ellen Rebecca Rominger (1867-?)
John Rominger (1870-?)


Children of Amos Augustus Rominger and Priscilla Reich
Laura Rominger (1858-1916) m. Albert Sylvester Jones (1862-1953)
Philip Rominger (d. 1936) m. Phebe Jane Charles

Child of Amos Augustus Rominger and Margaret Melissa Weavil
John A. Rominger (1868-1947) m. Nevada L. Rothrock (d. 1962)


Children of Wesley Jackson Rominger and Susan Weavil
Leo A. Rominger (ca. 1868-?) m. Dora Thompson

Children of Wesley Jackson Rominger and Julia Schusky
George Rominger (ca. 1874-?)
Mary Rominger (ca. 1876-?)
John Rominger (1880-?)


Children of James Mason Rominger and Lydia Hauser
Henry Virgil Rominger (1854-1949) m. Alice Beitel
Flora Ann Rebecca Rominger (1859-1936) m. 1) Charles Reeves, 2) James Burr


Children of Reuben Rominger and Mary Weisner
*Emily C. Rominger (ca. 1853-?) m. Emory Berry
David Rominger (ca. 1854-?) m. Angeline Norman
John Benjamin Rominger (1857/1858-1892) m. Emma Jane Jones (1859-1891)
Samuel Augustus Rominger (1861-1937) m. Sarah Rothrock (1855-1924)

*Previously we listed a boy, Emory, based on the 1870 census. However, her marriage license shows that this is actually a girl, Emily.


Children of Leander Rominger and Rosina Craver
Joseph Allen Rominger (1858-1916)
William Rufus Rominger (1962-1919)
Ellen D. Rominger (1866-1937) m. James Parks
Flora E. Rominger (ca. 1875-?)

Seventh Generation

Children of Ambrose C. Rominger and Lydia Catherine Crouse
Jacob Rominger (ca. 1868-?); missing from 1880 census, probably died young
Charles S. Rominger (1871-1960) m. Mary Alice Fishel (1877-1948), d/o John Anderson Fishel and Emeline Leonard
Edward E. Rominger (1873-1934) m. Clara Mendenhall (1865-1948), d/o Lemuel Mendenhall and Lucinda Sophia Rothrock
Ida Rominger (ca. 1876-?) m. Jesse Brown (1871-1942), s/o Jesse Brown and Mary Magdalena Spach
Melissa Rominger (1877-1962) m. O. Lindsay Foltz (1875-1956)


Children of Lewis Columbus Rominger and Harriet Burk
Robert Rominger (maybe 1877-1932, buried Friedberg Moravian?) m. Melvina Logan
Arthur Rominger m. Myrtle Atwood
Bessie Rominger (d. 1917) m. William Wooten
[error corrected 6/27/05]
Margaret Rominger (1879-1955) m. Charles Wesner (1880-1930)
Lelia (Leah?) Mae Rominger (1881-1964) m. Wiley J. Hudson (1859-1936)
Rosa Rominger (1884-1943) m. William A. Boyer (1879-1930)
Franklin Columbus Rominger (1886-1908)
Henry Charles Rominger (1895-1960) m. Stella Elizabeth Kiger (1899-1933)


Children of William Richard Rominger and Lula Coble
Daisy Rominger (1888-?)
Glennora Rominger (1889-?)


Children of Samuel Augustus Rominger and Sarah Rothrock
Charles Rominger (1886-1947) m. Ina Mildred Shore (1884-1934), d/o Lewis Francis Shore and Amanda Peoples
Robert Rominger m. Carrie Starr


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Sides, Roxie (1963), Early American Families. Sides, Rominger, Rothrock, Spach, Longworth, Shoaf, Nading, Foltz, Vogler. Winston-Salem NC.

Old Broad Bay Bund and Blatt, newsletters and information from Will Whitaker, 6094 So. Glenoaks Dr., Murray UT 84107-7661

The Romingers Roam 1554-1980, by Ethel L. Harryman

Cemetery Records of Ashe Co., NC, Ashe Co. Historical Society

The Heritage of Watauga County, North Carolina

Mary Floy Katzman contributed the material for the Michael Rominger and Christina Ebert family

Steve O'Gorman is researching Henry Virgil Rominger, probably the son of James M. Rominger and Lydia Paulina Hauser who married in 1852. Henry V. Rominger was ordained as a Moravian minister at Philadelphia, PA on November 11, 1882. Eventually he became a Congregational minister around 1901 and traveled around Montana, Oregon, and North Dakota. From 1914 to 1946 he lived in Underwood, WA. He died in North Bonneville, WA around 1949. He also traveled to Egypt, and donated a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts to the state of Nebraska. Steve is producing a video on this collection, and would love to contact a family member who might have more information about Henry Rominger's travels, ideally a diary or journal of the trip.

Thanks also to Libby Bosley, Cecilia Brown, Ruth Filstead, Thad Martin, Stephen Miller, Buddy Pritchett, Ken Rominger, Mike Wolff, and probably some other people whose names we've missed, all of whom contributed information on this family.

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