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Longworth Family

First Generation

The Longworth family in the Winston-Salem area traces its ancestry back to Francis Longworth of Lancashire, England, who came to America on the "Speedwell of London" in 1635 and settled in Virginia. The first of the family to come to North Carolina was apparently William Burgess Longworth (1765-1840) son of Burgess Longworth (1740-1817) and Mary McKinee (1743-1812), who lived near Richmond VA. William married Elizabeth Nash (1768-1849) in 1786 in Richmond. They first show up in NC census records in 1820, in Stokes County. They lived south of Clemmonsville Road and were charter members of New Friendship Baptist Church in Forsyth County, but are buried at Old Mt. Vernon Methodist.

Second Generation

Children of William Burgess Longworth and Elizabeth Nash
Henny Betty Longworth
Isabell Longworth m. Johann Spach, s/o Christian Spach and Sarah Letterman
Polly Ann Longworth
Reuben Longworth (ca. 1800-?) m. Emily Longworth (1801-1852) [presumably a cousin; who were her parents?]
Vincent Longworth (is he the Vinson Longworth age 58 in 1870, living in the poorhouse?)
George Longworth (1796-1868) m. Nancy Richards (1803-1844)
William Longworth (ca. 1797-?) m. Joice (ca. 1795-?)
Fleet Corbus Longworth (1805-1875) m. Polly Murrell (1810-1891)

Third Generation

Children of Reuben and Emily Longworth
Harrison F. Longworth (ca. 1830-?)
Lucy Ann Longworth (ca. 1833-?). Did she marry B.P. Lynch in 1854?
Tempy Longworth (ca. 1833-?)
Mary E. Longworth (ca. 1838-?)


Children of George Longworth and Nancy Richards
Reuben Longworth (1827-1905) m. 1) Lydia Louisa Boeckel (1828-1887), 2) Luzetta Brown
Sarah Longworth (1830-1916) m. Murchison Ebert (1825-1894)
Jane Longworth (1832-1906) m. Eli Sides (1823-1907)
Phebe Longworth (1834-1908)
Judah (Judith or Julia?) Longworth (1836-1922) m. Martin L. Charles (1825-1889)
Martin Longworth (1839-1881) m. Sally Rothrock (ca. 1827-?), d/o Joseph Rothrock and Magdalena Weavil
Edmund Longworth (1842-1916) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth Clodfelter (1849-1883), d/o Daniel Clodfelter and Phoebe Newsom;
2) Eliza Caroline Tesh (1851-1922)
Nancy Longworth (1844-1919) m. Erastus B. Kimel (1852-1931)


Children of William Longworth and Joice
Mary Longworth (ca. 1829-?)
William F. Longworth (ca. 1836-?) m. Fannie Barber
Andrew J. Longworth (ca. 1836-aft. 1880) m. Charity Samuels (ca. 1836-aft. 1880)

Are William and Joice also the parents of Joice B. Longworth, age 22 in 1850 with a daughter Sarah A., age 1? and did Joice eventually marry John Willard?


Children of Fleet Corbus Longworth and Polly Murrell
Fleet Longworth (ca. 1827-1864; d. Richmond VA of disease) m. Lucinda Hauser (1826-1898)
Martha Emily Longworth (1831-1906) m. Robert F. Linville (1822-1892)
Charity A. Longworth (1837-1908) m. Theophilus Kimel (1829-1899)
Rebecca Maria Longworth (ca. 1841-ca. 1913) m. Albert Sherwood Jones [her will is written as Maria Longworth Jones, but she names Albert as her "companion" rather than husband]
Eliza J. Longworth (1841?-1919) m. 1) Jonathan Spach (1821-1864); 2) Franklin Hayworth, s/o Eli and Mary Hayworth of Guilford Co.
Nancy Elizabeth Longworth (1843-1907) m. Calvin Crews (1833-1908)

Fourth Generation

Children of Reuben Longworth and Louisa Boeckel
George Longworth (ca. 1852-?), maybe died young
Harmon Longworth (1853-1901) m. Flora Cassie Teague, daughter of Isaac H. Teague and Nancy Hine
James Longworth (ca. 1854-?), maybe died young
Theresa Longworth (1858-1936) m. Solomon Williard, s/o Robert Williard and Lovisa Harmon
Sarah Longworth (1862-1916?)
Josephine Dulcina Longworth (1865-1938) m. Levy Allen Earnest (1864-1935)
Laura Longworth (ca. 1866-?) m. John Livengood
Thomas Longworth (ca. 1868-?)
Adelaide Longworth (1869-1953) m. Samuel E. Peterson (1868-1946)

Thomas is not listed in the 1870 census, Adelaide is not listed in 1880 but is otherwise well-documented.


Children of Edmund Longworth and Mary Elizabeth Clodfelter
Emma Longworth (ca. 1871-?)
Minnie Longworth (ca. 1873-?)
Fannie Longworth (ca. 1874-?)
Gertrude Longworth (ca. 1876-?)
Charles W. Longworth (ca. 1878-1955)

Children of Edmund Longworth and Eliza Tesh
Margaret C. (Maggie) Longworth (1886-1977) m. Glenn Hoover
Carrie Longworth (1889-1980) m. Thomas Long


Children of William Longworth and Nancy Charles
Elisabeth Longworth (ca. 1862-?)
Marian Longworth (ca. 1866-?)
Andrew Longworth (ca. 1868-?)
James Longworth (ca. 1870-1955?)
Jane Longworth (ca. 1872-?)
Amelia Longworth (ca. 1877-?)
Permania Longworth (1878-1855) m. Beulah V. _____ (1881-1941)
Sallie Longworth (1880-?)


Children of Andrew J. Longworth and Charity Samuels
Percilla (Priscilla?) Longworth (ca. 1862-?)
William T. Longworth (ca. 1866-?)
Anna E. Longworth (ca. 1869-?)
Minnie Longworth (ca. 1873-?)
Lilla Longworth (ca. 1873-?)
Samuel Longworth (ca. 1875-?)

Fifth Generation

Children of Harmon Longworth and Cassie Teague
Bertha Longworth (1885-1948) m. Amos Hege (1878-1952), son of Calvin Hege and Eliza Phillips
Bernie H. Longworth (1890-1943) m. Nancy Comer (1889-?)


Sides, Roxie (1963), Early American Families. Sides, Rominger, Rothrock, Spach, Longworth, Shoaf, Nading, Foltz, Vogler. Winston-Salem NC. For the Longworth family, Sides quotes information from Claudia Kimel Parrish, daughter of Nancy Longworth Kimel.

Forsyth County census, cemetery, wills and marriage records

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