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Rothrock Family

First Generation

Johannes Rothrock was born in 1684 in Leiselheim, near Worms, Germany, son of Michel Rothrock (1639-1702) and his wife Agnes (1643-1701). He married Anna Margaretha, surname unknown. Some treatments of this family have given Anna Margaretha's surname as Krieling, but this appears to be confusion with the wife of their son Johannes. Johannes Sr. immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1736 on the Harle, with his younger children. Anna Margaretha apparently died before he left Germany, as she is not listed on the ship's passenger list; however she does appear in a Leiselheim census of 1730. The two oldest sons, Philip Jacob and Johannes, had immigrated on the pink "Mary" in 1733.

Second Generation

Children of Johannes and Anna Margaretha Rothrock
Philip Jacob Rothrock (1713-1803), m. 1) Catharina Kuntz (1720-1777); 2) Eleanor Galatin, a widow
Johannes Rothrock (1716-1794), m. Maria Krieling (1728-1810), settled Northampton Co. PA (or Bucks Co.?)
Anna Margaretha Rothrock (1718-?), m. Johann Heinrich Schultz, lived York Co. PA
Johann Georg Rothrock (1721-1806), m. Elizabeth Roemig, settled Northampton Co. PA (or Bucks Co.?)
Ludwig Rothrock (1723-1797), m. Catherine ?,
Charitas Rothrock (1727-?), may have died in childhood
Andrew Rothrock (1730-1804)

The two youngest brothers, Ludwig and Andrew, moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland, then to Hampshire Co. VA (now West Virginia). Descendants of both became known as RODRUCK or RODERICK. Some of Ludwig's descendants moved on to Coshocton Co. OH, and as it happens are my husband's ancestors. If you have information to share on this family, please write me, Elizabeth Harris.

RODERICK family DNA project, Family Tree DNA

This project is focusing on Roderick families of Welsh origin, but includes Rothrock and other variant names. As of September 2007, three samples are listed with German origin, one of them a Rothrock, but each DNA profile is distinctive. It would be nice to have a North Carolina Rothrock to compare.

Third Generation

Philip Jacob Rothrock was born in 1713 in Leiselheim, Germany, and immigrated to PA in 1733 on the "Mary" with his brother Johannes. He settled in York Co. PA. He was for a time U.S. Commissioner of Printing and Engraving at Philadelphia, after the Revolutionary War. He made several extended trips to NC, but returned to PA in his old age, and died there in 1803. His first wife, mother of all his children, was Catharina Kuntz, who died in 1777. His second marriage is recorded in York Moravian Church, 1781, to "Elenora Galatin, widow of Manheim."

Children of Philip Jacob Rothrock and Catharina Kuntz
Jacob Rothrock (1741-1817), m. Maria Barbara Weller (1747-1802)
Anna Maria Rothrock (1742-?), may have died in childhood
John Rothrock (1744-1805), m. 1) Dorothea Gump, 2) Charity Worley; stayed in PA
Catharine Rothrock (1745-?), may have died in childhood
Peter Rothrock (1746-1829), m. Catharina Mueller (1749-1803)
Philip Rothrock (1746-1825), m. Eva Elisabeth Weller (1749-1839)
George Rothrock (1748-ca. 1800), stayed in PA
Valentine Rothrock (1751-?), m. Eva Elizabeth Volz (1757-1823)
Benjamin Rothrock (1753-?)
Joseph Rothrock (1755-?)
Catharine Rothrock (1757-?)
Anna Maria Rothrock (1759-?)
Frederick Rothrock (1760-?)

Fourth Generation

The twins Peter and Philip Rothrock were born in 1746 in Yorktown PA. Both came to North Carolina, as did their younger brother Valentine. Some of the other Rothrock brothers were probably in NC transiently, but so far as we know, these three are the ancestors of the modern Rothrock descendants there.

Children of Peter Rothrock and Catharina Mueller
Jacob Rothrock (1771-1848), m. Esther Ziegler (1777-1845), d/o Samuel Ziegler who died in 1842.
Anna Maria Rothrock (1773-1844), m. Jacob Reich (1770-1827)
Catherine Rothrock (1775-1849) m. John Essig or Essex (1771-1871), moved to Bartholomew Co. IN
Philip Rothrock (1776-1858), m. Christina Hauser (1777-1855), settled West Salem, Edwards Co. IL
Elizabeth Rothrock (1778-1858) m. Jacob Craver
Anna Christina Rothrock (1781-1854) m. Martin Rippel (1785-1846)
Barbara Rothrock (1783-1821) m. George Clodfelter (1785-1870)
Joseph Rothrock (1785-1868), m. 1) Magdalena Knauss (1785-1826), 2) Sarah Spach (1795-1866)
Johanna Rothrock (1788-1867) m. Stephen N. Gates, moved to West Salem IL
Peter Rothrock (1798-1882) m. 1) Jacobina Reich (1798-1855), 2) Elizabeth Davis


Children of Philip Rothrock and Eva Elisabeth Weller
Jacob Rothrock (1770-1807) m. Elizabeth Lagenauer (1782-1861)
Frederick Rothrock (1772-?) m. Catherine Fuhrmann, moved to Indiana
Eva Rothrock (1774-1835), m. John Philip Christoph Seiz (1767-1844)
George Rothrock (1777-1851) m. Magdalena Weidman, (1772-1837) d/o George and Mary Weidman
Johannes Rothrock (1779-1827) m. Catherine Zimmerman (1798-1849)
Joseph Rothrock (1782-1870) m. Mary Magdalena Weavil/Webel (1790-1873)
Philip Rothrock (1785-ca. 1840) m. Christina Schott (1792-?), moved to Indiana
Martin Rothrock (1787-1864) m. Maria Rosina Hoehns (1796-1851)
Christian Rothrock (1790-1870) m. Maria Catharina Boeckel (1794-1863)
Daniel Rothrock (1794-1880), m. Anna Margaretha Boeckel (1802-1861)

Children of Valentine Rothrock and Eva Elizabeth Volz
John Rothrock (1783-1792)
Philip Rothrock (1785-1824) m. Susannah Hege (ca. 1800-1822). Their children lived in Illinois.
Elizabeth Rothrock (1788-1826) m. Friedrich Jacob Schott (1785-1849)

[This couple may have had additional children.]

Fifth Generation

Children of Jacob Rothrock and Esther Ziegler
Catherine Rothrock (b & d 1801)
Johann Jonas Rothrock (1804-1805 or 1807?)
Maria Magdalena Rothrock (1806-aft. 1890) m. Hezekiah Thomas (1805-1890)
Jacob Rothrock (1808-1835) m. Mary, surname unknown (d. 1892); moved to Indiana. She m. (2) John Rolen or Roland
Samuel Rothrock (1809-1894) m. 1) Mary Hoke; 2) Amelia Rosetta Arey (1812-1890), d/o Peter Arey and Phebe Thomas of Rowan Co. NC
Christina Rothrock (1813-1853) m. Hugh Beckerdite (1809-1864)
Ludwig (Lewis) Rothrock (1814-?) m. Rebecca Rudisill, moved to Tennessee
Salome Rothrock (1816-1910) m. Caleb Peeler (1814-1897)
Adam Bennett Rothrock (1820-1891) m. 1) Elizabeth Whitlow (d. 1852, IL), 2) Lucretia Kathryn Cox Ashlock (1835-1912)/ --. Adam and Lucretia both died in Umatilla Co. OR


Children of Philip Rothrock and Christina Hauser
infant (b.& d. 19 Jan 1801)
Elizabeth Rothrock (1802-1881)
Susanna Barbara Rothrock (1803-1855) m. Heinrich Tesh (1794-1816)
Lydia Rothrock (1806-1877) m. Charles Christian Walk (1805-1873)
Joel Rothrock (1808-1879) m. Susanna Gladfelder (1814-1891)
Maria Rothrock (1812-?) m. Joseph Nading (1811-1862)
Paulina Christina Rothrock (1817-1856) m. John Clodfelter

This family lived in Illinois. Susanna Barbara Rothrock Tesh is found on the 1850 US Federal Census record.


Children of Joseph Rothrock and Magdalena Knauss
Thomas Rothrock (1811-1814)
Martin Rothrock (1814-1878) m. Elizabeth Rothrock (1822-1886), d/o Philip Rothrock and Susannah Hege
Salome Rothrock (1817-?), may have died in infancy
Wilhelm or William Rothrock (1818-1889) apparently did not marry
Eli Sanford Rothrock (1822-?), moved to Illinois
Maria Magdalena Rothrock (1824-?)

Children of Joseph Rothrock and Sarah Spach
Eliza Elizabeth Rothrock (1827-1917)
Charity Rothrock (1829-1906), m. Emanuel Tesh (1823-1878)
Charles Rothrock (1829-1919) m. 1) Lydia Caroline Frey (1831-1875), 2) Rebecca Grubbs (1841-1913)
Anna Rosina Rothrock (1831-aft. 1870)
Louisa Lisetta Rothrock (1835-1872), m. Valentine De Lapp (ca. 1832-1862)
Lucinda Sophia Rothrock (1835-1904) m. Lemuel Mendenhall (1829-1911)


Children of Peter Rothrock and Jacobina Reich
Mary Allen (Ellen?) Rothrock (?-1894)
Antoinette Rebecca Rothrock (abt. 1825-aft. 1850)
Lauretta Louisa Rothrock
Francis Augustus Rothrock (1832-1891) (living at home in 1850, Haw Creek, IN)
Henry Alexander Rothrock (1834-aft. 1850) (living at home in 1850, Haw Creek, IN)

Peter and Jacobina moved to Indiana in 1830 with their three daughters. Jacobina died in 1855, and he married Elizabeth Davis in 1862.


Child of Jacob Rothrock and Elizabeth Lagenauer
Johann Jacob Rothrock (1806-1807)


Children of George Rothrock and Magdalena Weidman
Elizabeth Rothrock (1805-1850)
Anna Magdalena Rothrock (1807-1808)
Salome Rothrock (1809-1901) m. John Jacob Chitty (1800-1873)
Regina Rothrock (1811-1892) m. Nathaniel Mock (1814-1887)
Solomon Rothrock (1814-1875) m. Nancy E. Perryman (1817-1877)

Children of Johannes Rothrock and Catherine Zimmerman
John Sandford Rothrock (1821-?)
Sarah Rothrock (1823-1871) m. Parmenio Alexander Stoltz (1823-1909)
William Emanuel Rothrock (1824-1857) m. Susan Coley (1826-1898); she m. 2) John A. Styers


Children of Joseph Rothrock and Mary Magdalena Weavil
Catherine Rothrock (1807-1880) m. David Hensdale (1803-1841)
Philip Rothrock (1810-1850) moved to Franklin Co. IN, m. Rachel Bell there
Eva Elizabeth Rothrock (1812-aft. 1850) (living at home in 1850)
John Rothrock (1815-1896) m. Lucinda Jane Arnold (?-1874)
Mary M. (Polly) Rothrock (ca. 1819-aft. 1900) m. William White (abt. 1800-aft. 1870)
Phebe Rothrock (1821-1842)
Joseph Rothrock (1824-1909) m. Margaret Adkins (abt. 1827-aft. 1870)
Sally Rothrock (ca. 1827-aft. 1880) m. Martin Longworth (1839-1881)
Franklin Rothrock (ca. 1832-ca. 1865) m. Sarah Elliott (1835-1886) did she remarry?
Louretta Rothrock (ca. 1836-aft.1870); did not marry, but was the mother of at least five children.
Mariah Rothrock (1838-1929) m. John Adam Clodfelter (1835-1914)


Children of Philip Rothrock and Christina Schott
Dorothea Rothrock (1811-1845)
Isabella Rothrock (1813-1898)
Levi Rothrock (1815-?)
Alexander Rothrock (1817-1898)
Benjamin Rothrock (1819-?)
Lisetta Rothrock (1821-?)
Anna Rothrock (1822-?)
Temperance Elizabeth Rothrock (1824-1907)

Births of these children are recorded at Friedberg Moravian church. The family moved west in 1826. Dan Stevenson supplied death dates for some of the children, and added the following, born in Indiana:

James Rothrock (ca. 1828-?)
Chilon Rothrock (ca. 1828-?)
Rose Anna Rothrock (ca. 1834-?)
Angelina Rothrock (ca. 1842-1917)


Children of Martin Rothrock and Maria Rosina Hoehns
Mordecai Immanuel Rothrock (1816-1817)
Jonathan Rothrock (1818-1888) m. Eleanor Cecil
Evan Ephraim Rothrock (1819-?) m. Catherine Everett
Eliza Rothrock (1821-1842) m. Jacob Brown, died less than 3 months later
John Martin Rothrock (1822-1895) m. Belinda Atwood (1840-1910)
William Rothrock (1824-1916) m. 1) Christina Berrier (1826-1849), 2) Eleanor or Ellen Berrier (1833-1900), Christina's sister; they were daughters of Jacob and Catherine Darr Berrier
Andrew Alexander Rothrock (1826-1879) m. 1) Elizabeth Atwood (1833-1862), 2) Lucretia Clodfelter (abt. 1842-aft. 1880)
Anna Maria Rothrock (1829-?) m. Alson G. Thomas (1829-?)
Rosanna Paulina Rothrock (1833-1881) m. Dr. John Anderson Mock (1826-1910)


Children of Christian Rothrock and Maria Catharina Boeckel
Anna Carolina Rothrock (1817-1899) m. Alexander Kearney (1819-1894)
Henriette Gertraut Rothrock (1819-1835)
Christian Tobias Rothrock (1820-1886) m. Caroline Edith Huffman (1820-1886)
Daniel Heinrich Rothrock (1822-1823)
Mary Catherine Rothrock (1823-1868) m. Michael Fishel (1818-1890)
Benjamin David Rothrock (1825-1889) m. Charlotte, surname unknown
Margaret Belinda Rothrock (1827-1904) m. Levi Miller
John Lazarus Rothrock (1829-?)
Solomon Jacob Rothrock (1834-1864) m. Mary Ann Pope (ca. 1835-1870)


Children of Daniel Rothrock and Anna Margaretha Boeckel
Thomas Rothrock (1821-1851) m. Salome Lucinda Holder (1823-1886)
Allen Rothrock (1823-1825)
Rosina Lisetta Rothrock (1827-1832)
Anna Margaretha Rothrock (1830-1909) m. Jacob Timothy Fishel (1835-1915)
Eva Elizabeth Rothrock (1831-1849)
Regina Catherine Rothrock (1837-1851)
Mary Henrietta Rothrock. (1839-1904) m. James Casper Shutt (1845-1911)
Maria Salome Rothrock (1841-1880) m. Josiah Miller (1838-1922), s/o Jesse Miller and Louisa Matilda Fishel
Nancy Melvina Rothrock (1845-1920) m. Martin James Miller (1845-1921), brother of Josiah

Children of Philip Rothrock and Susannah Hege
David Rothrock (ca. 1816-?)
Sarah Rothrock (1820-1891) m. Jacob Wesner (1812-1895)
Jesse B. Rothrock (1818-1893) m. 1) Louisa (Lucy) Jane Wesner (1821-1860); 2) Sarah (abt. 1829-aft. 1870)
Elizabeth Rothrock (1822-1886) m. Martin Rothrock (1814-1878), son of Joseph Rothrock and Magdalena Knauss

Sixth Generation

Child of Jacob and Mary Rothrock
Dulcenia Rothrock (ca. 1826-?) m. Joseph Steenbarger, Bartholomew Co. IN


Children of Samuel Rothrock and Amelia Rosetta Arey
infant son (b. & d. Aug 1836)
Lewis Hazelius Rothrock (1839-1923)
Milus Luther Rothrock (1840-1842)
Charlotte Lucetta Rothrock (1847-1851)

Samuel Rothrock was a Lutheran minister in Salisbury NC. At age 19, he walked 400 miles to Gettysburg PA to attend the Lutheran seminary, and was ordained in 1834. His first wife died in childbirth in 1835, while on a trip to Pennsylvania. He returned to North Carolina after her death and married again in 1837. In 1887 he wrote in his diary, "Wednesday, September 14, 1887: Celebrated Today our Golden Wedding. Many friends were present. Received many golden gifts and congratulations. Brother ADAM came from Oregon to see us." A contemporary account of the celebration states that "the dinner was a sumptuous feast, both in its variety and its delicacies." Details of his ministry are available in the volumes Life Sketches of Lutheran Ministers and American Lutheran Biographies. A collection of of his diaries was published by the Lutheran Church in North Carolina.


Children of Charles Rothrock and Lydia Frey
Sarah Rothrock (1855-1924), m. Samuel Augustus Rominger (1861-1937)
Julius Augustus Rothrock (1857-?)
Edwin Alexander Rothrock (1860-?) m. Amanda Crouse
Lewis Francis Rothrock (1862-?) m. Stella Crisman
John H. Rothrock (ca. 1870-1928) m. Addie Myers

Samuel J. Rothrock (d. 1949) m. Bashie Tysinger

Children of Solomon Rothrock and Nancy Perryman
George Franklin Rothrock (1838-1923)
Samuel Alexander Rothrock (1839-1840)
John Madison Rothrock (1841-1929) m. Eliza Rosina Fry (1840-1918)
Regina Magdalena Rothrock (b. & d. 1844)
Sarah Sophia Rothrock (1846-1931) m. 1) James Snyder, 2) Bennett Francis Swaim (1854-1920)
Cornelia Frances Rothrock (1853-1855)
Henry Augustus Rothrock (1857-1937) m. 1) Rosa Olszewski (1852-1898), 2) Temperance Bodenhamer Zebulon Lewis Rothrock (1859-1941) m. Laura Ann Nifong (1862-1939)


Children of William Emanuel Rothrock and Susan Coley
John Gideon Rothrock (1854-1829) m. Lucinda Mariah Lawrence (1857-1927), d/o Willis Lawrence and Bethania D. Luper
Edward Daniel Rothrock (1856-1939) m. Mary Lydia Sophia Brewer (1858-1929)


Children of Joseph Rothrock and Margaret Adkins
Mary Jane Rothrock (1849-1919) did not marry
Phillip Franklin Rothrock (1852-1926) m. Augusta Welch (1853-?), d/o Albert and Betty Welch. Did he marry Martha Mendenhall?
Nancy Louisa Rothrock (1853-1899)
Sarah Luticia Rothrock (1855-1924)
Henry F. Rothrock (1857-1952) m. Emily Martin
Phoebe Ann Rothrock (1859-aft. 1910) m. Joseph Yokley (abt. 1853-aft. 1910), s/o Samuel and Chloe Yokley


Children of Franklin Rothrock and Sarah Elliott
Charles Rothrock (1860-abt. 1938)
John H. Rothrock (1862-1943)
Ida Rothrock (1864-1944)

Franklin Rothrock is named in court records as the father of a daughter Ann Peddicord, born to Susannah Grizella Peddicord in 1858. Ann married C.B. Butner in 1879.


Children of Louretta Rothrock
Francis Marion Rothrock (1857-1931) m. 1) Sarah Welch (ca. 1858-1900), d/o Albert Welch and Emily Yokely;
2) Victoria Welch (ca. 1874-1950), d/o John Welch and Crissie Reid and granddaughter of Albert Welch and Emily Yokely
George W. Rothrock (1860-1925) m. 1) Laura Zimmerman (1861-1913), 2) Rosa C. Spears (abt. 1888-aft. 1951), d/o William Spears and Rebecca Sheets
Flora Isabelle Rothrock (1862-1916) m. Clarence E. Crist (1851-1928), s/o Traugott and Moriah Crist
Philip Emory Rothrock (1864-aft.1900) m. Nancy Allred (he may have had other wives)
Mary Rothrock (1867-aft. 1910) m. Shuble Taylor Thornton (abt. 1866-aft. 1900) (moved to MO, but Mary returned to NC)


Children of Jonathan Rothrock and Eleanor Cecil
Henry Rothrock (1840-1929)
Rosanna Lavinia Rothrock (1843-1926)
Henrietta Emeline Rothrock (ca. 1846-?)
Andrew Franklin Rothrock (1850-1921)
Martin Samuel Rothrock (1854-?)
William Rothrock (1857-?)


Children of Evan Ephraim Rothrock and Catherine Everett
Martin F. Rothrock (ca. 1841-?) m. Ellen Foust
Eliza R. Rothrock (ca. 1843-?)
Lorena A. Rothrock (ca. 1846-?)
John W. Rothrock (ca. 1848-?)
Were there other children?


Children of William Rothrock and Ellen Berrier
Susan Catherine Rothrock (1850-1948) m. Emory Augustus Thomas (1848-1927)
Laura Rothrock (1852-?) m. Eli Smith
Joseph Rothrock (ca. 1854-?)
Hiram Jacob Rothrock (1856-1928) m. Minerva Johnson (1863-1931)
John David Rothrock (1857-1905) m. Josephine Johnson (1865-1943)
James Rothrock (ca. 1863-?)
Eliza Jane Rothrock (1865-1924) m. Benjamin Burford (1852-1924)
Samuel Rothrock (1870-1953) m. Mary Mayse (1872-1943)


Children of Andrew Alexander Rothrock and Elizabeth Atwood
Ann Rothrock (ca. 1854-?)
Mary Rothrock (ca. 1856-?)
Adda Rothrock (ca. 1859-?)
Victoria R. Rothrock (b. & d. 1862)

Children of Andrew Alexander Rothrock and Lucretia Clodfelter
Erastus Rothrock (ca. 1865-aft. 1880)
Flora Rothrock (ca. 1868-aft. 1880)
Alonzo H. Rothrock (1869-1883)
Glendora Elizabeth Rothrock (1872-1877)
Marvin Rothrock (ca. 1879-aft. 1880)


Children of Christian Tobias Rothrock and Caroline Edith Huffman
John Wesley Rothrock (1845-?) m. Nancy Ellen Craig, lived Chester Co. SC
Mary Louisa Rothrock (1847-1917)
Emma Regina Rothrock (1849-1915)
David Augustus Rothrock (1853-?


Children of Thomas Rothrock and Salome Lucinda Holder
John Henry Rothrock (1847-1917); m. 1) Harriet Landers (1848-1903), 2) Hattie Williams (1876-1927)
Daniel Martin Rothrock (1849-1927), m. Julia Hyland (1854-1941)
Naaman Abraham Rothrock (1851-1877) m. Rebecca Frye (1850-1926)


Children of Jesse B. Rothrock and Louisa Jane Wesner
John Alexander Rothrock (1842-1910) m. Maranda Emerline Shore (1840-1872), lived Bartholomew Co. IN
Christian Rothrock (abt. 1844-aft. 1860)
Mary Rothrock (abt. 1846-aft. 1860)
Cynthia J. Rothrock (ca. 1847-aft. 1870)
Sally C. Rothrock (ca. 1849-aft. 1860)
William J. Rothrock (abt. 1852-aft. 1870)
Irwin F. Rothrock (abt. 1855-aft. 1870)
Herman J. Rothrock (abt.1855-aft. 1870)

Children of Jesse B. Rothrock and Sarah
Shobel Rothrock (abt. 1862-aft. 1870)
Alice Rothrock (abt. 1863-aft. 1870)
Delia Rothrock (abt. 1865-aft. 1870)

Seventh Generation

Children of Edwin Alexander Rothrock and Amanda Crouse
Ada Rothrock (abt. 1888-aft. 1910) m. John Hedrick
Lena/Laura B. Rothrock (abt. 1889-aft. 1910) m. Clarence Wood
Oscar A. Rothrock (abt. 1893-aft. 1910) m. Elsie Greenfelt
Irma Rothrock (abt. 1897-aft. 1910) m. Hollis Holmstetter Herman Rothrock (abt. 1899-aft. 1910)


Children of Francis Marion Rothrock and Sarah Welch
Robert Rothrock (abt. 1880-?)
Flora Belle Rothrock (1892-1924) m. Arthur Huff
Mitchell N. Rothrock (1895-1963) m. Pena Hine
Curtis J. Rothrock (1897-1968)

Children of Francis Marion Rothrock and Victoria Welch
Mamie Rothrock (1904-1922) m. Howard M. Reid
Lillian Rothrock (1907-1970) m. Virgil Reid
Stokes C. Rothrock (1906-1976) m. Ruth Martin
Burton J. Rothrock (1908-1984) m. Hope E. Kinnamon
Treva Loretta Rothrock (1914-) m. Thomas Alexander Kimball (1914-1983), s/o Luther W. Kimball and Rosa A. Sink


Children of Samuel Rothrock and Bashie Tysinger
May Rothrock m. Ransom Walker
Ola Rothrock
Cora Rothrock (1894-1985) m. Walter Crews
Ernest Rothrock (1898-1981)
Fred H. Rothrock (1900-1983)
Norman Rothrock


Children of John Madison Rothrock and Elizabeth Rosena Fry
John Franklyn Rothrock (1866-1939)
Mary Alice Rothrock (1869-1958)
Ellen R. Rothrock (1871-1952)
Elizabeth P. Rothrock (1872-1948)
Emory Augustus Rothrock (1874-1972)
Brotus Rothrock (b. & d. 1876)
Francis D. Rothrock (b. & d. 1877)
Carrie Lee Rothrock (1878-1964)
Andrew Thomas Rothrock (1880-1959)
Willis F. Rothrock (b. & d. 1881)


Children of John Gideon Rothrock and Lucinda Mariah Lawrence
John Willis Rothrock (1877-?)
Edward Lee Rothrock (1879-1939) m. Cora Brown (abt. 1877-aft. 1920)
Daisy Viole Rothrock (1881-1937) m. Dock Martin Williamson
Albert Lindsey Rothrock (1883-1919) m. Langby
Eugene Davis Rothrock (1885-1933) m. Stella Pearl Harper (1895-1970)
Harry Emanuel Rothrock (1888) m. Susan Coley
Carl Franklin Rothrock (1889-aft. 1930) m. Gladys M. (1894-aft. 1930)
Charlie Clarence Rothrock (1892-aft. 1910)
Susie Elizabeth Rothrock (1893-1975) m. Avery David Luper (1891-1966)
Reuben Rink Rothrock (1895-1950) m. Flossie Jane Holder (1897-1918)
Walter Lawrence Rothrock (1898-1981) [error corrected 8/21/07] m. Addie Louella Todd (1900-1974)
Russell Sydney Rothrock (1901-aft. 1930) m. Flossie Matlock (abt. 1904-aft. 1930)

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Thanks also to Stephanie Harrison and B. Zimmerman for information on this family.

Mendenhall Family

For more information on the Mendenhall family, see the Mendenhall Family Association page. Lemuel Mendenhall and Lucinda Rothrock are listed in this database.

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