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Meinung Family

First Generation

Carl Ludwig Meinung (1743-1817) arrived in Salem in September, 1771, from Bethlehem PA. In 1772 he married Maria Magdalena Höpfner (1750-1803), who had been one of the older girls who walked from Bethlehem to Salem in 1766. He was an accountant and also learned surveying, and in 1774 took charge of the school for little boys but gave this up again in 1775 as his duties as book-keeper were too demanding. The Records of the Moravians also mention that he played the church organ.

Second Generation

Children of Carl Ludwig Meinung and Maria Magdalena Höpfner
Maria Salome Meinung. One of the first teachers in the Girls' Boarding School in Salem.
Louisa Magdalena Meinung (1776-1828)
Christian Lewis Meinung (1777-1779)
Frederic Christian Meinung (1782-1851) m. Johanna Elisabeth Praezel (1785-1858),
   d/o Gottfried Praezel and Maria Elisabeth Engel
Judith Meinung (probably born ca. 1790)

These are all the children we can identify from the Records of the Moravians in NC and the Forsyth Co. cemetery records. Were there others? And what happened to Maria Salome and Judith? Judith Meinung went to Nazareth PA in 1806 and is not mentioned subsequently in the Moravian Records. The last mention of Maria Salome in 1807, when it was reported that there were so many town girls in the afternoon sewing and knitting classes "that one Sister cannot give them proper attention, and Sister Salome Meinung needs help." She isn't buried in Salem as Meinung - did she marry? or move away?

Third Generation

Children of Frederic Christian Meinung and Johanna Elisabeth Praezel
William Lewis Meinung (1809-1863) a teacher and scholar, apparently did not marry;
   his will names his siblings but no wife or children
Lisetta C. Meinung (1812-1855) a teacher at Salem Academy, did not marry
Emilie Charlotte Meinung (1814-1888) m. Heinrich Schaffner (1798-1877)
Heinrich Ernst Meinung (1816-1887) m. Theresa Caroline Amalia Hege (1823-1897)
Edwin Augustus Meinung (1819-1891) m. Clementine Louisa Pfohl (1828-1921)
Alexander Meinung (1823-1908) m. Lisette Van Vleck (1830-1914), no known children

Fourth Generation

Children of Heinrich Ernst Meinung and Theresa Hege
Mary Elizabeth Meinung (1845-1927) did not marry
Emma Lisette Meinung (1848-1897) did not marry
Francis Christian Meinung (1854-1932) m. Flora Elizabeth Shore (1857-1945)
Ellen Tryphena Meinung (1857-1862)


Children of Edwin Augustus Meinung and Clementina Louisa Pfohl
Adelaide Eugenia Meinung (1850-1927) did not marry
Cornelia Estelle Meinung (1855-?) m. Jasper Hilton, not named in her father's will 1887.
   He was s/o J.M. and N.D. Hilton of Guilford Co. NC
Florence Olivia Meinung (1855-1945) did not marry

Fifth Generation

Children of Francis Christian Meinung and Flora Elizabeth Shore
Henry Ralph Meinung (1882-1944) m. Lucy Etta Reavis (1879-1965)
Lindsay Alexander Meinung (1886-1913) m. Elizabeth Hermena Ormsby (1886-1945)
Ruth Frances Meinung (1891-1974)
Frederick Clarence Meinung (ca. 1890-1978)


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina

Three Forks of Muddy Creek 8:28

Stokes and Forsyth County census and cemetery records, wills, and marriage records.

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